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Timeless Love Episode 116 Update on Monday 9th April 2018


Jero slugs Augie but he refuses to retaliate. Augie already won since Nata is his woman now. Marina questions Jero about the things Augie said. "The thing that upset you most was what he said about Renata, right?" Mari wells up; she doesn't want to have to compete with Jero's memories of Nata.

Roberta hands over the toothbrush she stole during her burglarizing escapade. Fina swaps the names on the brushes so that Berta's name is on the case containing Nata's brush. Fina assures Berta that Regina will never suspect the truth.

Augie tells Ezequiel he must steal a vine branch from La Bonita that very day. Augie wants the cuttings in his field ASAP so no one suspects that they stole it. After that, they are going to set Jero's fields on fire. Zeke hesitates but Augie is adamant. He wants to crush Jero like a worm.

Jero apologizes to a weepy Maritata. She thinks he does not want to forget about Nata. Right after Mari agrees to give him more time to heal, Jero tells her that he has to go back to Mexico to see Nata. D'oh! Jero says it has something to do with the death of his brother but does not elaborate. Maritata trusts him.

Regina spills her guts to Gonzo about Pepa but does not tell him that Pepa is actually Fina. He can tell she is hiding something and Regi asks him to respect what she can and can't tell him. Gonzo warns her to not get into danger; he wouldn't be able to stand it if something happened to her. He could easily ensure that by informing the police about this debacle but that would make way too much sense.

Adriana chats with Nata and decides that Matias is the guy for her. Drat. Nata teases her amiga for being jealous of Matias's sort-of relationship with Spare Girl Julieta. Though Nata is one to talk since she is jealous of Marina and Jero.

Regina presses Gonzo for more information about Berta's heart condition. Berta had trouble since she was a little girl but Nata never did. That's why Fina was more preoccupied with Berta. Gonzo is still worried for Berta's health despite the animosity between them. Regi stops listening and daydreams about the hairbrush she stole.

Karina has a lighthearted chat with a bedridden Alfonsina. She has turned out to be a lovely nurse. Anyway, Alfi hopes that Zeke has forgiven her. Kari opens up about her problems with Lazaro. She's hurt because she can tell that Laz is hiding something from her. Meanwhile, Lazaro has no trouble at all telling Carlos that Doc WastedTissue is still alive; now it's impossible for Laz and Kari to get married.

Regina and Gonzo take a stroll. Mushy talk ensues until a call from Fina interrupts them. Regi plays it cool and doesn't let on to Gonzo that it's Fina on the other line.

Honorio sits by Constanza's bedside and happens to find a picture of Fina in a drawer. "Ladrona!" Hon thinks out loud. "Of course!" Connie wakes and Hon gently asks her a few questions. Hon has her blink once to answer Yes and twice for No. (Hallelujah! Honorio deserves a gold star for finally coming up with that!) 

Connie blinks confirmation that she went to Misery Mansion to get a sample of Fina's handwriting for Jero. And then Fina found out and showed up at the house. "Was it Fina who tried to kill you? It could have been Blanca!" (That's not a yes or no question, Hon! Gold star revoked.) Regardless, Connie's agitation assures Hon that Fina was the culprit.

Over at Empresas Monterrubio, Nata wraps up a business call and daydreams about Jero. She leaves Augie a voicemail to distract herself. Immediately after leaving the voicemail, Nata gets a call from Jero and she agrees to meet with him.

Gonzo arrives at Connie's house in a panic. Honorio is just as worked up and wastes no time in dropping an anvil. "I know who tried to kill my wife! It was FINA!!!!" Gonzo is gobsmacked. "What are you talking about? My ex-wife tried to kill my sister!? How do know!? Fina might have been a deranged liar but murder is something altogether different! Why would Fina do something like that?"

Honorio shouts Gonzo down and drops a second anvil. "Fina went after Constanza because she knew that Fina and Pepa Alvarez are the same person!" Gonzo's brain can hardly handle so much input at once. Honorio explains that Connie was suspicious about PepaFina back when Hon was in jail and had been searching for proof. Hon was about to call the police but wanted to inform Gonzo first. Gonzo agrees that Fina needs to pay for what she did if she's guilty.

Peanut Gallery Comment: Honorio and Gonzo reach new levels of hilarity in this scene. Their yelling over each other cracked me up.

Hon and Gonzo finally take a break long enough for Gonzo to call Regina. Of course, Regi doesn't answer because she is meeting with the diabla herself that very moment. Fina taunts Regi as usual and Regi gives her word that she will never tell anyone about their meeting as long as Fina gives Regi her daughter back. Fina hands over the mismatched toothbrushes to Regina and takes her leave. "It all depends on you, Regina, whether this is goodbye for good or just a see you soon."

Regina sits pensively and ignores Gonzo's call again. Gonzo writhes over not knowing where she is. Their next step is to grill Berta to find out Fina's location. Hon warns Gonzo to be careful; they have to avoid letting Fina escape.

Nata ambushes Adriana when she gets to work and they squeal over Jero having called. Jero asked to meet at La Mentirosa. Adri is positive that even the slightest provocation will make Nata fall for Jero again. Nata denies it but admits that her head and her heart are having a war with each other.

Over at Misery Mansion, Gonzo is kicking himself for having been so blind about Fina. "A murderer. A woman capable of kidnapping another woman's child out of revenge. How damned you are, Fina." Gonzo looks at Berta with renewed eyes and does not blame her for turning out the way she did after having Fina as her role model. He asks about Fina's whereabouts but Berta claims that Fina has abandoned her.

Regina goes to an agency to have the toothbrushes and the hairbrush tested for DNA.

Gonzo decides to tell Berta the truth about Fina having attacked Connie. Berta works up some tears but thought bubbles that she has to warn Fina before she gets caught. A few minutes later, Berta does just that. The jig is up for Fina; everyone knows about her homicidal side. She had better go on the lam or risk being caught by the police.

Adriana encourages Renata to get excited about her meeting with Jero. "Stop thinking about what Augie and Jero want. Think about what you want."

Zeke comments to Augie about their spoiled wine. Augie blames Jero for it and plans to retaliate. Nata calls but Augie hangs up on her.

Jero and Carlos discuss the Fina situation. Jero hates to have to give Nata more news that will hurt her. Carlos brings up the Doc issue and Jero swears him to secrecy.

Julieta and Matias hang out in his apartment. Blah. Adriana calls to check in on Chema but he is still fighting a killer headache. She decides to wait until he's feeling better to tell him that her heart belongs to Matias. (Whyyyy?) Adri is alarmed to find a police car in the driveway when she gets home. Inside the casa, the cops guarantee Hon that they are on the case. Honorio explains the developments to Adri.

Nata meets Jero at the bar. Their hug lasts a beat longer than a normal one and they laugh at their difficulty in breaking the ice. Once things get going, Nata says that they shared many painful moments but they also loved each other very much. Jero wholeheartedly agrees and they both discuss how they met and fell in love. Nata laments that their relationship was ruined thanks to her mother and sister. Thankful that the topic came up, Jero delicately tells Nata what he needs to say. "Your mother was the one who wrote the letter to my brother that was signed by 'La Bonita'. The evidence indicates that she killed Rafael."

Unfortunately, we end before Nata can have much of a reaction.

Avances: Augie yells into a phone, Jero tells Marina he wants to be by Nata's side, and Roberta appears to have had another heart attack.

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