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Madhubala Update on Wednesday 11th April 2018


Shammo hides the ice dagger in the fridge as Paddo comes! Shammo asks her to get ready to go to the puja..! Dips comes and tells Radha all preps done..Madhu can confirm and Radha asks Madhu to check..!
Dips sends Radha to get ready ..n glares at Madhu n leaves..! Kuku is counting bundles of money that Sikky stole from Dips safe! [15 lacs] Sikky suggests to return the ornaments and Kuku says..he makes Kuku rethink that Sikky is his real son! Madhu prays to Mata Rani! She is putting flowers as Dips comes n spills Ghee on her saree! She tells Madhu her saree is soiled and Madhu is n rues that Radhas saree is ruined..! Dips chides the servant n asks Madhu to change …n wear her saree! She gives her the pink saree n smirks that Madhus label of being fave bahu of house n RKs sweet biwi will go down today !
Madhu steps out of Dips room n her saree pallu falls on RK! She says sorry n RK grabs her arm n asks her to change! Madhu asks why ..coz its Dips! RK says.. CHANGE .. NOW!! coz Color doesnt suit her! Madhu asks him to close his eyes.. n not to see her if he does not like! Madhu turns n RK locks her arm and says… thought u understood CHANGE.. means CHANGE! Madhu says.

.thought u understood me…give REASON first!! RK says.. if she does not change.. she wont be able to sit in puja!
RK asks her to think of her parents. n Madhu relents..! Shammo-Paddo arrive! Shammo gets flashbacks of past..! Bittu comes n apologises! Sikky sees the dakshina kept near Mata Rani ..n Kuku says.. Mata Rani will bless better not steal from dakshina! Radha wonders where RK-Madhu are..! Paddo comes n Radha introtes her n Shammo to Sikky Dips etc! [Sikky wonders where he saw his movie..]! Shammo touches his dagger! Dips asks Radha why Madhu not there yet.. n if any tussle with RK.. ! Paddo is worried!
Part 2
Bittu knock on Rishbalas room n informs that all are waiting! Madhu asks RK to let her go.. n RK says..he din stop her.. her saree did..! Madhu goes to open the door n RK blocks!
Part 3
RK opens the door n tells Bittu that Rishbala wont come down to give darshan!RK tells Madhu n what if Puja.. cant he spend time with his BIWI!
Madhu asks what madness this is n RK says..her saree made him mad! RK tells Madhu that his decision wont change.. n she has to decide what is more important her akad or the waiting people..!
Precap — Radha asks about RK to Dips n Dips says..may be there is some problem.. RK-Madhu are not coming down..! Shammo tells Paddo that he can see the truth.. his daughter cant even come to puja at her own will!

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