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Madhubala Episode 110--111 on Wednesday 18th April 2018


It starts with RK entering the house. Radha stops him. RK about to leave. Radha stops him and says that I will not ask anything from you, to you have to talk to me, just listen to me. Radha says that You always call her Biwi, biwi. But today I am very happy that you understood your wife today, understood that she was unhappy and you sent her to her parents house. RK leaves

Madhu asking when will Roma come back. She says that it will take some time. Madhu listens that malik is coughing so she makes kadh for him. Madhu then remembers RK feeding him Kadha and smiles. On the other hand RK is seeing his mouli and remembers Madhu giving her 2 options to tie it. RK smiles

Madhu feeds Malik Kadha and both gets happy. Pado sees this and gets happy. Madhu and Pado talks and pado says that so RK brought you here and saw that you were missing us. Its a very big thing. It seems that he cares for you. Madhu says lets go to sleep. Pado and Madhu lays down. Madhu then ask that do you really think that RK ccares for me. Madhu was about to say something but stops and tells her to sleep. Madhu then again interepts Pado and says that RK is very different from every men, or every human being. What he thinks no one knows. Pado says leave RK and tell me what you feel for RK. Madhu about to say that I Hat…But stops and says nothing, lets sleep. Madhu thinking about RK. RK on bed and he thinks about Madhu. He turns off the light and then says sorry to madhu and switches it back. But sees that Madhu is not there. Madhu feels RK and softens the blanket. RK looking at MB side and says Good night biwi. Madhu says Good night RK.

Dips is irritated with Madhu and sikki comes and irritate her more. Dips with the saree which she gave to Madhu and says that RK had such a great taste and now Madhu, which angle is she suitable for you RK.

Pado serevs Shamo tea, Shamo says sorry to her about last night. pado says that I am happy that your misunderstanding with RK, Shamo gives a look. She says that We all had mistaken of understanding him. Madhu serves breakfest. Shamo says that the Kada was very effective. Madhu says it was not my idea, it was RK’s. She then changes the topic.

Dips brings breakfest for RK and says that its your fav and I wanted to give you before too but Your 4 pheras waali biwi stopped me, Rk Says that I already told you in front of my Biwi that stay away. Dips says that I wont. Servant brings breakfest for RK and says that Madhu told to give you this breakfest. RK looks at Dips and smiles and says then only I will have that breakfest only. Dips leaves

Precap: Madhu ask shamo about his locket

Part 2

Dips before leaving says that should I feed you this. RK smiles and takes the bandage off and says now there is no bandage. Dips finally leave. RK starts eating and smiles thinking about Madhu feeding him as MR. India. RK smiles more and more. On the other hand, Madhu cuts her mouth and thinks about the same happening to RK and smiles That RK missing her. Madhu tells Shamo to cut her hairs.

Precap: Madhu ask shamo about his locket. Police ask where did you get this locket from, other person says it was under RK’s bed

Part 1

Madhu starts to give Shammo haircut n notices his locket is missing! Shammo says..lost forget it! Madhu says..cant.. as childhood memories associated..! Madhu starts to search around the house…n Shammo tries to stop him n notices his trunk n starts to open it but Shammo chides her.. n asks her to stop it! Shamo walks out n Paddo tells Madhu not to mind .. n says that Shammos acting strange.. since few days..!

At nite Shammo sees Paddo-Madhu sleeping.. he opens the trunk, takes out the gun ..! Madhu is coufing n Shammo is worried that she will wake up..! Shammo sneaks out.. Madhu wakes up to drink water n notices.. Shammo going out! Shammo digs a pit in the ground n recollects RKs words to Shammo that he wont tell Madhu about Shammos deed! He puts the gun in it! He rues he made a big mistake! Shammo turns n sees Madhu!

She asks him what he is doing there? Shammo asks Madhu he hasnt slept? Shammo says sorry to Madhu ..for his mistake which he cant tell her about n regrets being bad father! Madhu says…she is lucky to have him as father! Shammo tells Madhu that misunderstandings with RK is over! He diverts Madhu telling her childhood tales …of ghosts!

RK is feeling pain n calls out BIWI … Remembers she isnt around! He struggles to get up n Madhu helps him .. ! She says.. SHHH n RK says..he was SHHED last time in school .. n asks when she came? Madhu says.. she knew he cant take care of himself n she came coz she cares for Radha! She asks him if he took meds n gives him meds! Madhu goes n lies down on the other side of the bed..! RK calls Bittu and .. asks who told him to call Madhu from Mayka.. just coz he din take meds! Bittu says.. Bhabhi jee..where? RK sees.. Madhu not there! RK says.. meds effect n Bittu says.. u din take.. so u missing Bhabhi jee! He shares Madhu had called to tell him to give RK meds.. n RK asks how she knows.. Bittu says..she dreamt too like RK dreamt of her!

RK tells Bittu to go n work on producers meeting.! Dips overhears n makes plans!

Part 2

Madhu makes Paddo sit n asks her to give her jumpi ..! Shammo comes and gives Madhu her fave Star Candy Floss n Madhu remembers Trish! She remembers about RKs meds as she overhears Paddo-Shammo convo!

Part 3

Madhu calls up Bittu but its unreachable ..she tries RKs number..! RK says.. he was getting a lot of hitchki .. n Bittu tol him someone was missing him badly..! He says..was gonna call to ask ..not to miss him ! RK says.. she is never this quiet not in sleep! Madhu asks RK if he din take meds? RK chides her saying she was chemist? She chided him last nite too ..for not taking meds.. asks her to enjoy her holidays!

Madhu says.. Akdu kahin ka.. cut the call! Paddo smiles.. in background!

Precap — Raat akeli hai.. Dips dancing.. as RK touches her shoulder..!

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