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Kundali Bhagya Episode 91 Update on Saturday 14th April 2018


Janki comes to speak to Preeta but Karan and Preeta were arguing. Preeta wasn’t in a state to hear what she had to say. Preeta asks Janki that it’s a huge day for her and her family, she deserves to be happy. And Karan has ruined her day. What was her mistake if she danced with Rishab in front of everyone? Janki says Karan is right, but Preeta was curt over Janki for taking Karan’s side and leaves.
Kareena watches Sarla happily speaking to some guests. She comes to interfere and discusses the arrangement here is so cheap. Sarla asks what their mistake was. Kareena points that her maid Janki insulted her, she showed her attitude when she asked her for juice. She tells the guests Sarla organizes the functions really badly. Sarla feels angry for Janki and apologizes Kareena herself. Kareena
says she herself inquired about the dinner; but Janki didn’t reply well. Sarla assures the buffet is about to get served. Kareena questions where it is? Sarla goes to get the buffet served.
Janki stops Preeta and apologizes her. She says she has seen Sherlin with a guy, Preeta won’t believe who that person is. Sarla comes there to scold Janki for misbehaving with Kareena. Sarla was crying that Kareena insulted her in return. Sarla doesn’t listen to Janki and instead send her to kitchen to check the food. After Sarla has left, Preeta thinks if Janki has seen Sherlin with someone it means her boyfriend is here in the function tonight. She spots Sherlin busy on her phone, and congratulates her in a taunting way. Preeta asks Sherlin what she wants. Sherlin asks does it mean to Preeta; if she still wants to marry Rishab. Preeta feels disgusted about her thinking and says she isn’t like Sherlin. Sherlin is having an affair after engagement, and Janki has seen her with the man. Once she knows about the name, she will disclose her reality right in front of the family. Preeta regrets speaking to Sherlin about it.
Sherlin comes to Prithvi in the room. She was tensed that Janki will disclose to Preeta about the reality. She panics and asks Prithvi to think about something. Sherlin warns they have not much time. Sherlin was afraid what if everyone knows about the problem. Prithvi calms her down by hugging Sherlin. Sherlin straightens up as Janki stood right behind them. She says she hasn’t seen someone as downtrodden as they are; can’t they stay away from each other even on this day of function. If they are dying for each other, then why ruin the lives of Preeta and Rishab. Sherlin explains to Janki they were only congratulating each other. Janki asks if she is crazy to not understand what she is up to. If it was congratulating hug, they must have done it in front of everyone. Janki says now their tricks won’t work, they don’t deserve to be in respectable family. She says they won’t marry Preeta and Rishab respectively, she will announce in front of everyone what they are up to.
As Janki turns around, Prithvi hits a huge vase at the back of her head. Janki fell on the floor. Prithvi says he can’t bear if anyone interferes in his personal life. That stupid Rishab ignores Sherlin for Preeta, and now when he handled Preeta Janki came to interfere in the matter. There is a problem with whole of their family. Prithvi always got what he has wanted. Janki says Prithvi isn’t a human, he is a devil. Prithvi thanks her for this complement. Janki grabs his collar, but Sherlin gives another bang at the back of her head.
Sarla was shocked to hear what Rakhi was saying. Rakhi says it was Sarla who brought the proposal of Sameer and Shrishti to her; and today she asked them both in front of each other. Shrishti even said she won’t adjust and only Sameer will have to adjust; this happens after marriage only. She suggests about not delaying and finalizing the matters tonight.
Sherlin was afraid of hitting Janki. Prithvi says its her punishment. It was all her own mistake. They were now worried to get her somewhere. He says its his room, if his parents come here it would be a problem.
PRECAP: Sameer tells Karan he believes he is angry with Preeta because she is marrying Prithvi. Karan tells Preeta he will have the dinner openly with her, he will see what Prithvi does. Prithvi and Sherlin were carrying Janki when they hear someone arriving.

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