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Fall Into Temptation Episode 21 Update on Tuesday 26th June 2018


THREE YEARS EARLIER BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Nico finds his mother’s pregnancy test and thinking it’s for Lola, she questions her if she slept with Juan or not and Lola answers him that the test tube is not hers but she will ask her mother about it. So, she goes to ask Carolina and she answers Lola that the test is hers but the pregnancy test looks negative.
Lola then tells her mother that she was about to become pregnant so she will have a little brother but in the same vein, she is advising her (Lola) to be careful so not to get pregnant which she doesn’t understand. Carolina explains to her that there is an abysmal difference between her situation and hers because she and her father are married whereas she is not and so regardless of what she may do, she has to take care of herself.
Carolina tells Damián she is not pregnant because the test came out positive but what worries her is that, Nicholas found the pregnancy test and gave it to Lola and that she has to make sure they won’t tell Santiago anything about it.
PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT:  Raquel still encourages Santiago to have the DNA TEST on Benjamin to know his actual status but Santiago tells Raquel she cannot take his son away from him because he is his life. Raquel replies him that is it not just his life since it is hers as well because she wants to know the truth about Benjamin, that it is not certain that he is his son as they did not know that Damián and Carolina had even bought a cottage and were lovers behind their back. Santiago still refuses to do it and Raquel walks out on him and goes to see Damian to tell him that she is sure Benjamin is his third child but she remembers asking him to let them have another child but he turned her down.
Lola receives threatening calls from Juan for having accused him to the police for bullying her and tells her he wishes her dead like her friend Patricia. Lola tells Laura that Juan has turned worse than ever and that he is threatening her. Laura then advices her she has to denounce him to the police so he can be free from his mistreatment and.
Santiago calls the police to ask them to do the DNA Test on Benjamin for him and Antonio looks really bad for him since Santiago’s problem refuses to end.
Raquel finds several signs of Damián and Carolina’s presence, in the cottage, as well as a photograph of them together in a bottle with several writings on the back their picture expressing their love for each other and promising themselves that their love will overcome all obstacles. Santiago then reveals to Raquel that Carolina was pregnant when she wrote this to Damian and Raquel tells him there is a possibility that Benjamin might be Damián’s son and not his.
Raquel, tearful, tells Santiago that Damián and Carolina used to go to bed together right in front of them and their children and these cheaters never care about anything and she can say that they are those who were obstacles to their being together.
Looking so hurt and vulnerable, Raquel removes her clothes in front of Santiago and tries to seduce him and at that same time, Vicente has arrived at the cottage watching the scene through the glass.

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