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My Sweet Curse Episode 101 Update on Tuesday 10th April 2018


With help of Nadia, Aurora forgives Rodrigo and they kiss. The two talked about all the things they’ve been through and how their love has survived them all, and they have a passionate encounter at the lake.
but he tells Severo that he doesn’t want to be the reason an innocent man will go to prison and so he can’t continue.
Felipe orders new tests for Monica so she can keep pretending she’s very sick but he doesn’t want to trick anyone, but she’s blackmailing him with a compromising video.
Wenceslao bumps into Epifania in town and feeling all of the pain in his arm and leg, he tells her that he thinks maybe Macrina is casting a spell on him and she tells him he actually deserves that for dumping her friend Xochitl.
Rodrigo thanks Nadia for getting Aurora and him back together and Nadia tells him she truly loved him very much and wants to see him happy that is why she did that because his happiness is with Aurora and Rodrigo reveals to her that they’re going to get married soon.
Epifania sees Jeronimo and Elsa kissing and she confronts Elsa sarcastically if she feels no shame for kissing her own foreman.
Monica becomes very worried and angry when she finds out Luis got her an appointment to see a famous oncologist.
Epifania tells Xochitl that she saw Wenceslao complaining of pain in his arm and leg and thinks that maybe Macrina is acting against him for toying with Xochitl.
Rodrigo reveals to his mum about his reconciliation with Aurora and how he’s certain to marry her at the end of the month and Elsa becomes surprised to hear that Rodrigo made up with Aurora and that they will get married soon.
Rodrigo takes Aurora to La Mielera to buy her an engagement ring and she tells him that she feels they are rushing things and that she doesn’t want to get married as long as Rafael is detained but Rodrigo replies that he doesn’t want to wait and that he wants to grow old with her.
Luis and Corina still insist that Monica gets another test done and so they take her to see Dr. Murray but she refuses to get the new tests ordered by Doctor Murray.
Monica calls Felipe immediately and tells him about the new text Dr. Murray is asking, he tells her that if Doctor Murray finds out that he lied about her condition, his career will be over because he is the president for the association of Oncologist, so he talks quickly to Dr. Murray and they manage to avoid the new tests by intentionally allowing Monica to collapse during the process of conducting the new text.
Aurora and Rodrigo agree to exchange her medallion and his crucifix on their wedding day.
Onesimo returns the bull to Armando because Rafael doesn’t want to spend money on it while he’s being accused by Armando.
Rodrigo and Aurora go to her parents’ grave where he asks for their blessing to marry her and Aurora thanks him for choosing her as his future wife.

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