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Timeless Love Episode 115 Update on Friday 6th April 2018


..because the mother and child reunion is way more than a motion away. Months in fact.

Last night Marta noted that several men were keeping secrets while the women were paying the consequences. Let’s see who is keeping secrets tonight, shall we?

As Coni lies in bed playing The Brain That Couldn’t Speak, Gina erroneously surmises that Berta is her own daughter. In the house Eulalia the maid, not properly trained in first aid or common sense, takes the time to run to Coni’s house to report to the paralyzed and mute Constanza that Berta is having a heart attack. Luckily, since Renata and Regina are there, they follow the maid to Roberta.

Luciana, the bank manager who knows everyone’s secrets, helps Fina open a private account in her name only, Josephina Alvarez. Luciana is bug-eyed impactada to note that Fina’s big ol’ bag of money is the very same one that Regina withdrew that morning.

At Empresas Monterrubio, Mopías tells Hons he wants to move out. Hons reveals that Adri told him what was up between them. They agree that a Mopías apartment is probably best for everyone. I’m sure Adri would love a mope-free environment for a change.

Cut to Adri mooning and sighing over her laptop. She calls Chema to say they need to talk. He suggests she come to his place for a cappuccino, chai, yummy empanadas, whatever. Because of his headaches he doesn’t want to drive anywhere. She’s concerned about his headaches but he says don’t worry, he’s taking some medicine and he looks forward to seeing her.

Regina, Nata and useless maid arrive just as Roberta wakes up clutching her chest. Nata sends the maid off to get Berta’s heart pills. Gina is all concerned about her ‘daughter’ and Berta looks at her sideways wondering how to play this.

Back at EM Gonzo tells Hons he’s worried about Regina. She spent all afternoon in the church and told him she wants to be alone. He found out Pepa contacted Gina and she didn’t even let him know. They agree that this Pepa is very dangerous. Hons suggests maybe Regina wants to protect Gonzo. Gonzo is afraid Pepa might be setting a trap (tendiendo una trampa). Gosh Gonzo, ya think?

Oh my goodness, Adri shows up at Chema’s and he’s got a sideboard loaded with pastries. Dang I’m hungry. There is a bottle of wine on the table but all she wants is a capucchino.
He acts like a goofball but she remains pensive, thinking about the pie cart she’s about to push over his heart. OK let’s step back for a minute here. On one hand there is Mr. Sulk in Shiny Silver suits. On the other there is the upbeat cook who excels at kissing and making delectable treats. Whom to choose, whom to choose...

Berta is resting while Gina clumsily attempts to skulk. Under Berta’s sly glance Gina steals Renata’s brush from Roberta’s purse and hides it in her own. While Nata fusses over her sis Regina thought bubbles that Berta suffers from the same affliction as her father. She must somehow prove (comprobar) which of the two is her daughter, and all indications point to Roberta, not Renata as she had thought (and likely hoped).

Hons provides Gonzo with some novel and never-before-attempted advice, why doesn’t Gonzo just talk to Regina? Gonzo exclaims it to be a wonderful idea. He’ll talk to Gina and tell her that she can count on him. Hons is on a brain roll today. He thought bubbles that Pepa and Fina might be the same person as Coni suggested, so he asks Gonzo about Fina. Nope, Gonzo hasn’t heard a thing from her since the day Coni was attacked and he was talking to Fina at the house. He even tries to call her but no answer.

Carlos is happily reviewing with Jero some La Bonita plans, pointing out where the vines and new cellar will eventually be, when Lazaro escorts Ezequiel into the office. Ez nervously provides an info dump, revealing that Augustin has given Ez an assignment (encargo ), to steal a vine shoot (brota de sarmiento) from the mother plant for the Cruz de Amor vineyard because the one he had is dying from the plague. Laz confirms it was one of theirs. Jero sighs and said he knew about it, Karma’s a bitch, no?

Meanwhile Augustin, back in his sporty white windbreaker, is pitching a fit at the poor brota babysitter because his sprout is, dare I say it, dying on the vine. He calls the guy useless but this nanny’s got a pair of nalgas. He puffs his expansive chest at Augi, tells him it’s not his fault and besides, he knows a few things. Augi guffaws that the guy had better not become his enemy lest something happen to his family. Oops, I think that caused our vine tender just a wee bit of shrinkage.

