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Fall Into Temptation Episode 21 Update on Monday 25th June 2018


THREE YEARS EARLIER BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Carolina becomes defensive after Lola confronts her as to why she came home with wet hair because it looks a bit strange and she lies that she did that to calm down her headache hair. She goes angry unnecessarily and Lola says she is only worried that ever since her mum started working she has no time taking care of them again and Carolina tells her that ever since she started working, everybody has started questioning her,
Carolina again becomes upset when Santiago tells her that Damián has other intentions concerning Lola and not that she only wants to offer her a job. she tells him that it is all nonsense because Damián has a daughter, who is Lola’s same age and will never have bad intentions about her.
PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Santiago takes Raquel home after picking her from the bar where she’s drunk herself to the fullest and arriving home, he takes her to her bedroom so she can relax but both fall down on the bed and quickly, Federico and Mia enter and look at them very angry and Santiago explains to Federico and Mia that their mother drunk too many and that he was just helping her to relax and had no bad intention.
Raquel apologizes to Santiago the next day for what happened and for putting him under stress after she drunk herself to the fullest and he asks her that it is all right and that Godoy told him that, two years before the accident, Carolina tried to have an abortion and that Damián was with her and that the police now want him to get a DNA test done on Benjamin but he doesn’t want to have it done because he is sure that Benjamin really is his son. There, Raquel reveals to Santiago that Andres tries to take advantage of her but she fled.
Santiago angrily goes to confront Andres on the issue and punches Andres in the face and warns him that if he dares meddles with Raquel or, with anybody else in his family, ever again, he will kill him. three years earlier.
Raquel speaks with her husband Damián that it seems they are getting distant, that they don’t do anything together anymore and much less, alone. With this, Damián invites her out to dinner and Raquel tells him she hopes nothing unexpected will turn up for him to cancel the dinner.
Santiago apologizes to Damián for his bad attitude towards him for thinking the worse about him towards her daughter Lola and he tells him that he had been thinking that Lola is no longer a child and that if she wants to work, he is not going to object at all.
Carolina speaks to Lola that she had not told her that she had a boyfriend. Lola tells her that she hadn’t told her because she never has time to spare for her and that, besides, she already spoke with her father about it.
PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Raquel encourages Santiago to get the DNA test done to know the identity of his son but Santiago get upset and asks her if she is trying to take his son away from him too as the police is doing but that isn’t Raquel’s intention but wants to know more about the infidelity of his husband.
Antonio listens to a recording in which Damián called the station to ask them for help and this was after the accident where by Carolina and he was still alive so what actually caused Carolina’s death.

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