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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 276--278 Update on Thursday 24th May 2018

Laxmi Bai reaches in the nick of time with the papers John Lang has prepared challenging Nelson's orders.
Laxmi Bai orders Nelson to stop as she has the legal paperwork required to free them. But Nelson opposes the orders saying that he had imposed a ban on Lang practicing as a lawyer. However, Lang reminds him that the ban was for a span of two years and that the period was over.  Nelson has no option but to release Samar Singh and Karma.
Laxmi Bai motivates Samar Singh to gather strength and put his thumb on the legal documents. Samar Singh struggles but manages to.
The next legal procedure is to get the document stamped. Lang takes it to the concerned office. However, an Indian officer sitting in the chair behaves rudely with Lang and tells him that he will stamp the documents when he has the time. Laxmi Bai hears him and gives him a piece of his mind. She says that he may be serving the British but he should still be thankful to the motherland for providing for him. The officer gets ashamed and apologizes to Laxmi Bai. He immediately stamps the documents thus facilitating Samar Singh and Karma's release.
Meanwhile, Sakhu Bai, Vahinisaheb, Laccho fake their concern and advise Gangadhar Rao to marry again so that Jhansi is assured of an heir. Gangadhar Rao gets angry at them and retorts that Jhansi will soon have an heir and that they need not worry.
Livid at Lang and Laxmi Bai, Nelson reaches Gangadhar Rao's palace and advises him to banish Lang from Jhansi. Laxmi Bai too reaches there with Jhansi with orders from the British court allowing Lang to continue staying in Jhansi.
Gangadhar Rao is not pleased with Laxmi Bai's audacity. He declares that the British court may have permitted Lang to stay in Jhansi. However, as the King he denies him permission to stay in the palace. Laxmi Bai pleads to him to permit Lang but Gangadhar Rao walks away saying that his decision is final. Not ready to take things lying down, Laxmi Bai furiously rings the bell hung at the entrance of the palace. She tells the maids to inform the King that a subject has come to seek justice.

Gangadhar Rao is surprised when Laxmibai comes to meet him.
She pleads with the King to show mercy on Samar Singh and Karma. She reveals how the British had conspired to act against Samar and Karma. She points out to Gangadhar Rao that British considered Samar and Karma a threat to their plans.
Gangadhar Rao hears Laxmibai's arguments but walks away without taking a decision. His act disappoints Laxmibai.
Gangadhar Rao informs his Prime Minister that he wants to visit a place secretly and orders that preparations be made immediately.
Nelson opposes John Lang's plans to stay at the circuit house. However, Rani comes to Lang's rescue.
Rani rushes to Moropant to find out more about Gangadhar Rao's secret visit. Moropant fears the King might have decided to act on his plan to get married again. Heartbroken by Moropant's disclosure, Rani decides to leave the palace. But before that she decides to evict the British battalion from Jhansi.

Laxmi Bai breaks down after Moropant reveals to her that Gangadhar Rao may consider marrying one more time to give Jhansi its heir.
Laxmi Bai says that there is n essence in her relationship with her Gangadhar Rao as he has no trust in her anymore. She says that her husband is penalizing her for a mistake which occurred accidentally.
Gangadhar Rao leaves for the secret location. However, he is haunted with thoughts of Laxmi Bai and her pleading for justice.
The court proceedings begin. The lawyer representing the East India Company builds a strong case against Samar Singh and Karma. Knowing well that winning cases against the British in British court in favor of Indians was an uphill task, Lang changes his strategy and demands judicial custody for the duo. The court agrees to release Samar Singh and Karma from Nelson's jail and keep them in judicial custody.
Laxmi Bai and Lang are elated with the court orders.
Outside the court, Nelson confronts Lang and tells him to not rejoice his victory as the judicial custody is also governed by the East India Company.
Nelson cooks up an evil plan. He studies the records of the prisoners in judicial custody and houses Samar Singh and Karma with two of the most ferocious criminals. Samar Singh is housed with Fateh Khan, a deadly man-monster and Karma is housed with Jwala, a notorious murderer. Nelson is sure that Fateh Khan and Jwala will soon finish off Samar Singh and Karma. He would thus be able to finish off the offenders without bearing the blame of their murders.

Nelson cooks up an evil plan and houses Samar Singh and Karma with two of the deadliest criminals in judicial custody.
Fateh Khan with whom Samar Singh is housed mocks at him for waging a war agains the British in the Sep 2 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani on Zee TV. He says that Indians do not have the spine to confront the British and that weaklings like him should not clash with the heavyweights.
Jwala too clashes with Karma over a trivial matter. A fierce fight ensues between the two as other inmates look on in horror.
Meanwhile, Lang assures Laxmi Bai that Samar Singh and Karma are safe in judicial custody from any physical harm. Laxmi Bai heaves a sigh of relief.
The villager, Kundan, who had connived with Nelson in planting evidence against Samar Singh and Karma demands money from him to keep his mouth shut. Nelson humiliates him and throws him out. He incidentally falls at Laxmi Bai's feet as she prepares to leave from Nelson's office.
Kundan pleads to her to give him a hearing. Laxmi Bai wonders who the man is.
Meanwhile, Gangadhar Rao reaches the place he had left for earlier. He summons the attendant there and asks him to inform his master about his visit.
The court proceedings begin. Lang leaves no stone unturned to free Samar Singh and Karma. However, he and Laxmi Bai are in for a rude shock when the prosecution presents proof against the duo in the murder of Captain Ross. He calls the two cold-blooded murders and demands strict punishment. The judge adjourns the court till further hearing.
Outside the court, Nelson scoffs at Laxmi Bai and challenges her that he will see to it that Samar Singh and Karma are hanged to death.
The person that Gangadhar Rao has requested a meeting with is none other than Lord Dalhousie. Gangadhar Rao gives him a reference of the memorandum signed with London's Court of Directors through Colonel Sleeman on 27 Dec 1842 giving him all the administrative powers. He questions Lord Dalhousie with East India Company officers can punish criminal in his jurisdiction. Gangadhar Rao demands immediate release of Samar Singh and Karma. Lord Dalhousie, however, has another game plan cooking. While Gangadhar Rao continues with his dialogue, Lord Dalhousie pinpoints Jhansi on the map of India conquered by the British.

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