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My Sweet Curse Episode 107 Update on Thursday 19th April 2018


Rodrigo looks very drunk and so Jeronimo takes him home and upon their arrival home, Monica is the one who receives him and seeing how drunk he is, she takes advantage of Rodrigo’s alcoholism and spent the night with him and the next morning whiles Xochitl goes to offer Monica coffee, she spots them in bed and in shock breaks the cup and this wakes the two up and immediately rush to inform Elsa about it.
Meanwhile, Rodrigo realizing something really happened in bed, he regrets stating that he didn’t want that to happen and Elsa enters and becomes very furious but Monica explains things to Elsa that it wasn’t Rodrigo’s fault but hers because she wanted to be with Rodrigo by taking the first initiative.
Corina tries and convinces Monica to pressure Rodrigo to marry her if he was able to take advantage of her and Monica replies her it wasn’t Rodrigo fault but she took advantage of him instead while he was drunk but Corina still insists she does that so Rodrigo will marry her as soon as possible.
Apolonia visits Aurora in El-Huateque and she tells her that she is worried the townsfolk will start saying that she kicked her out of the ranch but Aurora care less about that and Apolonia says she admires Aurora’s courage now and so she will be visiting her gradually so the townsfolk will know that she still protects her even though she doesn’t agree with her moving out of the hacienda.
Corina quickly goes to speak with Elsa and Rodrigo and asks Rodrigo to immediately marry Monica because he can’t toy around with her daughter in that manner when he knows she is seriously ill but Rodrigo refuses to do so since it was even a mistake and also Monica was the one who took the initiative.
He then prefers to go speak with Monica and through their conversation, Rodrigo expresses how guilty he feels about the whole thing. Monica then manipulates him telling him that, she can no longer stay in the hacienda and prefers to leave because she can’t stand seeing him always as she feels ashamed about what happened and feels they are in a relationship. But Rodrigo can’t allow her to leave and Monica is able to convince him to give a chance with her so she can make her happy with the last few days she has left in the world and Rodrigo accepts to give it a try with Monica.
Brigida tells Luca that she is going to make sure that Aurora will never be able to realize her dreams.
Brigida then looks for Aurora and there she offers her a supposed fund so she can finish her studies and Aurora becomes really happy with the idea and believes her straight away and Brigida asks her to add up her life savings to it so the fund will bear more interest on it and she promises to be updating her on the fund from time to time. Aurora accepts too although Brigida’s real intention is to steal all of Aurora’s savings so she will be left with nothing to further her education.
Rodrigo goes to inform his mum that given the circumstances with Aurora, he’s decided to try start a relationship with Monica and make her happy in her last few months she supposedly has to live since Aurora fails to give him a chance with her again.
Aurora asks Jeronimo to tell Elsa not to worry because she is now working at El-Huateque and though it’s only a temporal thing but she is sure, it’s best for everyone’s sake.
Mr. Ponciano and Tobias pay a visit to Gloria and seeing more bruises on her face, she tells them that she only fell from a horse but Ponciano knows that Dionisio beat her.
Brigida and Luca are very excited when they set in motion, thus their to swindle Aurora. 
Apolonia asks Rafael to respect Aurora’s decision and also advises him to stay away from her.
Rodrigo meets Aurora in town and he tells her that and Monica are now going out and Aurora thinks that love is indeed hurtful.
Elsa is takin aback by Corina’s braveness when she confronts her that she Corina is not going to sue her (Elsa) for her part of the inheritance because Monica loves Rodrigo and Elsa replies that she should thank her stars and be grateful that she never sends her rather to prison after discovering that she stole her jewels and many other evil wrong she committed against her.
Luis offers to take Boni to Mexico so she can better herself in the beautician career he wishes to become in future and after promises to help her to open a shop and they can become business partners. Boni thinks it’s a good idea.
Epifania asks Rafael to stop thinking about Aurora and do what exactly Rodrigo did by getting himself a new girlfriend and that is Monica. Rafael then becomes very shocked.

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