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Timeless Love Episode 117 Update on Tuesday 10th April 2018


1. Jero has to tell Renata that her mother is the devil, she wants to take it personally, so he assures her she is not the bad seed. They go off to tell the rest of the Monterubbios that Fina is responsible for the letter to Rafael supposedly written by Roberta to break off with him but in reality her handwriting is forged by Fina and she is the number one suspect in the death of Rafael. Thank heavens they hug, cry and begin to act as a unified force.

2. Honorio, Gonzolo, Constanza, Adriana and Roberta gather in Hon/Con’s livingroom to share the information that Fina attacked Constanza. They do not reveal yet that Fina is Pepa and the girls aren't to be told one of them was stolen from Regina by Pepa. (Thanks Vivi for the correction, you are so right).

3. Gonzo tells Regina that he knows that Fina/Pepa are one and they (or she) stole her daughter and has extorted money and wreaked havoc for so long. Her tearful blubber about all being to protect her precious daughter makes me kind of dizzy so that is enough on the subject. The stupidity kind of makes me dizzy too. Gonzo assures her that since she doesn’t know which sister is her daughter, she should be consoled that he was the father of both and she is glad to know they had a good life (well sort of) but a loving father for sure.

4. So they know about the money going from Jero to Regina to Fina, but will they learn soon that Fina took it back to the bank in her own name? One can only think of what we would do with the money.

5. Matias gets a call from Uncle Honorio to come quickly. Something important is coming down. Spare girl/aka sister of Hit and Run Girl wants to come along but Matias insists on taking her home first so as not to involve her in a serious family issue. 

6. He shows up to two rows of family and the stories are given out one after the other. Except Roberta is hovering behind one of the couches texting like a madwoman first to her mother to tell her the jig is up, the family says she is a fugitive of justice and second to Augustin to tell him that his sacred Renata is hugging on the couch with Jero who is her refuge as if they were the perfect couple. (Side note: I was an ESL tutor several years ago and saw high school students that could text by touch with the cell phone under the desk, I used to be able to do touch typing so it impresses me and I could see them doing it) However, no one in the room seems to see her doing it right in plain sight.

7. Oh, yes, Constanza can sit on a couch and talk a little, what a relief. Honorio and she are lovely again as the Hon/Con unit we all hoped for.

8. Gonzo raps up the sins of Fina/Pepa, Honorio assures them they will get more detail later so Jero/Renata take over and begin to tell the Fina story of her forged letter to Rafael and the discovered proof that she came to La Bonita with the later, killed Rafa and left in her rented car. 

9. Roberta stops texting, clutches her chest and falls to the floor, cell phone at her side. The entire cast rushes around her to watch her twitch and fall unconscious. The are a bit faster a calling an ambulance this time after Hon, Gonzo and Matias and Renata agree it is the thing to do.

10. Renata rides in the ambulance with her sister who resists oxygen to ask why would Mama kill the only man I loved and who loved me, Oh Why, Oh Why, Oh Why. Renata takes it better than I do. 

11. Gonzolo and Jero arrive together at the hospital and are assured by the doctor that this was a pre-infarction or a little one and it’s not the first time but with care Roberta can be expected to recover and live a good life. (Just kidding, probably live an evil life).

12. Inez and Isidro come to visit Regina to tell her they aren’t mad that she was such a B**h. They understand how scared she was and they all make nice nice. She knows they just wanted to protect her. 

13. Gonzo tells Jero that he must go tell Regina that Roberta has had a little heart event that landed her in the hospital. Jero assures him he will wait for Renata to come out from Roberta’s room and will take her home.

14. Oops, almost forgot some where in here, Augie skulks in his office and is washing the bad taste of that spoiled wine down with snorts of a golden liquid poured from a cut glass carafe into a large brandy snifter. Augie gets the fake stick from the madre plant brought in from Zeke. Zeke easily explains that he got it by taking the keys from the bedridden Alfonsina so he is sure he got it right and no one saw him. We see Zeke remembering Carlos passing him the baton (don’t you wonder what fun things will sprout out of it?) Just to consolidate his reactions to the text from sister dearie Roberta, he calls Renata repeatedly and then calls Roberta who is already unconscious by this time.

15. Back at Valle de Guadalupe, we don’t see a tearful Marina but we do see tearful Lazaro, tearful Kari, angry and confused Matilde, conciliatory and confused Carlos and briefly a recovering Alfonsina who can’t believe her luck at being treated so well for a change. 

16. A worried Manuela takes the bull by the horn and confronts Padre to get the story. Sheeesh, he is so easy. They go off stage so we don’t have to be disgusted with him spilling his guts once again. The only good thing is that they all hate Augie so much, that no one has told him that Dr. PastDueToDie is still sooooo past due.

17. Adriana is left back at the house wondering what the cell phone is doing in the side crack of one of the couches (me too, the last time I saw it, it was at Roberta’s side, I swear it was.) Dear, smart Adri figures out it is Roberta’s cell and she has lost 5 calls. Who could be so anxious to reach her? She sees Agustin’s name on the missed call list and has an instant recognition that it is strange that the galan of Renata is making calls to sister Roberta…

18. So what’s to do? Roberta wakes up and curses her mother who had sworn to her that she did not kill Rafa. Roberta who likes to take a line and repeat it ad nauseum gets this one right. To Mom in her pillow she says: I hate you, I hate you, I hate…. Well you get the idea.

19. Next steps: oops again, sorry, I got side tracked by the finale of Teresa and can’t remember a thing. But, lots of stuff, lots of trouble and hopefully lots of kisses with the right sets of lips in our future. Buenas noches, amigos mios.

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