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My Sweet Curse Episode 98 Update on Wednesday 4th April 2018


Rafael wonders who could have forged her signature and Aurora thinks it could be Armando but Rafael refuses to believe that. Aurora then says they should still find out the people Armando is working with because she never trusted him ever since they met him and that is why she went to the extent of confronting him about his suing him and Rafael is impressed that Aurora faced Armando for him and he says he will do that again if she has to.
Monica wants Dr. Felipe that she has cancer and that she has little time to live and he refuses but she blackmails Felipe with their love making video and says she will show it to his heads and that will be the end of his career. With this threat, Felipe accept to be her ally.
Rodrigo tells Aurora that he’s sorry for what Rafael is going through and Aurora tells him that Rafael is innocent about what he’s been accused of. Rodrigo offers his help to Rafael by getting him a lawyer, but he rejects his help and throws him out of the hacienda.
Aurora tries to make Rafael change his opinion about his mother and accept that no matter what he is still his mum and though with past mistakes, she is a good mother.
Elsa confesses to Rodrigo that she’s in love with Jeronimo. After, she takes the opportunity to ask for Rodrigo’s forgiveness for affecting his relationship with Aurora.
Jeronimo tells Epifania that she’s not going to live with him in the hacienda.
Boni goes to give her support to Rafael, but he tells her that he’s in love with Aurora and hopes to marry her in future because he wants Aurora to be the mother of his children.
Elsa and Rodrigo cancel their trip and Elsa confirms to Monica that she has a relationship with Jeronimo and she becomes surprised to know that Elsa is dating Jeronimo.
Jeronimo wants to tell Epifania that he’s involved with Elsa before someone else tells her.
Severo offers money to Apolonia to get Rafael out of the problem in exchange of throwing Aurora out of the hacienda but Apolonia refuses to do his wish.
Felipe comes to the hacienda to tell Elsa and Rodrigo that Monica now has cancer and quickly, Monica pretends and faint about the supposed cancer and she insists that Felipe be her doctor. He tells them also that if she doesn’t start treatment early, she will die confirmed by Monica as soon as possible.
Ines and Chalo find out that her father has had a relationship with another woman for ten years in the exact same town and same vicinity he’s also married to her mum. This really hurt Ines very much but Chalo calms her down.
Apolonia wishes to have a lawyer for Rafael to handle the situation at hand but Rafael tells his mum that he will pay the lawyer himself and he will take care of his matter because he wants to have nothing to do with her. The lawyer thinks that Rafael’s partner set him a trap.
Xochitl informs Epifania that Elsa already accepted Jeronimo’s love and Epifania becomes very shocked and angry and in that mood, she goes straight to confront and slaps Jeronimo and threatens him with not letting him see his son if he continues with Elsa.
Severo is not in the mood to take French classes and he throws Corina out of his house.
Luis decides to go to the hacienda when he finds out that Monica has cancer through Rodrigo so he can be there for her since he loves her very much.
Epifania tells Apolonia that Elsa accepted Jeronimo’s love and this truly surprises her and tells Epifania that she disbelieves that.
Chalo sees Meliton’s another wife with a little girl and he asks her if the girl is her real daughter or she adopted her and the woman looks nervous.
Monica goes to see Aurora and she tells Aurora that he’s got cancer and she consoles her.

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