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Madhubala Episode 108--109 Update on Tuesday 17th April 2018


Part 1

Madhu asks RK what?? RK says.. nothing..! He turns to leave n Madhu pulls his arm! RK says.. Shammo came to mend ties.. with RK..! Madhu asks what RK said n he gwaffs and says.. Shammo din pay him back.. so how culd he act like a good damad? Madhu rues that RK is so low… he can never change.. Shammo came to mend ties and he is unaffected…! Madhu asks RK to take his meds if his ego allows him!

Madhu asks RK what is the limit of his ego? or is it limitless? She walks off as RK looks on! Madhu calls up Paddo and asks to talk to Shammo! Shammo is ! He walks off! Paddo tells Madhu that he walked off all of a sudden and is acting strange since he returned from the puja! Madhu tells Paddo the tale! She asks Madhu to relax n Madhu rues that she was happy to see them but sad they left! She asks if they miss her n Paddo cries!

Paddo keeps wondering what is wrong with Shammo.. n sees his luggage n starts to set the clothes in the cupboard! Shammo keeps pacing in the ground of the chawl n wonders if RK told Madhu..!

Paddo drops a bullet .. n wonders what noise she heard.. n Shammo sees the bullet! Before Paddo can see and Shammo screams and asks why she is touching his clothes..! He hides the bullet..! Paddo keeps nagging him n he asks her to stop touching his clothes!

Bittu talks to producer about putting set in place .. by then RK can resume! Bittu offers RK meds n he refuses to take ! Bittu asks servant to send Bhabhji jee but RK says..he needs no one! Servant says.. Madhu hasnt eaten either! Radha keeps asking Madhu to eat but she refuses.. n Dips self thought.. DRAMA QUEEN!

Servant returns with milk n meds n says.. RK refused! Madhu takes the tray n goes to RK! Dips tells Radha something is amiss! Radha says Madhu will handle!

Madhu comes looking for RK and is told he is in entertainment room..! Madhu enters n Mr. India song on … ‘De de de’ ! Madhu asks RK .. why he has not taken meds n RK asks when did she become Nurse?

Madhu asks RK to take meds n RK refuses.. n says..he wont eat till she sits n watches movie with him..! He says..she is fulfilling wife roles since long.. so break from wifey movie! Madhu sits n offers him meds.. n RK asks her to eat!

Part 2

BG – Mera naam hai calendar n RK asks if he looks like Bittu jee n Madhu says no! RK asks MAdhu to eat n Madhu asks RK to take meds..! Both argue. .n say… Food/Meds.. Biwi/RK ..! The song bg goes.. ‘Mere Bachche Tere Bachche’ n RK-Madhu eyelock n Madhu is shy..!

RK starts to sing.. ‘Om shanti om’ Madhu takes the food plate n RK takes meds..! Both eat! Madhu smiles watching the movie n RK watches her n slowly falls asleep! Madhu sees .. BG- Hum hai dewane!

Part 3

Madhu covers RK with blanket and sets the pillow below his head! RK opens his eyes as Madhu is holding his face..! Eyelock..!

BG- Kate nahi kat-te..! Madhu stammers.. n says came to set shawl ..! Madhu says..dun like the song.. n RK says.. me neither..! Madhu turns.. her bangle gets stuck in RKs shirt n she is on top of RK Eyelock..! Madhu frees her hand and gets up n asks..why he is not fast forwarding the song.. if he does not like but remote is stuck! Madhu offers to close the Projector but cant find the button .. n RK says.. either God or remote dont want to end the song..!

RK offers popcorn to Madhu she refuses..! She sits in the chair next to RKs n is crying n says..sleepy .. going..! RK says. picture abhi baki NAHI hai .. so sit n Madhu says.. dun like this part.. RK says.. coz tina dies? Madhu shares how Shammo used to switch off TV in this part..! Madhu shares how Shammo saved.. Madhu-Trish from childhood! Narrates.. Ballus attacks on Paddo n Shammo saving! Madhu rues she could not defend Shammos honour n then says.. what point telling to RK .. he is stone. .n wont understand matters of love..!

RK asks about her real father [Ballu] n why he wanted to kill her? Madhu gets up to leave n RK stops.. n says.. answer .. n Madhu refuses .both bicker finally .. Madhu shares..that.. Ballu was told his time will turn bad if Madhu is born .. n then shares about target practising by Ballu on Trish! She shares how Shammo saved them! She shares how Shammo never asked the kids to call him dad.. n says.. relations of trust are more than relations of blood..! She fumes on RK for insulting Shammo though he came to patch up! Madhu walks out n RK kicks sofa around n says.. he din insult Shammo!

Shammo comes n Paddo asks him to share why he was upset? Shammo closes the door n walks towards Paddo..! Paddo is holding a knife for cutting veggies..! Shammo is drunk n takes the knife n says.. ‘Finish ..RK’! Paddo stops him ..! There is a knock on the door n its RK-Madhu..!

Part 2

RK asks Paddo. .to get arti thal to welcome them n if not let them enter ! Paddo asks Madhu if all is well? RK says..they are no CHAMKADARS… to wander at nite. but.. her daughter was missing them n hasnt eaten so he decided ..their daughter stay in her babul ka ghar.. but for 2 days!

RK asks Shammo to come out with him for 2 mins..! Ma-beti both worried..! RK tells Madhu he wont misbehave! RK teases Shammo about knife .. n says.. he was tempted to tell Madhu the whole truth but.. he din as Shammos hate is his love for Madhu.. n he found it SWEET n Madhu cried more for respect of Shammo n also that RK deserved it for his misdeeds!

Part 3

Paddo asks Madhu if she really said.. that she was missing them n seems she din have any idea he was gonna bring her there..! Madhu says.. RK himself has no idea what he is doing! Madhu says.. everytime she feels she understands him..she does something that is beyond her understanding..!

Madhu goes to check on RK- Shammo! RK is telling Shammo daughter likes a father chopping veggies with knife not someones neck! Duo hug.. n Madhu is n calls out.. to Shammo! RK says.. ‘Apni biwi ko yaha chod ke ja raha hun ..uska dil mat todiyega’!

Precap — Ward boy gives Shammos locket to cop n from under RKs bed..! Cop says..seems someones special thing..! Madhu is getting Shammo ready for haircut n asks where is his locket? Shammo is.

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