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Madhubala Update on Thursday 12th April 2018


Part 1

Cops come to Shammo as he goes inside the room! Paddo asks cops what they are doing there and they say they came to talk to Shammo as they are family member to get clue! Shammo says.. that RK is a superstar..and in the industry since long so ..mite have hurt anyone.. who knows..! Paddo tells Cops there are no enemies of RK in the chawl..! Shammo assures they will let cops know if they sense anything! Paddo asks if Shammo is ok .. and Shammo says.. he is fine.. RK is alive and will trouble his daughter more!

Radha tells Madhu that all will be well since Madhu is there with her.. n RK! She expreses gratitude to Madhu for saving RK …for getting Bappa in the home .. n helping RK come out of his past! Radha tells Madhu that.. thode zakhm bharne lage hain Rishu ke.. and asks if Madhu got the meaning n Madhu says yes!

Radha asks why she is not Madhus mom .. n says..she is her selfish mom in law ..! She gives Madhu saree and jewellery for Navratri! She says its the saree she wore first time after her wedding to RKs dad! Madhu opposes..but Radha insists!

RK struggling to eat… n ends up spilling his food on his tee shirt! [RK the tharkey bana baby] Madhu comes and offers to feed him. .but he says he aint a kid! Madhu taunts him saying he is worst than kids.. n RK says he heard n she gets a towel to dab his tee shirt n puts on his tee! He opposes n she says.. SHHHSSH! RK opposes as Madhu tries to feed him .. so Madhu tells him to think she is wearing the magical invisible watch and that she is invisible..and feeds him!

RK says.. the Mr. India moustache will suit her ..! Madhu about to answer n RK asks not to answer! RK says.. Mogambo and Madhu says.. no Seema ji.. Mr. Indias heroine! RK chides her and then they both start laufing..! RK looks at Madhu n sets her lock of hair..touches her side face! Rishbala eyelock!Bittu comes n they break the eyelock..!

Paddo has called and Madhu wants to talk later but RK asks to talk rightaway! Bittu tells RK about inviting Madhus family … n RK says..better to call them! Radha and Dips are busy with the preps and Bittu comes and tells Radha to invite Paddo! Dips is shocked! Bittu taunts her n offers to get laddos for her! Shammo fumes about RKs deeds..and takes out the gun he had kept in hiding with bullets!

Part 2

They show how Shammo shot RK during the Ganesh utsav! His self thot that he is killing RK for avenging the insult n pain he gave Madhu..!

Part 3

Shammo puts the bullet in the gun and self talks that ..cops can put all efforts to catch hold of killer but after death of RK! He tells God that he said CUT before work got done.. but not this time! He resolves to end RK!

Precap — Shammo takes out ice dagger from the fridge … he decides to sharpen it so much that it goes deep in RKs heart..! Shammo sharpens the ice daggers edges!

Part 1

Radha calls up Paddo and says she wants to complaint about Madhu n Paddo asks what.. n Radha says. that she din invite u guys over..n ur SAMDHAN has to invite u! Paddo says.. she will come but Trish-Roma are outdoor..! Radha asks to bring Shammo along..! Paddo agrees!

Paddo comes to Shammo and he says..they will go.. ! Paddo offers to get sweets and Shammo says wanna see how HAPPY MADHU IS at her in laws place! Radha admires Madhu who is decked up in the green saree..! Madhu asks Radha to show her pic in this saree so they can know who looks better!

Radha tells Madhu that her family is invited and Madhu is taken aback! She says that RK has himself asked to invite her parents n asks her to thank RKs friend Bappa..! Shammo is making cast ready for icicle [ice knife]! Shammo says he will chop RKs neck

Madhu comes to RK with sherwani n RK is busy drooling on her Madhu feels shy! Eyelock! [Tanu in swarglok] He compliments her that she is looking pretty! RK tries to pour water but cant.. Madhu helps..! She thanks him for the invite! RK says..its to clear Paddos debt for keeping pooja for him! Madhu wishes he gets well soon but RK says.. he needs.. meds not wishes..! Madhu says.. the meds will make him drowsy so.. better not to take!

Madhu asks RK to get up n wear the sherwani n RK says.. no one uses that tone with him! Madhu offers to help him CHANGE! RK says.. he can wear on his own! Madhu chup chup ke watches RK struggle to change.. n RK calls out to the servants.! He calls out BIWI! Madhu is n turns him around n asks if he was a pillar! She takes off the shirt .. [VD wearing vest] n puts the sherwani on! RK is resing his hand on Madhus shoulder [touching her back] Rishbala are close ! Dips sees! She slams the door n Rishabal break eyelock n Madhu leaves! Sikky breaks into Dips safe! Dips comes and Sikky tries to hide the loot! Dips sees n is suspicious!

Part 2

Sikky reasons.. he is selecting clothes for the puja..! Dips says..she can see her future.. scrubbing utensils.. n Madhu ordering her! Sikky flees..! Dips decides to do something to keep Madhu away from RK!

Part 3

Shammo opens the fridge and takes out the icicle and starts to sharpen its edges! He resolves to stab it in RKs heart!

Precap — Dips asks Madhu if she needs any help for the arrangements n Madhu says no..! Dips spills ghee on Madhus saree and Madhu changes it..! She is in open hair and pink saree! She ends up throwing the pallo on RK n he fumes.. ! He asks her to change and Madhu asks why coz its Dips? RK fumes!

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