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Kuch Rang Episode 3--4 Update on Tuesday 3rd April 2018


Dev requests Sameer to marry Neha and he will give 50% company share. Sameer says he is not doing this for money, he is an only son of his parents and they need their legal heir. Dev says he knows he is a good boy and with his love he will make Neha love her life again. Sameer agrees. Dev then goes and tells Neha that she will tie him rakhi next year. Neha gets happy.
Bunty starts flirting with Sameer’s sister. Dev passes by. Bunty asks him if he saw this girl. He says she is Sameer’s sister and what is special in it. Bunty says she is looking special today. Sister holds Dev’s hand. Dev’s friends take Dev aside and praise him that he is richest among them. Dev says they should praise his mom as she is the one who worked hard for his success. He insists Ishwari to speak. Ishwari reminisces how she sold everything to bring up her children except a silver cup which has Dev’s name and she used to shine it repeatedly and think her Dev’s name will shining in real life like on this cup. Dev emotionally hugs her.
At night, Dev hears some sound from mom’s room and goes to check. He does not find mom there. Mom walks onto street holding torn shawl and looking at old house reminisces its owner kicking her family out at midnight for not paying rent. Dev comes there and she says she knew he would come here as he knows her more than herself. He says she was kicked out of this house and now she has her own house. He takes her home back and then calls someone and asks if he did not find out home owner yet.
In the morning, mom guides servant to prepare halwa for Dev. Dev calls her and says his wallet is missing. She asks to remember where he left. Sonakshi’s mom while checking grocery bag finds wallet in it and asks if she has boyfriend. Sonakshi says no and jokes. Mom says then it must be of vegetable vendor and asks to check if it has cilantro in it. Sonakshi checks wallet and says it has 3 credit cards, 2 debit cards and reads Devrath Dixit’s name on visiting card. Her brother asks where did she get his client’s card and says he is the one whom she was fighting with over phone. She says she was thinking how can 2 people be so arrogant. He asks what she means and she says just like Sushmita sen is on1y, Kajol 1, Dev Anand 1, etc., there cannot be 2 same arrogant people. He takes wallet and says he will return it. Mom asks Dev if howmuch money he had in wallet. He says not much. She says it is her son’s hard earnedmoney and she wants to know. He hesistates. Cook brings halwa box, mom gives it to Dev and Dev leaves for office.
Mom gets emotional thinking about Neha’s arrogance and conditions for her in-laws and says Dev that she will change once she gets children. He reminisces Neha’s condition of not having children, but keeps quiet. Aunt asks her what Dev and Sameer talking some time ago. Mom says Dev told it is secret talk of BILs.
Neha gets ready for her engagement. Her sisters praise that she is looking very beautiful. Mom enters and also praises her. Neha says at last she looked at her, else she was always worried about Dev and forgot she has other children. Mom gets sad.
Neha tells mom that she gave all her love to Dev and other 2 children all her life and today she is showing fake love. Dev enters and asks why is she misbehaving with mom and takes mom with him. Mom tells Dev that Neha’s anger is valid as she did not enjoy her childhood and had to take care of 2 sisters.
Engagement party starts. Sameer’s mom sees Dev and expresses her desire to get him married to her daughter Saloni in front of aunt. Aunt says she will speak to Ishwari and Dev. Ishwari hears their conversation while attending guests and sends Dev to bring their old neighbors. Dev leaves. Mom asks Saloni if she likes Dev. Saloni says she likes, but Dev may not agree. Mom says he has to, else she will reject Sameer and Neha’s alliance.
Dev’s sisters pull Sameer and Neha’s legs and ask where are they going for honeymoon. Sameer says Switzerland. They joke that they have to be together, so what is difference between Delhi and Switzerland for them. Neha gets shy. They then go on stage and dance on Banno tera mukhda…song.. with Bunty and other friend. Engagement happens next.
Sonakshi’s mom tells dad that she has selected a boy for Sonakshi and insists to look at it. Dad says let Sona achieve her goals and become equal to males, then he will think of Sonakshi’s marriage. Sonakshi enters and says he is right. Mom says she had 3-year-old Saurav in Sona’s age. Dad says those days were different and now it is different. Sona then taunts Saurav for his eating habits and asks to diet. Mom says it is her home and they don’t diet here. Their nok jhok continues.
Ishwari mom thinks she will not let Dev marry Saloni and will wait for a good girl. Aunt tries to speak, but she gives excuse and repeatedly escapes. Dev comes and Saloni says she needs something. He asks what she needs. She says him. Ishwari mom sees Dev tensed and calls him. Dev leaves. Sameer’s mom asks Saloni if she proposed Dev. Saloni says he does not want to even talk and just worried about his mom and sisters. Mom says he has to agree for this aliance at any cost. She goes to aunt and asks if she should give shagun coconut to Dev. Aunt says let her speak first.
Precap: Sameer’s mom breaks Neha and Sameer’s alliance and asks Ishwari if she will agree for Dev and Saloni’s alliance or not.

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