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Kuch Rang Episode 9--10 Update on Friday 6th April 2018


Dev comes to Sona’s house. Sona shouts how dare he is to come to her home. He says he came to thank her for saving his mom. She says she needs money but loves her self-respect and asks him to get out. He walks out sadly.
Dev reaches home. His younger sister asks how is mom. He says she is fine now and asks why did not she stop mom from going out of house. Neha comes and says mom does not listen to anyone. Dev says mom listens to heart. Neha says mom listens to only his heart. He angrily leaves. Younger sister says Neha bhai is tensed and she is increasing his tension more. Neha says she will reheat food for Dev as he has to go back to hospital.
Sona sadly sits in her room and cries. Mom comes and takes her out. Sona sees dad and brother eating cheese and butter and scolds them. Dad says it is his house and he can do anything. Sona says it is everyone’s house. Dad asks what about problems. Sona says they should share problems among themselves. Dad says then why is she hiding her problems and says as a family they should share all their problems. Brother says they will share their financial issues and tomorrow she will get job after interview.
In the morning, Dev goes to hospital and watches via window mom scolding nurse for overcharging. Dr. Sinha says mom is fine now and he can take her home. His cousin calls him asking where is aunt’s room and starts fighting with someone. Dev goes out and sees cousin crashing his bike with someone’s and shouting that this hospital is his brother’s and he is not afraid even if he calls police. Dev tries to stop him, but their fight starts. Dev slaps brother, apologizes man and says he will pay for his vehicle’s damage and takes cousin in. Cousin goes home and complains his mom. Dad says Dev must have hit cousin with a reason and jokes. Mom curses Dev.
Sona goes to hospitals for interviewed and gets rejected everywhere. She returns home sadly. Brother brings cake and says let us celebrate for her new job. She says she did not get job and blames Dev. Brother says just like they love their mother, Dev loves his mother and he is not wrong. She should accept Dev’s job offer. Dev’s secretary calls her and says Dev wants to speak. Sona says she does not want to speak to Dev, but will accept his job offer. Secretary smiles and disconnects call.
Dev’s secretary informs him that she called Sonakshi. He says as usual she must have.. Secretary says she accepted job. Dev is surprised and smiles.
Radha goes to Dev’s home and starts shedding crocodile tears in front of Ishwari mom saying her son Rohan got injured and his face is swollen like kachori and she does not have money for his treatment. Ishwari asks who injured him. Radha says Dev hit him in hospital and cries again that she does not have money for treatment. Ishwari picks money bundle from her purse. Radha says she does not know how much money she needs for treatment. Ishwari gives whole bundle. Radha cries that she does not know when she will return her money as she has already borrowed 65,000 and now much more. Ishwari says she is her bhabhi and does not have to return and says she can come and stay here with family. Radha says her brother may not agree. Ishwari nods yes.
Radha then goes home with lots of shopping bags and tells her husband she bought sari, slippers, etc., for her. Husband asks from which bank she stole this money. She says none of his business and asks where is Rohan. He says drinking his usual beer in room. She says that beer is very bad. He asks how does she know. She says their house is in very bad condition. Husband says whatever she tries, they will not go to stay in Ishwari’s house as he likes his dignity. She leaves yelling.
Dev comes home in the afternoon. Mom asks how come he came home at this time. He says the nutrionist whom he wanted to hire for her has agreed to work. She asks how much she is charging. Neha says 1.5 lakhs. Ishwari is shocked and says her neighbor got 1.5 lakhs PF money after retirement and he is giving 1.5 lakhs per month to old doctor to stop her from eating. He says she is coming in sometime and he will go after introducing her. Mom says she will handle. Dev says he knows she can handle, but he is worried about nutrionist, so he is here. Mom goes to her room to rest.
Dev enjoys old music closing his eyes. Sona reaches home and servant informs him that a lady has come to meet him. He wakes up seeing her and greets her. She asks if he is Dev’s twin brother as Dev is very arrogant and he is very sweet. Dev asks if she is Sona’s twin as Sona is also arrogant. Sona asks him to show his mom’s room and walks towards his room. He says it is his room, mom’s room is upstairs. She goes to mom’s room. Mom gets happy seeing her and says she is the one who got her admitted and says Dev hired old doctor who is looting 1.5 lakhs per month. Dev says she is nutritionist. Mom gets nervous and apologizes Sona. Dev says Sona he will guide her and takes her down. Sona cuts out gheee, spices, etc, from mom’s diet. Dev says mom will go into depression if everything is cut at once. She asks what is he doing today. He says he has a real estate meeting. She asks him to let her handle and then says he should not interfere in her work and she will not interfere in his work.
Precap: Ishwari tells Dev that he is giving free salary to nutritionist as she did not peel even a single vegetable since morning and just wrote a note what to give her. Sona enters and hears their conversation.

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