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Timeless Love Episode 113 Update Wednesday 4th April 2018


Lazaro, is asking Jero, why now why didn’t he tell him sooner, why did he let him believe that he was going to be happy with Kari,and plan his wedding. Jero tries to explain that it was to keep Dr. Creepy safe and eventually bust Auggie.

Cari gushes that she will finally be a family with Lazaro. (um yea about that sorry not quite yet lady)

Jero tells him that he didn’t think they would get married so soon. Jero tells him to make a decision about what is he going to do. Jero suggests that he tell Kari the truth and Laza refuses to tell her the truth, cause she suffered so badly at the hands of Dr. Creepy so he says he will break things off with her and not let her know about Dr.Creepy.

Auggie is furious about the dead vines, the worker is trying to explain that it is not his fault that the vines died and that they are infected with plaque, Ezequiel

The workers are yelling at Carlos to help Alphonsina, he sends someone to get Ezeke.

Jero tries to justify himself more, but Lazaro begs him not to tell Kari about Dr.Creepy. Laza asks to keep them apart forever. Then he says that he will walk away from her forever and that he will die before he causes her any problems.

Mati informs Jero about Alphonsina he looks stunned.

Renata arrives at work Gonzo asks how things went and she tells him that Jero charged no interest and Gonzo can’t believe it. She explains that Jero was very generous, She cries to Gonzo about how much she loves Jero and how they can’t be together, and she doesn’t know what to do with her feelings. Gonzo tries to tell her to give things a chance and she says she can’t she has to try to move on with her life and forget her feelings for him. She cries and Gonzo tries to make her feel better.

Roberta greets Matia’s lawyer who shows up at the house. who is there to tell her he wants a divorce. She tells him that it is not possible because he is stuck, he explains that there was a loophole, that he can file for divorce because she is not having a kid so all bets are off. She looks at the papers and proceeds to tear them up in his face. ( yea that will fix it, problem solved and now you have nothing to worry about, your a magician)

Regina is arriving at the meeting spot with the bag and releases her body guards and tells them to leave her, then she catches a cab.

Connie arrives home Honorio tries to make her feel better, she is trying to talk to them and she can’t seem to get it out. They keep talking about eating and resting, but she wants to tell them that they are in grave danger and that Fina is the problem.

Alphonsina is in with the Dr. she is telling her that she is having contractions way to soon and that they have to stop them and that she has to take care of herself and get plenty of bed rest. Alphonsina is worried because she has to work. The Dr. says they can figure something out.

Laza is crying about why this is happening to him ( umm because this novela is not over for a while now and you must suffer some more before your allowed to be happy) he has a right to be happy, Mati asks whats wrong and he yells at here to leave him alone he has nothing to say.

Manuela tells Kari to not worry about what the Padre said and they wonder why he would say that. She tells Kari that the decision is between she and Laza.

Auggie tells Ezeke that he has been thinking a lot and that he wants to take La Bonita, He tells Ezeke it will be hard, but not impossible. Someone knocks on the door, and tells Ezeke that something is wrong with Alphonsina. Auggie tells him to go and see what is wrong.

Jero and Dr. are gushing about being in love and she tells him that she has an answer to his question, but Padre walks in and sees them kissing and is not happy, then he asks what question and she tells him that Jero asked her to live with him, and she said that she said yes. ( I think there is a heart attack in his near future)

Adri is cooking in the kitchen when Renata walks in, and asks what she is cooking she tells her that it’s for Constanza. Adri tells her about Matias fit and she says he has a right to be angry, and that she needs to make a decision as soon as possible, Adri tells her that she knows she loves Matias, but there is something about Chema that makes her happy too, she wonders how she is supposed to make the right decision. She is afraid to make the right choice. Nata tells her that she is the wrong person to ask she is confused herself, about Jero not charging interest on the loan and then him loving the Dr.

Gina meets with Fina and demands that she tell her where her daughter is , Fina hands her an envelope with a picture in it and Gina opens it and sees a picture of the family Monterubbio, and Fina takes pleasure in telling her that she Pepa is also Fina Monterubbio, which leaves Gina speechless. She can’t believe this is true. Fina tells her that she is so stupid, and then tells her that she was the one who tried to kill her, twice. But she is like a cat with many lives. She not only wants her money, but for her to suffer. She reveals that she killed her husband for leaving her daughter with nothing. Gina calls her a monster.

Padre refuses to allow her to live with Jero in sin, he tries to explain things to Padre and he is not buying it he wants him to marry her, she apologizes that he is not happy, but she is going to live with him without a promise of marriage. Padre asks if they are going to live together as friends with no hanky panky, he says he will not give his blessing. Jero asks if she is sure and she swears she is (is she kidding? really? what an idiot I was going to feel bad when she got dumped for Nata, but now she gets what she gets for falling for this crap)

Fina keeps explaining all the damage she has done, including killing her mother, Gina now realizes that her mom was trying to tell her, (DUHHHHH) Fina is taking pleasure in telling her Tony helped her, Gina does not believe that she helped, then she puts it all together but still is in denial. Fina tells her she hates her since the moment they met. Gina demands she tell her who her daughter is, Fina tells her to be patient, she wants to enjoy the moment.

Gonzo tries calling Gina and gets her voicemail, he is worried.

Nata and Adri are reading a book about dreams, she is explaining the meaning of her dream about Jero and she tells her it could mean someone will die, Nata gets freaked and Adri explains that it’s not for sure it is just an interpretation. Nata does not want to believe her. So she calls Jero to feel better and get his voicemail. She feels silly and tries to let it go.

Fina is just driving the dagger in deeper, she tells Gina that she will not be with Gonzo. Gina argues that they love each other, more than he loved her and more than Roberto loved her. Then she tells her to be careful, or someone could get hurt like Constanza. Gina is now horrified at all that Fina has done. Fina tells her that Coni was to nosey and she paid for it.

The spoiled brat Roberta arrives at the office, drunk and demands to talk to her dad. The secretary( who will wish she took the day off) tells her he is busy and she gets in her face and demands to see him. She starts to walk to his office and she tells Roberta to go get a cup of coffee and wait, she refuses and pushes the secretary out of the way and heads for the office.

Fina goes to leave with the money and Gina demands that she tell her which one of the girls is her daughter and Fina tells her to be patient. She will tell her eventually but not until she is sure she will be safe, Gina begs but Fina is un moved and walks away with the money, and leaves Gina crying on the bench.

Adri is bringing food to Coni who looks like she is not hungry, but desperate to tell Honi what is going on. She wants to scream that Fina is the problem, Honi keeps telling her to calm down and eat. (now I want to punch him, shut up crazy and let her talk)

Gina is thinking about the first time she saw a picture of the girls and that she felt drawn to them and that she needs to figure out which one is her daughter.

Avances: Renata wants to make sure Jero is okay and Fina and Roberta are up to something nasty

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