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Madhubala Update on Thursday 5th April 2018


Dips tells RK that she loves him more than herself..! Madhu tells Paddo that she started it all .. she was stubborn to bring Bappa home..she challenged RK..n RK stepped out thereby endagnering his life! Paddo says that why Madhu is seeing the pain that RK is suffering? He has regained faith from Bappa! Paddo asks what is it thats hurting Madhu?? Madhu says ..her breath stopped when RK got shot.. and when Doc said .. his heart stopped working.. her heratbeat stopped for a moment..! She says..the same RK who hurt her family..she wanted to nurse him ..! She feels guilty.. of cheating on her family!
Paddo says RK is a very good person.. and Madhu saw the goodness in him.. so what Madhu feels for RK is right ..!
Radha comes to check on RK but he stays indifferent …! He asks Radha who gave him blood? Radha tries to divert! RK asks all of them to leave..! Radha is in tears and about to leave when Madhu sees her and asks the matter but Radha doesnt answer!
Dips says she wants to tie the taveez on him! Madhu comes inside and sees Dips clinging to RKs neck ! She is uncomfy seeing RK-Dips! RK says that the bullet that went near his heart.. affected him .. RK was reborn as new RK ! He tells Madhu that it was all coz of Dips! Madhu looks away..! RK extends his hand and makes Dips sit next to him on the bed as Madhu looks away! He tells her that once upon a time . .he n Dips used to love each other a lot..! Madhus face falls as Dips smiles!
RK asks Dips if she loves him just as much even today? Dips says even more..! Madhu looks on shocked n ! RK says that his blood group is rare… and in the end.. his blood group matched ..with Dips..! Madhu is ! RK says its true love.. Mughal-e-azam types..!
RK suggests to start a new life with Dips and Madhu turns to leave ! RK asks her to stay back…to be witness to his NEW LOVE! RK suggests to prove to the whole world that his n Dips love is so true that their blood group is same too! RK gets up .. takes a knife ..!
Part 2
Dips is scared and Madhu looks on with a knowing glance as RK says.. its to prove her love..! Dips struggles.. to free her hand..! Rk says.. ‘ishq ka imtihan hai.. hosh me nahi liya ja sakta’! Dip shouts on RK .. n asks what he is doing? RK says..its the effect of her blood in his veins..! Dips tells RK that Madhu gave him blood! RK removes the taveez and returns to Dips n asks her to leave..!
Part 3
Madhu says there was no need for drama.. if he needed to know..he could have asked her..! RK asks.. why she din tell him upfront and why she gave him blood? RK shakes Madhu and feels a rtinge of pain and Madhu helps him to lie dow non the bed! RK asks her why she gave blood.. n Madhu says ..coz if she needed.. he would have done the same… yes?? BG- Hum to dewane! Rishbala eyelcok..!

Precap — Ward boy comes and tells Madhu phonecall has come for her..! A male figure comes near RK with knife.. .. and about to attack!

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