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Timeless Love Episode 114 Update on Thursday 5th April 2018


Regina at park alone reflecting and remembering, both have been close to me and they don’t have any idea that one of them is my daughter. Then she remembers her cheerful meetings and not so cheerful meetings with Nata, and her nasty meetings with Berta.

Berta with a very loud hissy fit to Gonzo and Matt at office, she is not happy at all that they are leaving her pennyless… she wants the money ‘she is due!’… Gonzo says you lost it with your attitude… More hissy fit, the family monarch, I never loved you as a dad, and you, are so nice you border on dumb… both of you will pay!! Its all Renata!! Always Renata!!

Ezeq with Alfon at Marina’s office, Alfon needs absolute bed rest for the rest of pregnancy. Ezeq promises to do everything he can for the wellbeing of his wife and his child (Alfo is moved that he said ‘his’)

Jero notices the missed call from Nata… 

Nata and Adri… Nata thinks Jero might not have wanted to answer her call… Then Nata tells Adri it is her fault, with her book about interpreting dreams (the dream of Jero marrying Marina). Nata erases Jero’s number from her cell. The maid comes with a present… it is a beautiful emerald necklace from Augie ‘don’t forget you are a jewel for me, I love you’.. Nata says she will focus her energy on Augie, she has to be dreaming of Augie… 

Kari and Lazaro. He is agreeing with the priest, if the priest wants them to wait lets wait. Kari is not so convinced. She won’t wait too long, just a few months. He takes his exit, he won’t even let her wait for him to have dinner together.

Berta and Fina, Fina tells Berta that drinking is not the solution, gives her a bunch of pills. Berta is very resentful that the men left her pennyless… Fina cheers her up showing her the bag full of $$.
And there will be more. You will have the same amount all for yourself. Berta says that’s what I want… money, lots of money, money I don’t have to beg anyone for. Fina tells her the inheritance money is due to her, for being the daughter of Roberto Gamba. Berta thanks her. Fina says as long as you have me you won’t need anything. We are rich! They look like they are flipping.

Jero and Alvaro… Alvaro hears Lazaro knows he is alive, and his condition (go away from Kari or let her know he is alive)… Alvaro says can’t do that. Jero says will have to. Alvaro will go back to jail, another jail with another identity. Alvaro goes beserk. Jero reminds him he and the penitentiary director saved him from death… but he is still a convict and will still have to do his time. Letting him free was never in the plan. Alvaro gets upset, how can he renounce Kari? Jero says as Lazaro is doing it. He always loved and respected her and never abused her. Alvaro insists he wants to recover her. Jero says Kari loves Lazaro. If they can’t be together is because you are alive. Lazaro is a gentleman and he is sacrificing himself. Jero warns if Alvaro is not in agreement, he will tell everyone he is alive, and Augie will try, and perhaps succeed, to kill him again. Jero says Alvaro has to forget about his previous live. If he gets out of jail he will have to begin a new life with a new identity and will not go back to his old one for Karina or for anyone. So what will it be? Do we say you are alive or do you forget about your past forever? Alvaro tells him he agrees but the moment Jero turns around, Alvaro is grunting and moving around and we can tell he really does not mean it.

Hono and Adri eating… Connie is a bit ansi since she can’t talk or move well. No news of the assailants yet. Nata is very quiet… Hono asks Adri what is the problem. She says have to make a decision, perhaps the most important of my life. Hono guesses right it is about Chema and Matt. Hono says he would not be an objective adviser, since his frictions with Chema. He thinks Chema is a good guy, but his relationship with his wife and his daughter is still not a good image for him. But it is not about Hono, but about Adri and her happiness. Hono tells Adri he wants her happiness, so if she chooses Chema he will accept that. He will not be rude or nasty to him. Adri thanks him.

Regina at church… she is praying to God to help her recover her daughter, whether it is Renata who cares about her, or Roberta, who hates her. The priest is closing the church, she can’t tell him about what is anguishing her, and offers to be there whenever she needs him and offers to walk her home. She relents but eventually accepts. He says remember God never abandons us.

Julieta meets up with Matt at a bar… she had called him and he had told her he was alone drinking so she came to ‘give him company’… he tells her he is officially divorced. She is happy for him and she doesn’t waste time to tell him she is interested in him. He is avoiding the subject after telling her she is beautiful and fun to be around, but eventually has to tell her he is not interested in her because he is in love with another woman. She says since things with that woman don’t seem to work out I want you to let me hang around as a good friend… Yeah right.

Adri gets to her bedroom and remembers the night in the kitchen with Chema, then the kisses with Matt… she has decided, it is you who I want to be with (Matt?). (wow this woman has 3 ounces of mascara on! Que barbara!!)

Gonzalo arrives at Ines house, he can’t find Gina, she skipped her escorts at the mall, they closed the mall and she is not there. Ines is reluctant but wonders if she is with ‘that woman’. She ends up having to tell Gonzalo, even though Gina does not want her to tell him, that Gina went to meet Pepa after Pepa called her and asked for money. Gonzo had no idea. Ines is sure Pepa has to do with Gina’s dissappearance. Gonzo gets a call on cell from her escorts, she just arrived home with a man.

