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Fall Into Temptation Episode 15 Update on Wednesday 13th June 2018


YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Damián calls Carolina over to meet him and upon reaching there, she tells him that this is the last time they will meet alone and Damián caresses her and asks her that if she warns him not to touch or come near her again, he will go and swears he will not call her ever again but he will spend the rest of his life regretting that he let go off a great love of his life. He awaits for Carolina’s response and she rather kisses him as an answer each other and they make love.
Santiago tells Raquel that they have to go to the cottage but she tries resisting yet Santiago convinces her to go with him because Damian bought that cottage with his money for Carolina, so by the way, it does also belong to her too. So, feeling so convinced, she agrees to go with him to see the cottage for herself. 
Carolina tells Damián that she feels she is the worst woman in the world, Damián tells her that for him, she is the best woman and he cannot live without her. She then tells Damian that they are done with what they came to do and that she has to go back because Santiago and her children may be waiting for her. 
PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Rosa a friend of Lisa (Santiago’s sister-in-law) tells Santiago and Raquel that she met Damián and Carolina three years ago in their vicinity but she didn’t know that they were lovers. She agrees and takes them to where the cottage is and there, Raquel and Santiago cry after looking at some framed pictures used to decorate the room where Damián and Carolina hugs each other so passionately.
Seeing the water bed Damian bought for Carolina and recollecting it has always been her dream and even told Damian to buy one so they could use but that dream never came to reality, she asks Santiago to sleep beside her on the bed so they could also enjoy how those two cheaters felt and they did but nothing happened between them.
Juan threatens Lola that if she does not come back to him again and make love with again, but tells her father Santiago that he beat her, he will also tell him that she sleeps with men for money and she knows she can’t bear to face the consequences. 
YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Mia tells Nico that she asked Federico not to do anything to Joaquin and so there is no point in fighting Joaquin. From there, she speaks with her brother Federico that she needs his support to take revenge on him for harassing her
Whiles Damian takes a stroll with Carolina after having fun, Andres arrives at Damian’s house and asks Raquel that he needs to speak with Damián urgently and Raquel looking surprise tells him that it was supposed that he would go with Damian to see some clients and that is why she looks shocked that he instead comes home to talk to his cousin who made an excuse to go see him. 

Andres calls Damian to ask his where about and Raquel looking so furious gets the phone from him and asks Damián why he lied to her by telling her that he was going to see some clients with Andres but here stands Andres asking to see him and she demands from him to tell her where he is and with whom he is with and Damian goes speechless?

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