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Gangaa Episode 202 Update on Monday 18th June 2018


Shanta Dadi wipes her tears. She opens the door and comes out. She hugs her sister as she cries badly. Please forgive me. no one behaves like this even with their enemies. I did so bad with my own sister’s family. Amma ji tells her not to say so. She hugs Shanta Dadi. Shanta Dadi says you have a big heart. Anyone else would have thrown me out of the house. God made you a widow in young life yet you rule the house. I couldn’t take it. I got jealous. I created problems in your house. Please forgive me. You are really lucky to have kids like these. She apologises to Niru and Madhvi. I never wished that something should happen to the baby yet I did something unpardonable. Madhvi denies. Maybe we weren’t supposed to be blessed with another baby. Everyone is in tears. Amma ji assures Shanta Dadi that everyone has forgiven her. Sagar calls Ganga stupid. You were going to leave me alone? She says I had trust in you and Babu that you will stop us from going anywhere. Sagar smiles.

Shanta Dadi is all set to leave with her husband. Amma ji tells her sister to come here if her DIL or son troubles her. I would pray that they get sensible enough to respect you. Shanta Dadi calls Ganga smart. You are Kanta’s reflection. Always right, can never be wrong. Ganga adds that she doesn’t get angry like Amma ji. Everyone smiles. Shanta Dadi’s husband advises Sagar to look after his parents just like Niru takes care of Amma ji. Sagar nods. Shanta Dadi and her husband leave. Sagar and Ganga hold hands.

Ganga and Sagar have a cycle race. The same kids notice Ganga. She fought with us for that puppy. They chase her. Ganga very smartly makes them fall over a dustbin. The boys still follow her. Ganga reaches a dead end as she rides her bicycle. She picks up Jalebi Prasad as she gets down from her cycle. The kids surround her. They ask for Jalebi Prasad. She refuses. One of the kids try to snatch it from her when Sagar hits that boy. He stands in front of Ganga. I wont spare you if you try to touch Ganga of Jalebi Prasad. The kid asks him what relation he has with this girl. Sagar warns them to back off. One guy pushes Sagar. Sagar gets into a fight with him. The kid beats Sagar badly. Sagar is unable to breathe. Jalebi Prasad is being snatched away from Ganga. She tries to free Sagar but the other kids hold her back. Other kid pulls that kid away as they don’t want to get involved in any problem. They all run away from there. Ganga calls out for help but no one is around. Someone save my Sagar! She pulls him to a corner. He is badly hurt. Ganga keeps reassuring him. She leaves Jalebi Prasad with Sagar. I will go home and call babu and Bahu ji.

Ganga cries all the way home as she runs. Nothing can happen to Sagar. He cannot die. Niru is about to leave for court when Ganga reaches there. Niru, Madhvi and Raghav ji rush to that place with Ganga. They are shocked to see his state.

Sagar gets admitted in City Hospital. Doc shares that Sagar’s condition is critical. He had a heart attack. He is on ventilator. Everyone is stunned. Madhvi wants to meet Sagar. Doc says I told you much excitement is not good for him. He has a hole in his heart since birth. I know you take very good care of him but now we will have to do his surgery after the cardiac attack. Madhvi sits down in shock. Ganga looks at Sagar. Doc has no other option than surgery. Doc’s would wish that such surgeries should happen in atleast 15-16 years of age. He is pretty young. It is very risky for him. There is 80% risk. There are only 20% chances of his survival. You all should discuss and decide if you want to go ahead with the surgery or not. Ganga looks at Sagar. Doc leaves. Ganga thinks of what doc had said. It means Sagar will die? Niru thinks of going ahead with the operation but Madhvi denies. We might lose Sagar. Niru reasons that they have no other option. There are chances of his survival too. Amma ji rushes out. Ganga follows her.

Ganga follows Amma ji on the streets. She keeps crying for Sagar. She rushes to meet pundit ji. Ganga keeps asking her what she wants. Amma ji finally gets to know where her pundit ji is. She tells Ganga to leave her. Stop following me. where is Maharaj ji? Ganga points at a pundit ji. Amma ji goes to meet him. Please come with me. My grandson is in problem. Please save him. He goes to do a puja for some other family first. I will listen to you then. She pleads him to understand her. Sagar is hanging between life and death. Doc said that he wont live.

Precap: Pundit ji explains that Sagar’s death will only postpone when someone will put in vermilion of his name. Prabha, Madhvi don’t do it so Ganga puts vermilion on her forehead.

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