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Timeless Love Episode 112 Update on Tuesday 3rd April 2018


Sweeping up the bits from last week: Jero makes plans with Doctora Marina Tataterrific. Is he resolved to forget the love of his life, Renata so quickly? 

On to tonight’s revelations: Roberta enters the house, climbs the stairs to her room and looks at her box of memories. Included is the engagement from Rafael. She tries on the ring and begins to replay that Rafa movie she loves so well. How Rafa loved her and she loved him. He wants to take her to the hacienda and grow grapes and she hesitates but accepts. (I think I remember she was whining inside about missing all the fun and action of Mexico City?) She looks truly happy in the reverie of this one true love, then she is on the floor on that enviable purple sweater crying her eyes out. 

Alfonsina walking among the grape vines has an attack of stomach cramps. 

Jero finally gets around to seeing Dr. Nesme the Nasty. Nesme tells Jero he is worried that Agustin will find out he is still alive. He repeats, Agustin wants not just your woman but your lands and your mother vines. We see Nesme’s brain movie of getting into the protective cage at Rafa’s with Augie holding the light. Augie plans to take the plants to another secret field to develop them, then come back and destroy all your plants. 

Nesme begs pardon for his wrong doing. He wants another chance to have a good life with Cari far from here. .Jero expresses conditions that if Nesme is to remain safe, he must remain hidden. 

Cari goes shopping for a wedding dress in ignorant bliss of the cauldron of dead white fish that is headed her way. 

Sot descending the staircase: Roberta drinks and thinks (or perhaps merely remembers), As if Rafa has hidden himself inside her bottle, she pleads, you seemed so sincere, I want to believe that if you didn’t arrive like you promised it was only because you were killed. I think you really did love me the most. (or, maybe the only one who ever did) My dear love, if you weren’t a coward to carry me away, then I could have gone with you and we would now be happy together with our baby too. 

Laz , Carlos and Jero talk about the theft of the super-vine cutting. What are they going to do to prove Augie’s theft. It is dangerous. (somebody ought to tell Zeke just how dangerous) Matilde arrives so they talk cheerfully about the coming double wedding. Carlos, Matilde and Laz all go off happy he tells them he’ll see them tomorrow, all is okay (in spite of his dour face) and tells them he can’t go eat with them he has another plan. 

At Cruz de Amor, Zeke says the new sprouts are almost ready (to establish the new Cruz plants and for the plan to ruin the Bonita’s crop). Agustin threatens Zeke again that he is to stay right on top of this work and don’t even think of backing out or telling anyone what is going on. The bottom teeth are in full jutting position, so Zeke hops to it.

Renata in her flannel jammies gets a text from Augie: Even though we are distant, I want you to know that I am at your side. And I will always be at your side, ALWAYS? She texts back that it gives her a lot of peace to know he is there. She wishes he will rest well then puts the phone down on the other side of the room so she won’t sleep next to it. So is he really at her side? (and did I miss a small lobotomy or drug injection here? Where is our smart Renata? And who is this dopey robot wearing her pajamas?) She sleeps and dreams right away. She is in the bed with Jero hugging her (nicely photographed). She is so cozy for a moment then she turns on the light to find herself alone to realize that it was a dream. 

At the restaurant the romantic son-of-a-gun toasts Marina with more good wine. He has something important to ask her. She smiles waiting for a wedding proposal, and he asks her if she would like to live with him at La Bonita, a bit crestfallen she smiles. (Did I miss some procedure on HER head?)

Another dream sequence shows the bride and Jero in front of Padre but when the veil is lifted for the kiss it is Marina Tatas. NO! Renata wakes mumbling Don’t abandon me, don’t marry her. The bride wasn’t me it was Marina. The song croons Don’t abandon me for emphasis. While back at the restaurant, Jero then says he thinks marriage doesn’t work for him. We don’t have to make the usual promises just to be together. Marina agrees that a love needs to be honest and not built on empty promises. 

Regina promises herself that it is better to go alone to meet Pepa and thinks it is also better than no one knows what she is going to do. She could lose everything since Papea is keeping vigil over her if she discovers she hasn’t followed Pepa’s orders. (I know I’m harping on this but what happened to this smart woman?) Suddenly Gonzolo knocks and comes in to say with concerned looks, you look worried and tense. He promises he is really here with her. She says her too. The phone rings, o sure it is Pepa telling her, you better pay attention and follow to the letter of what I want if I am to tell you about who your daughter is. 

In the other restaurant. where the two couples talk about Jero’s reluctance to be the padrino or best man for Lazaro’s and Cari’s wedding, Mati waves her engagement ring saying it is more elegant than anything she ever expected to have. Lazaro asks Cari would like one? She demures while he summons the waiter who brings a red rose which magically has a lovely engagement ring inside the bloom. He puts it on her hand promising her she will soon be Senora Lopez. He wants them to be together happily ever after forever (while we all picture that caldron of dead white… oh wait a minute, those fish are thrashing around, but here they come sliding along on words like forever…). Carlos observes what a sound investment it is to spend money (on a ring) so you can get the benefit of being happy. They all laugh happily for now.

Back at the prison hospice ward, Nesme is anxious to resume his happy life with Cari far from here. The doctor reminds him that perhaps that could happen but he is in danger. Nesme wants his wife to know he is alive so she won’t feel vanguished (delusions of grand happiness) He has been reflecting in his coma and now wants his new life. The doctor observes that he can’t leave this room and everyone outside of it is thinking he doesn’t exist. 

Fina calls Roberta from her hotel hideout asking has she done it? No, Roberta sighs, the door to Tia’s is locked. Fina has to tell her that there is a spare set of HON/CON ‘s keys in the office. She better get over there and do her part. Fina gives a snide reminder to Roberta that she has to perform this next step of her big plan or she will have lost everything. Roberta really doesn’t like to work, but she has to step up to the nasty.

