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Cosita Linda Episode 98 Update on Wednesday 20th June 2018


Episode 98 

Laura shows Diego the project that Olegario has, that of opening a dance academy as a wedding gift to Ana Lorena. Marijose goes to the brothel where her mother works to see where she is, but her friend, Layra, gives her no details. Mariana asks Santiaga to marry her as soon as possible because she is afraid of losing him and he agrees. Prudencia now lives alone in an apartment in a dangerous neighborhood. Viviana apologizes to Diego and Laura for his jealousy. Tiffany asks Lisandro to execute the order she gave him as soon as possible because Vivi thinks that Ana Lorena no longer represents any danger for her because she has only slept with Diego once . Viviana invites Diego to eat sushi in order to regain his heart. Ana and Olegario are also about to go to dinner but as Ana is not ready Olegario starts to turn around and shout. Ana gets angry and orders him never to talk to him like that again.

She cancels dinner and asks her to leave. Olegario grabs him by the arm and Ana shouts to let her go and they start arguing. Olegario apologizes and reminds him that it is thanks to him that she is no longer in prison. Ana screams that she will pay him back and when it will be done, she never wants to see him again. Layra tries not to tell Marijose that she is talking to Prudencia, but in the end she confesses to help her friend. Mariana does not have the courage to enter the brothel where her mother works, so she asks Santiaga to return to her place. Santiago asks Layra if she knows anything about Prudencia but he gets nothing so goes away. Marijose meets Prudencia and tells him she will not judge her. Ana has a nightmare and her mother realizes she has done the same. Marijose asks Prudencia who is his real mother because she feels that Prudencia is not. Prudencia tells him the whole truth.

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