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My Sweet Curse Episode 100 Update on Monday 9th April 2018


Aurora confesses to Rafael that she is still in love with Rodrigo and it seems she wanted to see him to let him know how she wishes to give him another chance and same vein, Nadia has also arrive to visit Rodrigo so, unfortunately, she sees Rodrigo hugging Nadia and Aurora becomes disappointed ones again. Rafael comforts her when she tells him about it.
Onesimo has to detain Rafael because a graphologist determined that his signature is on the checks, but no one can imagine that everything is part of Severo’s plan to make Apolonia beg for his help.
Epifania asks Macrina to help her break Elsa and Jeronimo up, but she says that the ties that bind them are strong, and she asks Epifania to choose which one of them she wants her to go after and that is if she wants her to make Jeronimo sick or Elsa but she makes it point blank to her that she can’t make Elsa go sick because she is Xochitl’s boss and Epifania refuses to let her hurt Jeronimo since he is also her child’s father. So, Macrina asks her to go think about the decision well and get back to her.
Apolonia goes to see Severo to help her with the money to bail Rafael out, but he asks her to kick Aurora out of the hacienda in exchange for his help and still she refuses and this makes Severo very angry.
Suzy is now staying with Ines so Loli can gets used to her and accept Ines as her mum when she is finally told the truth.
Nadia clears things out with Aurora and tells her that she would never act against the love she and Rodrigo have always had for each other and Nadia asks her to take Rodrigo back and asks to meet her later at the lake where she and Rodrigo used to go when they were kids.
Onesimo tells Rafael that he’s ask for a second graphology report so they’re all resolved to prove Rafael’s innocence and Apolonia also assures Rafael that she and her attorney are trying to get bail to set him bail and Rafael wonders what exactly he did to Armando for him to act so wicked towards him.
Severo insists on asking Armando to find that graphologist and pay him much money so he can also state that indeed that signature is Rafael’s.
Onesimo is willing to give Apolonia all of his savings to help in Rafael’s case but Apolonia is wishes to try to sell part of her herd to get Rafael out. Elsa receives an email from Apolonia stating that he is selling some of her herd and she tells Rodrigo that it must be because things have gotten complicated in Rafael’s case.
Nadia convinces Rodrigo to let them go to the lakeside to spend sometime there
Aurora thinks Ines could be capable of helping the ranch if she is employed and she recommend her to Apolonia and Ines tells Apolonia about her daughter and about her love for Chalo, and she allows Ines to take a job with the cheese co-operative and uncertainly accepts her relationship with Chalo.
Macrina informs Severo that Apolonia is selling some of her herd and Severo asks Macrina to spread lies about Apolonia’s cattle that the spurn of darkness has affected them with curse so people won’t buy it.
Elsa goes to see Apolonia to ask her if she is trying to sell off part of her head to solve Rafael’s problems and she answers yes but Elsa assures her to not worry because she will do everything to get her the money she needs to handle the case. After each of them admitting their mistakes, Apolonia and Elsa forgive each other and agreed to be the best of friends again.
Aurora recriminates Armando for his actions against Rafael and tells him that if he dares send Rafael to prison when in fact he knows he is innocent of those accusations, it will be on his conscience forever.
Nadia and Rodrigo go to the lake side and Aurora also arrive and Nadia leaves them to clear things themselves and Aurora forgives Rodrigo and they kiss.

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