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My Sweet Curse Episode 103 Update on Thursday 12th April 2018


Aurora doesn’t want Monica to suffer, and Father Basilio tells her that she doesn’t have to sacrifice her relationship with Rodrigo just because she feels she is been selfish, but she’s resolved to making Rodrigo get together with Monica by doing everything to push Rodrigo away from her side.
Severo asks Armando how come Rafael was released and Armando confronts Severo that he didn’t bribe the second graphologist because things had already gone too far and that he’s not a criminal because if Severo’s goal is to hurt Aurora, he shouldn’t count on him because he is not interested in hurting innocent people. Severo then becomes furious and warns Armando that he will surely pay for ruining his plans but swears he will do everything to separate Aurora and Rodrigo.
Xochitl bumps into Wenceslao in town experiencing pain in his let and arms and quickly he remembers the handkerchief she gave her mum and she confronts her mum Macrina about what is happening to Wenceslao, but she says she has nothing to do with it and that she’s an ungrateful daughter for thinking that she does black magic.
Armando goes to see Onesimo and tells him he wants to withdraw all of the charges against Rafael because the description from the cashiers reveals a worker of his who he has break tides with him for a long time and Onesimo finds it as a bit sceptic because he wonders how that so called employee got hold of the cheques but didn’t realized that because he is his most trusted employee but Onesimo still asks Armando to go apologize to Apolonia and Rafael for all the inconveniences he created for them.
Macrina tells Severo that all his plans have failed and that the only option they have left to separate Aurora and Rodrigo is Monica’s supposed illness.
Elsa tells Rodrigo that he’s rushing into things by wanting to get married to Aurora right away, but he replies that he will get married, with or without her blessing.
Armando surrenders to Rafael the bull’s ownership papers so he can keep it and Rafael accepts his apology but tells him he doesn’t want to see him near the hacienda or in town ever again. Armando tells Aurora that he will refund the money invested by Rafael and that he will dissolve their partnership without any liability for Rafael.
Rafael tells Apolonia that while he was detained, he reevaluated his attitude toward her and that he was moved when he learned she was willing to sell everything in order to help him released. they hug and reconcile as mum and son.
Chalo tells Apolonia that he and Rodrigo are taking a DNA test to find out if they’re half-brothers.
Aurora tells Rafael that she got back together with Rodrigo with help of Nadia and he becomes dejected.
Rodrigo sees Boni with Rafael kissing and rolling on the ground and he mistakes her for Aurora and becomes very nervous. Rafael tells Boni that he only loves Aurora and Boni becomes depressed.
Apolonia realizes that Epifania is gone from the hacienda and she becomes very worried.
Aurora wonders on what to say to push Rodrigo away from him.

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