Nata is trying to call Augie to thank him for the necklace but can’t get through. She is about to put the phone down but instinctively dials another number while mumbling to herself ‘I erased you, Jero, I erased you’. She gets a call from Jero returning her call. She gives him the excuse that she called him about the no interest loan. She is not in agreement. Jero says that loan had no interest. She says no way. He asks her to please keep it that way. He asks her if there was anything else. She says you will be think I am silly or crazy but I have to tell you I dreamed with you, that you married Marina. And Adri said if you dream with a wedding, it might mean death so I wanted to make sure you are alright. Jero asks would you mind if anything happened to me?
R: Independent of the fact that our relationship did not work out, Jero, I care. I am a Renata before and after you.
J: You mean in spite of everything I made you suffer?
R: In spite of everything.
J: Well, yes. I too am a Jero before and after you. (she grabs a pillow trying to contain the emotion and not reveal it over her voice)
R: Well, that was it. And… I hope that the Jero after me will be very… very happy.
J: The Renata of after is not at my side, but I would have wanted for the Renata of before to have found happiness with me. And although I am to blame for her tears, I am so sorry it did not happen that way.

Augie is confirming that the jewel was delivered then he has a quiet hissy fit that Nata has not called him to thank him. Any woman would have gone crazy with a gift like that…. (not her and not from you, jerk!!)

Ezeq is giving Alfo some tlc in bed… He asks her why she was unfaithful to him. She says because a woman needs to feel loved, admired, wanted. And it had been long since he had been taking her for granted. He says that was the case, he always loved her and wanted her. She says it did not look like it.. you forgot to pamper me, and I know it is not justification but he kept seducing me and I ended up falling in the temptation. He says he is sorry. She is too for betraying him. He says we all do. She says not you, you have always been faithful. (he leaves the room, remembers his ‘adventure’ with Berta, and then leans on the wall asking himself why he slept with Ms Roberta. What face would I reprieve anything of you, Alfonsina?)

Kari brings Lazaro a bag dinner… he is still very avoiding of her… she knows something is up with him. He won’t tell, gives excuse that he is worried about affording the house he wants to build her. She says I don’t want a house, but his smile. Because that his how she feels, that his smile was stolen. He says she is wrong. He kisses her on forehead and even leaves the food behind. He is not hungry. (this is nasty to watch… poor Kari, all her life she has only wanted to be able to love him and be happy, but now she can’t figure out his change of mind).

Fina is enjoying all the money at her bed… she is sure Gina’s nightmare has just started. Between Berta and her, they will make Gina’s life miserable.

Gonzo catches up with Gina at her house… he yells at her about her escaping the escorts and not telling him where she went. He is a bit rude asking her why she did not tell him Pepa called. He does tell her Ines was the one that told him. But don’t blame her, she was worried about you too. Gina demands that she take care of herself, she has always been able to, and don’t want any more pressure from you or anyone! Gonzo takes it in stride and leaves her alone to calm down.

Gina goes to see Ines to yell at her for betraying her trust by telling Gonzo about Pepa. No matter what Ines says how worried she and Gonzalo were, Gina can only see the chance of having put her daughter’s life in danger. If you can’t keep a secret, stay away from me! I won’t risk my daughter’s life for anything or for anyone!

Nata and Augie finally hook on phone. She thanks him. He says nothing is too much for you, you are going to be my wife and my queen. She says don’t need to show it with jewels. He says now jewels, later trips, kisses, caresses, showing his great love.

Isidro gets home to a very upset Ines, she tells him what happened, he is in agreement with Gina, he had warned her not to tell Gonzo about Pepa. We had no right to interfere. What she is going through is very tough. She never thought she would have to live through that to find her daughter. Ines knows he is right, but Gina’s words hurt her bad. Isidro says don’t worry, Gina has a great heart, give her some time and space, she will come around.

Jero and Padre hook up in town, Jero talked to Lazaro. Jero wishes he had never been involved in Alvaro’s mess. Now he would not be dying with guilt and Kari and Lazaro would be able to marry happily. Padre switches the subject to Jero and Marina. Asks Jero what he feels for Marina, doesn’t want Jero to hurt her. Jero assures him he is not playing games, he wants it to work out between them.

At the gym, seems Berta’s membership was not renewed by Matt, She chews out the receptionist, who checks the system and tells her she will have to pay the renewal for her membership. 
Sele comes by, and mocks Berta a bit on the scene… can’t believe it, you will be the gossip in town. Everyone knows your dad left your mom, and it seems also you. Berta asks why you treat me like that, Sele says that’s the treatment traitors deserve. Sele reprieves that Berta got in bed with Renata’s new guy at the hacienda. Just in time for Diego to join in the ‘lets mock Berta’ party.
They all suggest she leave. Berta insults them before leaving angry.

Gina goes to visit Connie, tells her she knows about Pepa and Fina being one and the same and that either Renata or Berta is her daughter. Connie thinks omg, Tell everyone!! I wish I could tell you, I am sure Nata is your daughter! Gina says she thinks it is Nata, since she saw her, she felt something special for her. (remembers their first encounter). 

In comes Nata in real time. Gina is impactada to see her again.
Later Gina tells Nata she was telling Connie that she has always been Gonzo’s lovechild. Then Gina asks Nata why she never had a good relationship with her mother. Nata says I think it is because her mom always saw Berta as the weak one, because she has a cardiac issue, she inherited it from their dad. Gina turns away and gets ansy saying her daughter too had a cardiac issue.

Berta arrives home, seems to have an issue with her heart, is out of breath. She faints and the maid runs to Connie’s. The maid tells them Berta was out of breath and fainted. Gina concludes quietly ‘Then it is her! Berta!’

Previews: Jero tells Carlos that Fina killed his brother; he will send Fina to jail for good.
Fina: But how do they know?
Berta: Now what will we do?

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