Jero tells Ez they’ll give him a shoot, but I think he says it will be a sham shoot. Anyone??
Jero tells Ez from now on Ez can count on Jero’s full support, he’s not alone in this. Ez says he’s been a faithful worker but he’s done things he’s not proud of. Jero says this is a good time for Ez to start making amends (rectificar) and start over.

In the kitchen Kari seems to be coming out of her shell, or maybe it just those enthusiastic puppies popping out of her bodice. Whatever, the look is better than Beaten Down Frump. She and the other ladies are cooking dinner for Alfonsina (Caldo de Camarón) and Manuela wants to know if she has decided to take Padre’s monumentally stupid advice (that she wait a year to get married). Bummer, the answer is yes and Mati just shakes her head.

Yuck, now we visit Doc MakesMeHurl who slimily pumps the real Doc for info about his new identity. He gripes about starting over with no money, no woman, nada, boo frickin’ hoo. The real doc tells him at least he’s alive and maybe he’ll get out sooner than he thinks. Uh oh, cue the anvil.

Regina finally returns to the abandoned Coni to tell her Roberta is better after her serious tachycardia attack. She says they were both wrong about Renata, she’s now sure that Berta is her daughter. While Coni makes frustrated noises Regina blathers on about stealing Berta’s brush to get DNA proof. She weeps that if Berta is hers she doesn’t know what she’ll do because Roberta hates her. That makes two of us Ms. Banana-Curls-For-Brains (thanks daisynjay). Why don’t you shut your pie-hole and pay attention to someone besides yourself for once?

Berta tells Nata she’s glad “that woman” left. Sorry if she’s ungrateful but she’s not a hypocrite. (Uh, yes you are.) Nata’s amazed at Berta’s coldness but Berta thanks Nata for coming in spite of the hate Nata feels for her. Nata won’t deny there are some bad feelings but Berta is her sister and in spite of everything she loves her. Berta admits she feels very alone. “Well, duh what did you expect after betraying and lying to all of us?” Nata comments. Berta takes her engagement ring out of her jewelry box and tells Nata she was such an idiot. She notes what a coincidence that both half-brothers were in love with two sisters. Nata observes how sad that none of them succeeded in their love.

Hons, walking with Gonzo, gets a call from security telling him that the attack on his wife was generated from within (adentro) . It must have been a worker or someone with access to the property because nobody strange was seen going in or out.

Gonzo sees Regina and she apologizes about earlier. That’s nice but has she apologized to Inez yet? We’re still waiting for that one. She tells him she doesn’t feel like talking now and he tells her that the most difficult times to talk are times when one should talk.

Hons urges Eulalia, the poor Monterrubio maid, to think back on that day. Did she see Coni before the attack? Yes, she came to the house to get some things from the office. No, Fina wasn’t there but Berta was. Later she heard someone (females) arguing and they were the only ones in the house.

Berta takes Nata’s hand and cries into it, but Nata pulls away and rushes out of the room, leaving Berta to cry to herself alone, once again.

Berta pulls herself together and calls Fina to report that Regina was there. Both Gina and Nata came when Berta had a tachycardia attack and she watched Regina sneak Nata’s brush out of her own purse. Fina cackles that luck is on their side, bwahahahahaha!!! Mom, we’re waiting for you to ask your daughter how she’s doing after her tachycardia attack. Mom? Mom?

The maid continues that when the police came Fina had already gone. They haven’t seen her since but Roberta probably knows where she is. Nata shows up and Hons says he was just wondering if Fina had seen anything strange on the day of the attack.

Chema and Adri are stuffing their faces with all his pastries and chocolate covered strawberries. His dream is to go to France and study with the great great pasty chefs (reposteros). Sinister music plays as he get a headache attack.

Happier music at La Bonita. Doc Tata tells Jero over the phone that she has something important to tell him. He gets a text from Luciana that she gave the money to Regina. He calls Regina and she thanks him for the money and apologizes for not getting back to him. She’s been so dazed (tan atarantada). He makes her promise that when she’s ready to make the drop she’ll call him and he’ll come to Mexico. After they hang up she apologizes to him for lying to him but she couldn’t tell him the truth.

Carlos enters the office and gravely brings Jero the handwriting results. Fina Monterrubio DID write the La Bonita letter!!! Jero paces and howls That Woman is to blame for everything. Carlos suggests Jero calm down while they gather more proof. He knows Jero is thinking that Renata’s mother is Rafa’s killer. Carlos says while they start the investigation and gather proof they’d better not say anything to anyone. They agree this will be hardest on Renata.

