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Fall Into Temptation Episode 19 Update on Wednesday 20th June 2018


THREE YEARS BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: While Carolina waits for Raquel at Damian’s house and as she goes into Raquel’s washroom to ease herself, Damián arrives and finds her there and immediately he starts seducing her and Carolina agrees to his advances and whiles on the game, Raquel also arrives receiving her call and is just about to enter her room to discover but Carolina manages to stop her right at the door as she opens and she’s able to make both of them exit the room to stand outside to converse so that, that way Damián was able to have time to come out without being seen by Raquel.
The unfortunate thing was that, one of Carolina’s earring fell down doing the act and when Raquel gets inside her bedroom after their chat, she gets hurt with Carolina’s earing after stepping on unconsciously and tries to check that sharp object but Damian prevents her and takes it off and hides it and tells Raquel that he looked everywhere to see what it was but he couldn’t find anything and she says it really looks strange.
Santiago furiously confronts Carolina as to why it always turns out he is the last one to find out whatever goes on in his own house, because he just found out Lola is working in Damián’s company and no one told him anything about that. He tells her that he feels that she is kicking him out of her life.
Santiago tells Damián that he needs urgently to speak with him. Carolina furious tells Santiago that he is causing her a problem, Santiago tells her that she is obsessed with the Becker family and he is tired that they are always inside his house and with his family taking all the attention he should rather get from his own wife. He now feels like a useless being to his family since everyone is now looking for a job and Carolina becomes so much affected with the words.
Santiago calls Damian to question him as to why he always makes decisions with his wife and daughter without letting him know about it. This really generate big argument between Santiago and his wife and he furiously tells her that he is tired of the backers always meddling in his home affairs like he is invisible.
Andres is able to investigate all about Raquel and he goes to the psychiatric hospital to know about Raquel’s secret and that is hiding her sister Cynthia from Damian and the family so no one will know she has a crazy sister. Entering Cynthia’s isolation ward, he sarcastically tries making fun of her and taking pictures of her and in the act, Cynthia almost strangled him had it not been the intervention of the nurse and she gets a relapse and they have to sedate her to sleep.
Raquel and Damian meet Gabriela and her husband and sarcastically tells Raquel that it seems she and the Alvarado family are living together now because they do things together making it look like more than friendship and wants to know if they are also sharing the same bed. Quickly, Raquel then stops her from making such comments because it annoys her, and also, she doesn’t know what is going on in her head but she and Damián are not that kind of couple and Gabriela says she is just jealous and that is why she made all this comment since now Carolina has replaced his friendship with her.
PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Santiago tells Raquel that he now realizes why Damián offered a job to Lola and Carolina never informed him and he thought that was the first time Carolina lied to him but it wasn’t so but she’s been lying to him all along because all those times she and Damián were already lovers.
Santiago does his best to give his little savings to Raquel so she could help herself with it now that all of her mother in law has cancelled all of her credit card and bank accounts.
Andres tries forcibly to make kiss to Raquel in the office but she struggles with him seriously 
Godoy tells Santiago that two or three years ago, Carolina went to see a nurse because she wanted to have an abortion and the midwife confirms that Damián went with her to do that but she never did it because she changed her mind the last minute and he thinks that baby could be his son Benjamin. Santiago then asks if he is trying to say his wife tried to abort his child and Godoy answers him that, calculating things by considering the fact that Damian went with her to do that abortion means a lot. Santiago then questions him is concluding that Benjamin isn’t his son but Damian’s.

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