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Doli Armaano Ki Episode 419--420 Update on Tuesday 15th May 2018


Scene 1:
Location: On the road
As dya and karan try to get home soon, they are stopped by the goons, who instigate karan, and he gets in a fistfight with them. she begs to be left alone and apologises, but one of them holds her saying, that they shall leave karan after having taught him a lesson, so that they can enjoy with her later, for the night. She is scared. The goons nab karan alone and overpower him, and bash him to pulp. finally, their leader takes out the knife, and while others hold karan, he pulls the knife to give hm a fatal blow in the stomach. But just then, diya bites hard in one of the guys’ hands, and runs away, and they get distracted from karan and run after the girl. karan is too scared to experinec all this, and forgets his duties towards his fiancee, and runs away to save his life, not giving a damn as to what shall happen to diya. Meanwhile diya runs from there, while they catch up with her a couple of times, and she manages to free herself from them. She finds logs of wood piled on, and hides in between them to escape them. they arrive and wonder where she went. the youngest of them finds her chappals, and they deduce that she is hiding somewhere here only. they start teasing her, as she hides in scare behind the wooden logs. They search around, while she runs out the first chance she gets, and they run after her. She starts panting and gasping for breath. She finally finds a big dustbin and hides herself inside it, as she climbs and takes a tattered sheet over her. They reach there, and thinkt hat she is too smart, and they wont l;et her get away that easy. The eldest starts poking through the dustbins, with a stick. She is scared as she is in hididng. Just by that dustbin, the brothers start fighting amongst themselves, and then blaming one or the other, they avenge to teach her a lesson, the next time, they find her. they finally resignedly leave off. She breathes in a sigh of relief, distraught and apalled. Finally, mustering much courage, she gets up stealthily, to notice if all are gone, and when she finds that she is alone, she breaks down, at the horrific ramifications as to what could have happened, and starts to cry inconsolably, distraught and apalled at what she just went through. She composes herself finally and gets out of the dustbin and runs away. In the middle of the road, she starts panting and gasping for breath. She tries to hitchhike for a ride back home, and finally a red minivan stops. But she is shocked as she sees who the driver is, as it turns out to be the same goons, who opens the doors, and then laugh at her leeringly. she tries to run away. they get down and nab her.
Scene 2:
Location: Diya’s residence
Diya’s mother is tensed, while she is assured by her father that she is gone with kartan, and they both would be back soon, and she neednt worry. she says that diya didnt want to go, but went on karan’s insistence. Her father asks her to call diya and find out. she complies, but finds that the phone is rining but noone picking up. she then tries karan’s number, andd it comes switched off. she gets more tensed. her father is convinced that due to bad weather, the network wont be getting through and asks her not to be worried. she sits down.
Late in the night, her mother calls up karan’s, to ask their whereabouts. She says that karan was planning to leave diya there. Both the mothers are tensed, as karan’s mother tells that she accidentally left her phone there only, and that she went for a walk along with karan. They are highly tensed.
Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Diya comes with coffee, and then hesitatingly brings up the topic, of diya to shaurya. she asks him to fire her from the job. He stands shocked and asks what she did. she vents out her frustration at diya, and he understands that ishaani was wrong in this. he says that she is the best employee, and that he would scold, as she had no business shouting at his little sister. she is gratified because of that too. Then he adds that urmi likes her, and hence had called her, for the bful news coverage she did, on jaamdaan’s case. ishaani says that since urmi liked, it was obvious that she wouldnt like the girl. She tells shaurya that diya neednt come in the house again, and urmi can go out and meet her if she has to. he eyes her tensedly.
Scene 4:
Location: On the roads
The goons forcibly drag her inside, while she screams loudly lewdly and leeringly suggesting as to what they shall do to her now. They then drive off, amidst her muffled screams. 
Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Diya’s screams haunt the isolated roads, as the van drives on, carrying the tale of the men’s
lustful cruelty and barbarousness on diya. finally, the van stops and diya is thrown out callously
on the road, after she is brutally raped, violated and abused, with evident physical injuries and
Scene 2:
Location: Police Station
Diya’s father and brother try to lodge a complaint, but the inspector says that they cant do
anything, till 24 hours have pased. diya’s family is worried, but the inspector assures them, after
hearing the entire story, that they must be safe and that they themselves are worrying
unnecessarily. the inspector says that they must be enjoying somewhere. the police asks if the
marriage was with their compliance. Her father explains everything. the police point out that they
may have escaped, but diya’s father says that it was a love-cum-arranged marriage. the police
assures that they should go home, and if the couple still doesnt return, then they can inform him,
so that they may initiate their investigation thereon. diya’s family leaves resignedly.
Scene 3:
Location: Diya’s and karan’s residence
All are tensed in diya’s family, while the night gives way to the morning daylight, without anyone
sleeping a wink. Finally the doorbell rings, and diya’s mother opens the door, while her father and
brother stand tensed. all are shocked to see diya in a distraught and compromising situation. her
mother lets out a distressing scream. Diya is in an unconscious state, while her father is too
stunned. diya collapses on the floor, in their arms, while they are distraught as they desperately
ask her to wake up.
