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My Sweet Curse Episode 105 Update on Tuesday 17th April 2018


Monica confesses her love for Rodrigo in front of everybody after the duel and this comes as a shock to them especially Luis because never did he thought Monica is in love his best brother friend and also very disappointed in Rodrigo especially for betraying him and due to that he takes a lift from Rafael so he can get home.
Boni gets worried for Rafael due to the duel and on foot and she meets them on the way with Luis going back to town and Chalo picks her up and there, She and Luis introduces themselves to each other.
Aurora asks Camilo for a job and he accept to because he already looks very happy for her coming there to work.
Apolonia asks Onesimo to keep her husband’s gun because she doesn’t want anyone to have his hands on it.
Aurora runs into her auntie Brigida and her new husband Luca and they disclose to her that they are staying at the two sisters house.
Elsa reproaches Rodrigo for accepting the duel in the first place and also if he knew about the so-called love Monica mentioned and Monica confesses to Elsa again the love she feels for Rodrigo and also that they aren’t cousins as her mum made them believe because she is not the biological daughter of her (Elsa) brother Hipolito.
At the restaurant, Boni and Luis share their experiences about having an unreturned love from those they love. Same vein, Rodrigo tries calling Luis so he can explain things to him but Luis ignores his calls.
 Apolonia also scolds Rafael for accepting the duel and she makes him swear to not allow his rage to get the best of him and assures her. She then asks him to get his mind off Aurora because she isn’t for him but Rodrigo’s but that I think didn’t sink well with him. Quickly, Aurora arrives to tell Apolonia and Rafael that she is leaving the hacienda but never told them where to. Rafael tries to convince Aurora to stay and not leave but her mind is already made up. Aurora then explains to Apolonia why she wants to leave and it’s to get away from both Rafael Rodrigo and many other reasons so not to cause more problems between them. Apolonia becomes very sad.
Jeronimo goes looking for Epifania and Macrina asks her to ask him about the final outcome of the duel in case she finds him
Camilo shows Aurora where she’s going to stay whiles working in El-Huateque and he wants Aurora to dress like the waitress but Aurora refuses to dress as he says but will dress same way but she prefers to sew a new one herslf and asks Camilo to bring her thread and needle.
Altagracia and Maximina tries asking Corina to give one of her room to a couple but she doesn’t intend leaving any of her room for anyone but she later accepts to do upon seeing how handsome Luca is but unfortunately for her, Brigida enters to prove to her that they are a couple.
Aurora tells her plans to father Basilio about working now in El-Huateque and seriously, he becomes worried but she still blesses her for her great sacrifice to see Monica happy.
Rodrigo goes to Apolonia’s house looking for Aurora but he finds out from Apolonia that Aurora left the hacienda because she doesn’t want to live there anymore.

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