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Fall Into Temptation Episode 16 Update on Thursday 14th June 2018


YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Raquel’s realizes from Andres that Damian lied to her about going to see Andres for business purposes when in fact Andres is in their house looking for him and she asks Damian to tells her where he is and with whom he is with and Damian tries to convince Raquel that he went to close a business deal and that Andres did not want to go in the last minute and Andres covers Damian’s back by lying to make Raquel believe that he knew about that business but as he is always fighting with Damián lately, he forgot about it.
Andres explains things to Raquel after the call stating that he got angry with Damian because he is trying to have the Alvarado family in his office to work and that is why he was furious and even forgot about the business deal and came quickly to see Damian in the house. Raquel then tells him that the Santiago Alvarado family are their friends and so he should treat then with respect anytime. Raquel then reproaches Andres that his actions made her think bad of her husband and he says she has every right to think the worse of him because he still love her but Raquel shuts him up from making any silly comment again but he advises her to open her eyes because the Alvarado’s are just using her to get their way through. 
Carolina anguished tells Damián that everyone will find out about their relationship but Damián assures her that she has nothing to be afraid of because he cannot live in this world without her though he has never cheated on Raquel before except with her and Carolina looks very surprise with Damian’s reactions since he feels no anxiety with the situation one bit and Damian says it’s because anxiety will allow others to figure their relationship out that is why he is only trying to be strong without fear.
PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Cynthia goes to sell Damian’s watch so she can have money and continue with her drugs stuffs.
In front of the cottage, Santiago furious tries to hit Vicente for not telling him that Carolina and Damián had bought a cottage, Vicente tells him that he just found out and that Carolina was an ambitious and bad woman.
Raquel starts crying again and out of control tells Santiago that the cottage is full of Damián and Carolina’s full betrayal and sedition and that she wants to leave immediately. Raquel and Santiago kiss each other, she steps apart and tells Santiago that she really wants to make love with him but not this way, not for revenge and much less in this place because they are not traitors as Carolina and Damián. Santiago tells her that he is a free man and that he never betrayed Carolina before but Raquel tells him that she is not free since Damián is still alive and she will not do the same thing he did to him.
The police find out from the accident scene a shovel which they think was the one which was either use to bury Carolina or hit her with and she died.
THREE YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Vicente drunk to the fullest and arrives at Lisa’s house demanding from her to see his son and there was Carolina and she asks him to leave and come back when he is sober because the boy is sleeping. Vicente furiously tells her that if she keeps on interfering in his life he will kill her.
Mia doesn’t think her father isn’t cheating on their mum but Federico thinks so and worries very much for their mother because he never wants their mum to suffer. Same vein Damian has arrived home from his meeting with Carolina tries convincing Raquel to forgive him. Same vein, Mia also asks her brother to not worry because their father can convince their mum within a second if he wants to. She asks them to go to the party being organized by Joaquin and there they will go and smash his new car his father bought for him as a revenge.
PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Miriam tries to make Federico be against his mother but she is only trying to set him against his mum because she hates his mother for no reason and he walks out on her leaving Mia with Miriam and whiles inciting her to hate her mum, Raquel and Santiago enters the house and quickly she uses that as a her evidence to tell mia indirectly that Santiago and her mother are lovers by trying to tell Raquel that she came to the house to talk to her alone but not in front of her lover.

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