Later, while diya sleeps on the bed, and all are distraught, Diya’s father calls up karan’s mother,
who anxiously asks about diya’s condition, saying that karan is missing still. her father tells her
that diya’s condition has highly worsened. his mother asks if diya is alright. Her father says that
it feels she is in terrible health. He then asks about karan, and gets to know that he hasnt
returned yet. Her father is distraught as he sees diya, continuing to say that diya is in a bad
condition. His mother says that she shall come to check on her. he cancels the call. she turns
around to face karan, who has actually returned. karan anxiously asks whats the matter and his
mother narrates everything, and says that she doesnt like that she had to lie for him. she asks how
could he do this, and leave his wife like that, and not put up a fight atleast. She tries to teach
him his responsibility as a husband. But he callously says that his lfie is dearer to him, that
diya. he is more concerned with his acting career, that might have been hampered, had the goons
struck him on the face. Her mother says that diya is like her daughter. but karanm continues to
point out, that he barely survived, and she would have lost him, and asks her to start thinking
about him, as he is her actual son. She is angry, while he walks out.
Meanwhile, the doctor arrives and checks diya’s injury marks. she asks the family how it happened,
and if she got in a fight. they say that they dont know anything, and ask whats wrong with her.
suddenly diya starts screaming, having nightmares of the tragic accident that happened with her,
throwing her hands in the air, and tossing and turning vehemently. she goes unconscious yet again.
Her mother and father get berserk, and ask the doctor to do something. her brother gets to
understand what has happened. the doctor asks them to go out, while she does her checkup. her
mother doesnt want to leave, but she insists devesh, her brother to take them all out. they all
anxiously wait outside, while the doctor does her exam. all understand whats happened, but noone
wants to face the truth. finally, her father breaks down, into tears. Her mother comes to him and
asks why is he crying like this, as diya is alive and she is fine. her father says that he hopes
all is fine and okay. her mother says that all would be fien, and asks him to compose himself.
devesh says that he doesnt understand whats going on and hopes nothing wrong’s happened to her, and
also wonder how’s karan. her mother says that since they never did anything wrong, nothing wrong
shall happen to them, and that if still karan doesnt come, then they shall have to do something
about that too. when the doctor coems out, she seems tensed, as she is barged with questions. the
doctor tells them that diya shall have to be admitted, as she has been given first aid, but furhter
treatment shall be in the hospital. her mother asks insistently whats happened to her. the doctor
then confronts her father saying that she apologises that she has to tell them that their daughter
has been raped. they are shocked and distraught out of their wits, as their entire world comes
crashing down. they are distraught and in tears, as her brother blames them for leaving diya so
irresponsibly letting them till such late hours, and blames karan for not being able to save his
wife. He continues to reprimand them both, while they ask him to calm down. the doorbell rings,
while devesh says that he shall find out, and asks them to stop crying now. he opens the doors to
find karan’s mother standing there. they are surprised.
Scene 4:
Location: Urmi’s residence
urmi comes in shaurya’s room, and finds him sick. he complains that he is having a headache, as he
had a restless night, and couldnt sleep at all, worried. She tells him that he is sensitive, and
that he dreams, whether they be bad or good. he says that he doesnt feel right, as if something
wrong has either happened or shall happen. She asks what dream he saw. He says that it was hazy,
and something related to the office, and that diya who is otherwise headstrong, seemed weak
yesterday, and needed help. he then tells about how she got a day off, due to Karan’s insistence.
urmi says that maybe thats why she bothered him in sleep. he smiles. she leaves, while he is still
Scene 5:
Location: Diya’s residence
Karan’s mother comes to diya’s residence, asking if she is okay,a nd whats wrong with diya. her
father breaks down and is about to tell her, when her mother stops him, saying that he is acting
like an overprotective father and that diya was just in a minor aaccident and that she shall
recover soon. Her father is surprised but plays along. devesh too plays with his mother’s story,
and says that she shall be okay in a week or so. he says that it seems highly doubtful, the way
diya is hurt and karan is still missing. Diya’s father tells her that they need to find out karan
too, and insists her to come along to the police station, to file a complaint. she is however
hesitant. They are boggled. devesh says that they neednt go to the police, as they wont file a
case, and they shouldnt go to the police. Her father sits tensed. the screen freezes on his face.
Precap: Diya recounts the horrific nightmare she went through, and as her family, and karan, dressed up in bandages to implicate that he too had injuries try to come close, she goes berserk, and asks them all to keep away and not touch her, as she is still in a traumatic state after the incident. Meanwhile, urmi asks shaurya not to be angry, while he is in a rage. damini callously comments and says that he shall obviously get angry, as had his father, and categorically points out, samrat singh rathore been here, he would have murdered a couple by now. urmi and shaurya are hurt and tensed.

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