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My Sweet Curse Episode 99 Update on Thursday 5th March 2018


Monica goes to see Aurora and she tells Aurora that he’s got cancer and about to die as soon as possible and she consoles her.
Ines and Chalo confront Emma his father’s other wife and asks her about when she adopted the girl and thinking they are social workers, madam Emma spills the whole truth to them that though she is with Mr. Meliton, it’s only a fake marriage certificate and she accepted because she desperately wanted to be a mother and that is how she and her husband adopted the girl. Emma tells them that very son they Will be marrying legally and Ines says that Will be after he divorces his wife which is her mother and Emma looks shocked but wishes t osee Ines’ mum before she Will believe.
Aurora tells Monica that she wishes to forgive Rodrigo because something tells her to trust him again but Monica lies to Aurora that she shouldn’t because he is with Nadia now.
Same vein, Nadia pays a visit to Luis but unfortunately, he was on his way to Elsa’s house to see Monica.
Armando and Rafael get into a fight because Rafael thinks he only set a trap for him and he fell into it. Armando tells Severo about the fight Severo wants that Armando accuses Rafael for the fight. He again stresses that he should make sure to use money to make sure the police never get to know that Rafael’s signature was forged.
Camilo raises a conversation about when Corina will have her share of the inheritance of Los Abedula and Corina thinks that Camilo is only with her for her inheritance and not love but Camilo disputes that.
For Monica to be able to record Rodrigo’s conversation with Nadia as an evidence to get Aurora’s mind over him, Monica convinces Rodrigo to try calling Nadia and he accepts without knowing her intentions.
Maximina and Altagracia tells Corina about Monica’s life and how it looks like she will be dying very soon because she has cancer and Corina becomes desperate.
Rodrigo takes money out of his savings tantamounting to the amount Armando states Rafael has stolen and he takes it to Aurora to use it to pay so Aurora stops suffering on how to get that money. Whiles thanking Rodrigo with an embrace, Rafael arrives and in great anger after Aurora showed him the gesture from Rodrigo, he takes the Cheque and tears it into pieces because he thinks he doesn’t need his help.
Ines and Chalo takes Emma to meet Sabina and she then finds out the double life her husband has. Considering the way, they narrated the story about Ines’ daughter, Emma is afraid that Ines will take her daughter away from her. Whiles talking to get Loli from Emma, Meliton enters and Chalo, Emma, Sabina and Ines confront Meliton but he feels no remorse for all he’s done. Sabina wants to divorce him and Sabina would like to help her with the divorce process.
Corina goes to see her daughter Monica at the hacienda but Monica doesn’t want that her mother stays in the hacienda. Luis arrives to visit Monica and seriously, Monica looks shocked to see Luis with a fine body unlike the first when he looked so fat with belly pot. Luis is told by Monica that though he’s transformed very much but she can never love him and this hurt him very much.
Emma and Ines reach an agreement as to how they are going to make Loli gradually accept her as her mother and so she convinces Loli to go with Ines.
Aurora confesses to Rafael that she is still in love with Rodrigo and it seems she wanted to see him to let him know how she wishes to give him another chance and same vein, Nadia has also arrive to visit Rodrigo so, unfortunately, she sees Rodrigo hugging Nadia and Aurora becomes disappointed ones again.

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