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Madhubala Update o Wednesday 4th April 2018


RK shakes Madhus arm and says..why his father left..! Madhu says.. RK and then Rishabh and asks him to calm down! RK opens his eyes and sees Madhu..! He jerks her hand off!
RK tries to get up to walk away as Madhu tries to calm him down and says PLEASE..! RK feels dizzy and goes back to sleep holding Madhus arm! Bittu inquires from Doc if all is ok and Doc says yes! RK opens his eyes and Madhu enters and narrates RKs story of life and death and rebirth and shows RK the front page news…! She talks of RKs fans sending flowers.. cards et all for RK! She says ‘Kuch to baat hai tumme’ ..! She says …sher ‘Hum to mar bhi baithe to logo ki khidki na khuli aur unke zukham pe bhi log ibadat kar baithe’! RK starts to couf and Madhu gives him water!
RK asks what he did last nite? Madhu says.. he slept and she too .. but he on bed and she on couch! RK puls Madhus arm and makes her sit next to him then releases n Madhu runs off! BG – Kaisa ye ishq ..kaisa ye junoon hai .. bekarari me tu hi karar! Hum hai dewane! Madhu looks at RK and cries..recollecting the past!
Radha comes to see RK! He is asleep and Radha cries out of relief.

.! She thanks Madhu and says that when RK finds out Madhu saved his life.. her position will be high in RKs mind! Madhu asks her not to tell RK about the blood thing as he wont like!
Doc asks Radha-Madhu to come with him and Dips smirks.. and comes to RKs hosp room under guise of giving some med to him! She tells RK that she culdn sleep whole nite thinking of him and is glad he is fine..! RK is disgusted and tries to sit up and Dips tries to help but he asks her to stay away! Paddo comes in the hosp .with prasad for RK! Paddo says RKs breath is going on coz of Madhu! Madhu says..his breath stopped coz of her n Madhu takes Paddo aside..!
Part 2
Dips taunts that she has to do a bit of work as his WIFE doesnt know a thing! RK asks what she is doing and she says caring for the man she loves..! Dips tries to touch RK but RK asks her to go away..!
Part 3
Dips refuses to budge and asks him to trust her love as she has saved his life..given her blood to save him and kept his BODY alive! RK is taken aback! She shows the bandage on her arm..!
Precap — RK says that the bullet that was fired went close to his heart and ended up rejuvenating the feelings in his heart..! He tells Madhu that he was saved by Dips and asks Dips to sit by his side on the bed n says that once upon a time he n Dips used to love each other like anything..and Madhu looks on unhappy!

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