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Timeless Love Episode 123 Update on Wednesday 18th April 2018


Agustín in going to Dr. Tatas to get a check-up and clear to fly, is delighted to overhear (and confirm) that Dr. Tatas is pregnant by Jero.

A lot more lovey dovey with Jero and Renata, but the real world calls, and they eventually make plans to leave their love nest and have the important conversations pending.

Roberta tortured her mother by letting Fina watch (via computer video conference) her being "mothered" and spoiled by Regina, and afterwards told Fina how much she despises her. Fina, however, looks like she might have gotten the upper hand by threatening to reveal all to ruin Roberta's current good life. Fina swore that she could destroy Berta even if she is her daughter- nice ha?

Gonzo announced to Mopias, Hons, and Cons that Roberta is Regina's daughter.

Cons is visibly upset. Mopias is not too happy, either. Hons gives Gonzo Roberta's phone, but neither bothers to check on which calls have been received even though they both know that Malafina has been trying to contact Big Mouth Roberta. The mobile accidentally falls to the floor; the two men commiserate about it a bit and Gonzo says he will get a new mobile for Roberta.

When Nata finally gets into the office (she was a tad distracted), Mopias warns her that she still needs to be careful of Roberta. Mopias emphasises that Roberta is not to be trusted. Hard to say whether or not Nata understood that Mopias was truly concerned about her.

Nata and Adri share a happy girl to girl talk.

Ines and Regina have a conversation at the breakfast table. Roberta is in the background hiding and overhears everything.

Ines says that all are very surprised at the Roberta news as both she, Isidro, and Hons expected that it was Nata who was Regina's daughter. I don't remember the Whiny Regina's reply, but Ines says that now she has no reason to stay and will give Isidro the go ahead on their move to Guadalajara. Regina is upset at this as she does not want Ines to leave, but Ines reassures her that they will always be like sisters even though they are not related by blood.

The good Padre (from his sick bed) gives Doc of the Tetons a good 'I told you so lecture' to which she replies that she loves Jero and will do anything to keep him. I think she conveniently neglected to tell her tio that she was preggers. When the Padre said that Jero was still in love with his 'wife', Tatas responded 'ex-wife'. Wowsers. You think that makes a difference, Tatas?

Carlos calls Jero to tell him that Dr. Death will be ready to be moved to his new location in a few days. Jero says he will return to La Bonita by then. He also tells Carlos that all has been patched up between Nata and himself and they are happy lovers once again.

Kari is doing her usual song and dance routine and telling Matilde and Carlos she has to leave. Laz overhears the conversation.

Cons and Jero have a brief visit. They discuss that Roberta is 'officially' identified as Regina's daughter. Cons keeps saying 'no' and becomes quite upset. She tries to get the words out, but cannot and can only thought bubble that she knows this is not the truth. or some strange reason she did not react that way when Gons was telling the family. For some strange reason she did not react that way when Gons was telling the family.

Jero tries to calm her down and really talks over her. If he had just shut up, Cons might have been able to say something important to him. I also believe that Jero tells Cons that he cannot believe that it is Roberta who is Regina's daughter and not Nata.

Nata tells Gonzo that she and Jero are back together again and that she is supremely happy. Gonzo is thrilled at this news. They sit down for a bit of a chat and Gonzo asks Nata if she has told Agustin this news?

Nata replies that she has not, but that the bottom line is that she has never loved Auggie, but that he has been so wonderful and such a gentleman to her (RIGHT.) In any event, she promises that she will get this checked off her list very soon.

Said Auggie then bounces into Nata's office and tries to plant a few kisses on her, but she very adeptly turns her face. She looks surprised to see him, but goes with the flow and says that they need to go to the cafeteria as they have important things to discuss.

The fact that she chose a cafeteria versus a nice restaurant or some other location to drop her bombshell might have sent some worry into Auggie's brain, but being the smooth snake in the grass that he is, he hides it very well.

The parents of Carlos make a short appearance, discuss (gripe?) that the Carlos and Mati marriage is not happening as planned, and wonder if it had anything to do with their disapproval. They act like this is a bad thing. What's up with them? We thought they didn't want Carlos to get married. Hmmm...

It ended with Agustín getting to just the beginning of the break-up talk from Renata. Renata explained to him that Roberta is actually Regina's daughter, since she (Renata) doesn't have a congenital heart problem. Agustín doesn't correct her about her heart history.

The avances show that Augustin is the one to tell Nata that Tatas is preggers.

Regina remains a stupid as ever and Berta continues in her bad ways.

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