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Kundali Bhagya Episode 89 Update on Sunday 9th April 2018


Preeta asks Karan to be a part of her happiness keeping his ego aside. She insists every person gets some mood tantrums in life. Karan tells Preeta to go and get the Roka done, he mocks that Prithvi has run away already. They have an argument when Rishab comes there to speak to Preeta. He asks how she knows Prithvi. He says he has a strange feeling meeting Prithvi, he didn’t like Prithvi at all. Preeta says if both of them feel such weirdness she trusts them, but Prithvi never gave her any reasons. She tells Rishab Prithvi didn’t demand them of any dowry, her last engagement was broken for this reason. Today her mother is really happy, it’s visible on her face; because of that feeling she can’t snatch her feelings from her. Sarla calls Preeta, she leaves. Karan says she is stubborn, let her do what she wants to.
Janki comes looking for Shrishti. She brings a char behind Shrishti and swirls chilies around her. Shrishti tells Janki to come down the chair and turns around to see Sameer waving at her. Shrishti turns around saying I hate this boy. Janki was relieved that her voice was normal now. Sameer wonders why is Shrishti avoiding him, they fight but soon get normal.
Sherlin comes to the room provoking Prithvi throwing a rose at him. He cautiously comes to the room and carry Sherlin inside. Sherlin says she only wanted to alert him, he must be cautious of Rishab. Prithvi says he was a little suspicious, but couldn’t recognize him. He will always feel he had seen someone. Sherlin suggests about leaving, as someone might come looking for him. They hug each other. Janki finds the rose on the floor and comes to place it back in the vase. She was shocked to see Sherlin and Prithvi in each other’s arms, then hides herself behind a couch. Sherlin tells Prithvi they are alert only because they are hiding. Prithvi suggests about going before Sherlin. Sherlin says she will come from side of bride’s room. Sherlin locks the door before leaving. Janki comes out to inform Sarla. She decides to knock the door after five minutes so that they have left.
Preeta comes to the stage. Dadi asks about Prithvi. Karan murmurs to Rishab he wish Prithvi has run away from the function. Prithvi arrives apologetically. Rishab and Karan look towards each other. The rest of Roka take place. Karan leaves curtly as he would not be able to stay here anymore. Everyone hug each other, while Preeta and Prithvi come to take blessings from everyone. Preeta introduces Prithvi to Rishab’s Dadi, who is just like her family member. They come to Rishab. Prithvi asks if he won’t congratulate them, Sherlin comes to congratulate them. Rishab shakes hand with Prithvi and leaves.
The food was being served when the Mama ji hears Janki knock the door. She was tensed and hurries downstairs.
Shrishti walks across the corridor deciding to ignore Sameer. She is unable to recognize her own feelings. She turns around to look if he is coming behind, Sameer comes from front instead. He asks Shrishti if she is the organizer of this function, this is so boring. There is no music or dancing. Shrishti boasts its her event, there is a lot of music in store. Sameer hugs Shrishti excited to go for dancing. Sameer and Shrishti gather everyone on dance floor. Rishab comes to dance with Preeta. Prithvi was irked.
PRECAP: Preeta asks Karan why is he tensed. Karan says he is tensed because of her, he was enraged about Prithvi touching Preeta. Preeta says he is her husband to be, he has full right to touch her.

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