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Cosita Linda Episode 93 Update on Thursday 14th June 2018


Episode 94 

A drunken Marijose tells Diego that she has a twin sister. The next day, Diego asks her sister about this, but she lies to him and tells him that she does not remember, that she had to say things that do not make sense. Tiffany and Viviana have a meeting with Lisandro where they tell him that he should worry and threaten by telling him that he should make sure no one knows what they are planning. He tells them to calm down and his murderer is ready to act, waiting for their orders. Palmira is sad and unemployed, the fact that she can not give anything her daughter needs, makes her depressed.

However, Maya tells her that she will find a solution, she will find a part-time job to contribute to the house's expenses. Gaston tells Mariana about Susi and asks her to infiltrate, dressed as a prostitute or she works and interview him. They have no idea that Susi is Mariana's mother, Prudencia. Meanwhile, Prudencia swears it's his last night at work. Olegario is about to tell Diego about Marijose and Mariana but Marijose interrupts him and asks Diego to accompany him to see his father. Diego receives a heart-shaped ball from Viviana and feels guilty, as he has not given him any attention. Marijose tells Diego that he should really try to be nice to Vivi for the sake of his son and he agrees to do that. Meanwhile, Alex asks Vivi about her relationship with Diego and she tells him that she does not love him anymore, that all she feels for him is hatred after Diego humiliated her twice in deceiving her with the same woman.

His goal now is to prevent Diego from being happy with Ana Lorena. Olegario tries to push Ana Lorena to marry him, he asks him to block a date for the marriage. She gets upset and says she will get married when she wants. Santa supports her and tells her not to let anyone push her, not even her fiancé or Mr Lupe. Diego takes Viviana for dinner and they meet Aneli and Benny. Mariana goes where she is supposed to meet Susi without Gaston, who told him that he could not come because he has something urgent to do. When she is about to leave, she sees a woman who looks like her mother, Prudencia.

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