Roberta has the evidently decided to help. She walks into Constanza house with a plastic bag and a flashlight, quiet as a dust mop in her pajamas and slippers. She steps into Renata’s room then into the bathroom. How did she know which room to pick? Hmmm. She comes back out still looking for ahh yes a hair brush. It goes into the plastic bag. Regina sleeps sweetly and Roberta starts out of the house but has to step into the shadows when Matias comes out from the kitchen with a glass of water he disappears through the door that leads to the bedrooms. Roberta holds her breath until she gets out the door. Have we ever seen Roberta do something so smoothly and competently? She’s a born cat burglar, it’s nothing short of impressive.

An kitchen encounter with Manuela, Lazaro and Cari after the dinner, they share the engagement story as Cari swoons. as she shows Manuela the ring. Manuela who loves creating new myths says it not only signifies a promise/engagement but it means that you have a man that loves you deeply. Lazaro says I will love her my whole life. Manuela says many people go through this life having never known such love and you didn’t have it with Dr. Nesme but now you have it with my godson. Your love with be blessed forever and will last forever. I am very proud of your love that has conquered all those nasty obstacles in life. Oh hear those wheels cranking as the carts creep forward. She just said forever way way too many times. 

Renata dressed for work the next morning, looks for her toothbrush and hairbrush so she can comb her tangled curls, she stubs her shin and finds a brush in the night table. Over at the doomed house of Monterubbio, Fina insists that Renata’s hairbrush goes straight into Roberta’s purse and the toothbrush in the plastic bag has to stay in the purse for three days. Roberta hasn’t studied DNA planting so whines that she can’t figure out why Fina is making her do all these nutty things. Roberta brings up being upset with Fina’s cold blooded disdain for Consta’s life so she is worried if Fina could harm Consta, she wants Fina to swear that she had nothing to do with the death of Rafa. Fina puts on her best crocodile tears and swears without faltering. She now lies without ever flinching. I know that you are suffering for the loss of this sweet boy you loved so much. It hurts me that you could think I could have had anything to do with this. I’m so sorry you are suffering but it wasn’t me.

At Constanza’s bedside, Adriana tells Consta how much she has come to love her like a mother. She wants to be at her side and they will be a happy family. Consta is smiling but also grimacing when Honorio overhears this good news as he enters with a big bunch of roses. Consta silently talks inside her head that she hopes Fina isn’t going to hurt them too. She can’t warn them. 

Chema meets Matias outside the hospital. Matias whines so that I couldn’t concentrate on all of it but Chema seems to be trying to be fair so tells him he better make a good pair with Adriana. He wants her too so Matias and he should get an agreement and make it legal for Adriana for her loyalty. 

Regina cries and thinks she wishes her mother were there to see her granddaughter returned. The banker lady brings in the big black bag, seemingly full of money. Regina says this represents so much happiness. (I think using it for a trip to Rio would bring just as much happiness, but…) The woman says, I wish someone was going with you. Regina says no one knows what is in here. Only the Virgin and I can know what a treasure she is gaining with this exchange. Renata walks in, greets Regina in a very friendly manner then explains to banker lady that Regina is her fathers novia and also Jeronimo’s great friend. The woman notes that the two have such a similar air about them, they grin at each other with seeming pleasure then Regina leaves with the bulging black bag.

Carlos questions why Jero has a problem with Lazaro and Cari’s marriage. Yes he has a problem but he wants to talk to Lazaro alone.

Banker lady and Renata get back to the loan. Renata wants to know how much interest they are going to owe on the loan from the bank, er from Jeronimo. Bank lady says oh, I see you know where it came from. Yes, and Renata wants to pay it back as soon as possible so how much is the interest? Well actually the interest rate is ZERO.. She assures Renata that Jeronimo is a wonderful person. It is small wonder that he is so rich, he gives to everyone so generously and it always seems to come back to him.

Matias is being snotty with Adriana about her decision to be with Chema finally the snot says he knows that he loves her and wants to be with her. But he keeps putting words in her mouth, she can’t seem to make up her mind and she should know that he has made up his mind but she must decide between her feelings for him and for Chema because he can’t stand being in doubt. Both he and Chema want to be with her. He whines so thoroughly that Adriana, actually looks sideways in confusion. 

Alfonsina clutches up in pain, staggers over toward a grassy spot and faints, the workers rush to her saying it must be because of her pregnancy so they need to carry her carefully somewhere inside. 

Padre is telling Cari that it isn’t a good idea that Laz and she marry the same day as Carlos and Matilde. She can’t figure out why he is saying this He says it is because the people are very traditional and would think it is bad that she marry when Nesme is so recently…. Can’t bring himself to say DEAD cause he can’t lie. So Padre thinks it would be much better for the peoole if ahe waits just a little year to marry Lazaro. The time will go so fast she won’t notice. A YEAR, says a shocked Cari. Huh? Well that went well, didn’t it. 

Lazaro comes to Jero’s office asks what problem Jero has if he doesn’t want to be the padrino at their wedding. Jero says It would be a grand honor to do this. It isn’t because he doesn’t want to but it is because he can’t. He doesn’t want to give him bad news, but he can’t be keep quiet. (already noted last week) Poor Lazaro says cant you at least tell me why not? Jero grabs his shoulders and says because Cari is not a widow. Dr. Nesme is alive. Fade to black and white shocked Lazaro, Yikes.

Next chapter; Jero and Tata announce their “engagement to live together at La Bonita” to an astounded Padre and Regina gets to see the picture of the Monterubbio family finally realizing that Pepa is Fina. She will ask, but is Renata or Roberta my daughter? 

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