Chema’s got a nasty ringing in his ears and a wringing in his brain. He tells Adri they’ll have to talk another day. She should leave, he’ll be fine. She’s not so sure.

Oh please, I don’t think I can take anymore of Coni’s moaning and groaning. Now Gonzo is tormenting her, saying he doesn’t know what she’s trying to tell him. She sees a pic of Fina on the nightstand and writhes with renewed fervor. Gonzo picks it up and says “You want to see her? You want me to bring her here?” Oh dude you are an incredible ass. It sounds like Coni is trying to say “ladrón” (thief).

Jero calls the comandante and instructs him to move forward with the investigation as quickly as possible. He gasps to Carlos that Fina could be the cause of all the evil to Rafa, Renata, Roberta, all of them. She killed her daughter’s boyfriend! Carlos says it’s hard to believe, is this woman Lucifer personified? Yep, pretty much. Jero won’t rest until he puts Fina in jail to pay for what she’s done. He is very sorry for himself and for Renata.

Now Gonzo, Hons and Regina are at Coni’s bed driving her crazy. Gonzo insists she was trying to say something about Fina and a baby. Coni thought bubbles “Honorio pay attention!” Gonzo tells her to conserve her strength and Gina suggests she stay there alone with Coni. Regina proceeds to torture Coni by telling her all the terrible things she knows about Fina but cannot reveal. Idiota.

Nata talks to Augi on the phone; he brags to her that he’s about to sample the best wine in the valley, el Vino Renacer, named after her. As she excitedly gushes he draws a barrel (barrica) tasting using his wine “thief”. He is about to taste his bodacious blend (mezcla). She wants him to describe everything to her. He swirls and gazes at it adoringly, sniffs, looks alarmed, and tastes. No puede ser!! He throws the glass on the ground, goes from tank to tank in a rage and really truly gets bright red in the face. Yikes, I think his wine is crap.

Kari dishes up Alfonsina’s Shrimp Soup and tells the others she’ll go by herself. She doesn’t want to bother Lazaro. Mati asks her what’s up with Kari and Laz? Is she sad because they’re not going to marry at the same time as she and Carlos? Kari says Laz just doesn’t seem into it. Kari and Manuela thing it’s all just too weird.

Augi bellows to Ez that the tanks have been tampered with. Ez insists that Augi is the only one who touches the tanks. Augi says they will pay very dearly for this. But who? wonders Ezequiel, who would do such a thing? Augi squacks obviously it’s someone who wants to hurt him and knows how to adjust the tank valves. Of course! Jero Linares or one of his people are responsible!

Doc Tata finally makes an appearance tonight. She tells Jero she’s decided to get a little house in town. She needs her freedom and at least Padre will be a bit happier. Jero agrees it’s a good idea and they can still be a pair. Kissy face.

Nata tells Adri and Hon that Augi’s harvest is ruined. Hons doesn’t even hear because he’s so worried about Coni. He wants to stay with her so she’s not alone. Nata and Adri decide to stay there instead of moving into Adri’s apartment. Good call team Girl Power.

Mopias brings home a guest, spare girl Julieta, and he announces he’s moving out. Nata wonders who the girl is and Adri mocks that she’s Hit-N-Run Spare Girl. Hon smiles at her jealousy.

Augi blasts into Jero’s love nest and accuses him of ruining his wine in vengeance. Jero swears he didn’t do anything. Augi plays dirty, insisting he has the only treasure that really matters to Jeronimo...Renata. Augi lies that she is no longer his girlfriend, she is his woman (implying sex). Doc Tata fidgets uncomfortably. Jero can barely speak and orders Augi to shut up and leave his house. Augi says Jero is a loser and an imbecile for rejecting a woman like Renata. That’s why he indulged himself by giving Nata the hot love that Jero couldn’t.

Jero hauls off and punches Augi in the face. That lower jaw juts and Augi hisses he’ll not return the favor, just like he’ll never return Renata to Jero, no matter what Jero does!

Poor Doc Tata doesn’t know what to make of these rutting rams as tonight's final scene closes with a whimper.

I didn't keep score but I think tonight the women might win the secret-keeping contest.

Avances: Hons tell Gonzo that Fina is the woman who tried to kill Coni.

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