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Fall Into Temptation Episode 18 Update on Tuesday 19th June 2018


THREE YEARS BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Carolina looking very jealous about Raquel telling her how wonderful she and Damian made love as never before, she furiously Damian why he did that and Damián answers her that there are some things that is beyond his control because Raquel is his wife and has to make sex with her but Carolina furiously tells him that their relationship is over and that he must leave their house because she can’t understand why Damian and her (Carolina) makes love and 2mins after, he is able to make love with his wife Raquel as if nothing happened. Whiles arguing, Lola enters to ask why the argument and they go anxious but Damian lies to Lola that their argument was about asking her Lola to work with them in the company and Lola becomes happy.
Raquel asks Damián to get her involved in his business but Damián responds that he doesn’t want to do that because he never wants her and his mum to end up arguing and Raquel gets upset and tells him that if one day supposedly something happens, she and her children would be left unprotected because she doesn’t even have an idea about anything about the company least to talk about knowing their family’s economic situation because he never discuss things with her who is his wife.
Raquel tearful calls Carolina over and after meeting, she discloses to her that she argued with Damián and she wants to ask her to work hard with their Catering business to be a success so that way they do not have to depend on anyone in life. 
Damián cannot avoid feeling bad after Santiago expresses to him on how he’s made his family to become part of his family and that he is very grateful for everything they have done for him and his family, and now he can say he considers him a good friend and one can really see that guiltiness and betrayal is drawn all over Damian’s face.
PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Raquel tearful calls Santiago from the hospital whiles she sits in front of Damián and asks Santiago to come over and upon reaching there, she tells speaks to Santiago and Damian that she wants him and Damian though in Coma, to know that he did not only cheat on her with Carolina but he also left her and her children in his mother’s hands and her mum now took everything from her because she is sure that Damian never trusted her since he left her without anything meanwhile he bought a cottage to be with Carolina. In pain, she tells Damián that she hates him but Santiago assures Raquel that she is not alone and that he will always be with her. 
Andres fires Lola from work and she becomes very sorrowful. She tells Federico about the issue and he goes inside to confront his grandma Miriam as to why she wants to take everything from them with nothing and she assures him that he and his sister Mia will not be left with nothing but the boy questions her to never try leaving their mum with nothing. Andres enters and tries to interrupt but Federico confronts him too and asks him if he is also planning with his grandma to take everything away from them or too busy with harassing young girls and firing them as always. Andres then goes speechless and Miriam defends Andres that, she actually ordered for Lola to be fired and not Andres. Federico then asks them that, he would like to start working in the company specifically handing the part that belongs to his father
The police get information from Lisa that there is a place Carolina used to go to do abortion and so Fernando Godoy goes with her to see the midwife to inquire from her if she performed any abortion for Carolina and the woman tells them that she actually came there to do that but she changed her mind to keep the baby in the last minute.
Godoy comes back to inform his boss Antonio about it and he tells him that putting things together, it could be that, Benjamin could be that child Carolina wanted to abort because the child may be Damian’s and so they should try telling Santiago so he can have a DNA text on his 2yrs boy to know his status but Antonio warns him to not try telling Santiago about that because he already has too many problems.
THREE YEARS BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Carolina confronts Miguel that she does not want to see him again and much less close to her daughter because Lola is a minor and what he did to her is a crime and warns him that if he dares go closer to her daughter again, she will show her what a mother is capable of doing everything to protect her child.
While Carolina waits for Raquel at Damian’s house and as she goes into Raquel’s washroom to ease herself, Damián arrives and finds her there and immediately he starts seducing her and Carolina agrees to his advances and whiles on the game, Raquel also arrives receiving her call and is just about to enter her room.

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