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Timeless Love Episode 121 Update on Monday 16th April 2018


Rehashing from last night, silly sheep Regina plays right into wolverine Fina's hands. The DNA test has proved that Roberta is Regina's long-lost daughter. Regi weeps about what a miracle it is and how she can't wait to give Berta all the love she was never able to while Berta was growing up. Regi hopes Berta will accept her. Gonzo and Jero have dual shoulders for her to cry on.

Padre plays sick (poorly) to avoid having to tell Karina the truth.

Once Regi has closed the floodgates, Jero says he would have guessed that Renata was Regi's daughter. The two of them are very similar in appearance and behavior. Regi is convinced that Berta is her baby but she still thinks of Nata as a second daughter. Gonzo says that, while Berta is the daughter of the woman he loves, Nata will always have a place in his heart as his daughter. Jero has a hard time accepting that Fina was so cruel to her own daughter but chalks it up to Fina being a despicable person.

Suddenly we're on a trip to Goofy Town when Fina knocks out a gardener with a shovel and steals his clothes. I'm not sure what's funnier: how Fina looks dressed as a hillbilly or the fact that she fits into that guy's overalls. LOL.

Gonzo encourages Regina to tell Nata and Berta the truth as soon as possible. Regi worries about upsetting Berta because of her heart but Gonzo offers to have the cardiologist check up on her first. Jero is more worried about how Nata will react.

Regina fidgets with her "R" necklace and a lightbulb goes off over Gonzo's head. When he married Fina, one of her daughters had an "R" necklace and Gonzo insisted on having an exact replica made for the other so that Berta and Nata would both have them. Gonzo remarks on how many clues were right under their noses and wonders if Fina was using the "R" necklaces to purposefully throw them off. Regardless of the necklaces, Regi is positive about Berta.

After the commercials, Berta and Nata accompany Gonzo and Regina at Regi's place. Nata asks about Doña Cata and Regi informs her that Cata passed away. Gonzo cryptically tells Berta that there is something important she needs to know. 

Regina explains her past to Berta and Nata. Nata listens with rapt attention while Berta seems bored. (I'll try to give the abridged version since we already know this stuff a dozen times over). Regi's husband Roberto had a pregnant girlfriend the same time that Regina was pregnant. Both babies were born on the same day in the same hospital. The other woman kidnapped Regi's one-year-old baby. For years, Regi looked for her daughter and the kidnapper. Now Regina found out the truth; Fina was the kidnapper and Regi's daughter is either Berta or Nata.

Nata jumps to her feet in surprise and Berta breathes shallowly. Gonzo explains that Roberto left his fortune to Regina's daughter and not Fina's. When Fina found out, she kidnapped Regi's baby in hopes of getting the inheritance in the future. Then Roberto died in an accident that Fina provoked. Berta grips her chest and Nata starts to cry as they both digest the news that Fina caused their father's death.

Jero paces in his apartment and worries about how Nata is going to take the bad news. He just wants to be by her side to hug and console her. Jero writes her a quick text. "I love you and who you are no matter what."

Regina explains that Fina herself told Regi the truth because Berta and Nata have almost reached the age stipulated in the inheritance. Fina pressed Regina for money in exchange for the truth, money which Jero generously loaned Regina. Nata is unsettled that Jero already knows all of this groundbreaking information. She asks for more information about Roberto and Regi assures her that Roberto was a decent man who made a grave mistake.

Regina admits that she knows which of them is her daughter because of the DNA test she had done on the toothbrushes Fina gave her. Regi also admits she took Berta's hairbrush out of her purse for even more proof. Berta and Nata hold hands as they read the DNA test results. "It's Roberta." Nata cries.

Señora Clampett sneaks into the Monterrubio Mansion. She pilfers through Berta's old room and abuses the maid. Fina grabs her by the neck but she swears she doesn't know why Berta has her suitcases packed. Fina threatens to kill the poor girl's mother if she does not find out.

Berta grips her chest some more and is speechless at the news. She swears that Nata will always be her sister despite this news. Nata is happy that Berta has the piece of mind that she is the daughter of a good woman and not a murderer. Knowing the truth about this herself, Berta looks away with a sullen expression. And has apparently decided to follow through with Mami's plans despite her being a boyfriend killer. Now what do we think of her redemption odds?

Regina assures Nata she still wants to be close to her. Nata thanks Regi for her kindness but she can't help but feel like her world is falling apart. Regi hopes that her relationship with both girls will grow over time. Gonzo says that, along with Matias, they are going to form a new family.

Fina seethes over having such little information about Berta. They have to stay in contact for her plan to work. The maid reports to Fina that Berta's suitcase is being sent to Regina's house. Fina thanks her for the information by punching her lights out.

Regina leaves to have a private moment with Berta. Left alone with Gonzo, Nata crumbles into a heap of sobs. "Why, Papá? I don't understand why she hates me so much when I am her daughter. I would have loved to be Regina's daughter. To be the daughter she looked for and then found and loved unconditionally." Gonzo holds Nata tight. He loves her. She is his daughter and always will be. (Viewerville, raise your hands if you teared up during this scene. I'm not too proud to admit I cried. Sylvia Navarro is brilliant at crying. Her sobs are heart-wrenching.)

On to something less depressing, Adriana and Matias plan to take a trip together soon. (Who knew that Matias would ever be the least melancholy thing about an episode.) He asks if she talked to Chema yet and surprisingly doesn't throw a fit or knock over any chairs when Adri promises she will later that night. Except probably not since Chema just had a serious attack while strolling on the sidewalk.

Constanza is finally getting the speech and physical therapy we hoped she would have had last week. Connie's making great progress and she and Honorio plan to renew their wedding vows once she fully recovers. 

Detective Whose Name I Keep Forgetting grills the manicomo doctor for letting Blanca have access to a phone. Once he leaves, Doc has Blanca brought into the office to chew her out for it. He refuses to put his work in jeopardy for her. She throws herself at him and calls him Honorio. Two orderlies have to carry her off. And now I have to go take a shower because that made me feel incredibly icky.

Gonzo and Regina get some fresh air. Regi wants to help both Berta and Nata heal so they can move on together as a family. 

Karina stops by the hacienda kitchen to get her things so she can move in with Alfonsina. Matilde swears to Kari that Lazaro was not unfaithful. They need to talk and resolve things. Kari agrees to return later that night to speak to Laz.

Nata lies on her bed and wonders why Fina hates her so much. The text from Jero interrupts her thoughts. She asks to meet him at La Mentirosa because she needs him. We end with a shot of Nata curled up in misery. Qué bummer. 

Avances: There's light at the end of the tunnel next week! Nata and Jero make-up and make-out and Agustin juts his jaw in anger. On the bad news front, I saw Chema pass out in one of the quicker clips.

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