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Gangaa Episode 203--204 Update on Wednesday 20th June 2018


A few days later:
Ganga makes Sagar drink milk. She takes good care of him. Madhvi brings soup for Sagar. Ganga shares that Sagar doesn’t like soup. She makes Sagar eat Chips with her hands. Madhvi and Prabha observe them. Madhvi notices the closeness between Ganga and Sagar in the next days. Don’t know what Prabha said to Madhvi. She started disliking Ganga. She spoke to Niru about sending Sagar to hostel. Niru was already concerned for Pulkit. He got Sagar admitted to one hostel. Sagar and Ganga got separated. It hurt them a lot. Sagar packs his stuff. Ganga and Sagar think of their past moments. Sagar holds a kite in his hands. We will fly it together when I am back. She shows anklets to him. Make me wear them when you are back. He denies. He sits down to make her wear it right away. She smiles. He keeps one with him. I will make you wear it when I am back. She sits down next to him on floor. They both look at each other. They are sad. Ganga asks him if he will forget her. He teases her first. I cannot do it ever. They both don’t know how they will live without each other. She rests her head on his shoulder. They both sit there quietly.

Next morning, Niru and Madhvi find Ganga and Sagar sleeping in the same position. Madhvi thinks that her decision was right. It is good if Sagar stays away from Ganga. Niru picks up Sagar. He lets go of Ganga’s hand in his sleep. Ganga wakes up startled. She runs downstairs calling out for Sagar. Sagar hugs Ganga. Amma ji and Madhvi look at each other. Sagar and Ganga give each other last minute cute advises. Sagar cannot take his eyes off Ganga even when Amma ji or anyone else is talking to him. Everyone sits in the car except AMma ji and Ganga. Sagar and Ganga keep talking to each other as the car starts. Ganga runs along with the car holding Sagar’s hand for a while. She falls. They both call out for each other. Ganga is in tears. How will I live without you? I will manage though. I know you will come back. No one can stop Sagar from meeting Ganga. She opens a knot in her saree and puts vermilion in her maang. I will keep it always as I know nothing will happen to my Sagar till I put it.

10 years later:
Sagar went to Dehradun first and then to London. Ganga is waiting for Sagar’s return till then. She is doing B.A. She tops in Banaras. She thinks of Sagar whenever she wins any prize.

Mehri calls out for Ganga. Maharaj ji tells her to wait. She will come. She has never skipped the snan since Amma ji has asked her to keep fasts.

Ganga takes bath in Ganga river. Ganga talks to her friend (Pooja) about Aaradhya (those who we worship). My Aaradhya is only Sagar. Later, she puts vermilion in her maang when no one is looking her way. She hides it under her hairs. Ganga asks Kanha ji when her Sagar will be back. Till when will Pooja question me? Till when will I put vermilion in my head like this? When Sagar comes back, this Pooja will also understand that our relation is just likes yours.

Precap: Ganga tells Pooja about her relation with Sagar. Pooja tells her to ask Sagar directly if he loves you or not. Ganga says we both know it already.

Ganga finishes her puja and leaves with Pooja. Pooja can see Ganga loves Sagar with all her heart. But I worry for you. Sagar is in abroad. He might have changed. Ganga smiles at her. You worry too much for me. She tells Pooja about her relation with Sagar. Pooja tells her to ask Sagar directly if he loves you or not. Ganga says we both know it already. Jalebi Prasad barks. Ganga corrects Pooja. Sagar suggested me to call him JP. She plays with JP. A few men look wrongly at her. Ganga notices their stare. She directly asks them if they come here to tease girls. Should I call inspector and get you arrested? They leave from there fearfully. Pooja says you haven’t changed at all. Ganga says I have learnt it from my Bappa and Babu. Never be scared of injustice. She hears the sound of conch. It is 9:30.

Maharaj ji and Mehri hope Ganga comes soon. She only advises them what is to be done in kitchen and other work. Niru calls out for Ganga. She still isn’t home. Raghav ji tells Niru about his schedule for the day. Maharaj ji gives tea to Niru. Ganga and JP come just then. Ganga guides Mehri what clothes are to be washed how. Ganga next reprimands Niru for eating parathas. Niru remembers the young Ganga telling him the same. Ganga takes the plate away. She next questions Maharaj ji. Maharaj ji says Niru was asking for tea. Niru gulps down tea quickly. Ganga scolds Maharaj ji for giving tea to Niru. Babu has diabetes. He shouldn’t drink all that. Now he will have to drink bitter gourd juice. Raghav ji laughs. Niru murmurs that Ganga will not let him eat anything good. Ganga checks the key points of today’s case. There are 4 spelling mistakes. Niru asks Ganga why she does not speak in English when she knows it too well. She says she isn’t proficient in speaking. I will speak when Sagar is back. Raghav ji is irked with Ganga but she brings a smile on his face. I have to study LLB after BA. Madhvi calls out for Ganga. She tells Niru she has informed in his office that he shouldn’t be given tea with sugar. Niru smiles. The storm in house continues both the times when Ganga is in the house and not!

Ganga recalls what all Madhvi had instructed her. Madhvi gives her storeroom keys. You only handle them now. I don’t want to get in all this. Ganga is surprised. Madhvi says I want to rest. You only should look after this. Ganga looks at the key in her hand. She realises she is late. Amma ji will do puja now.

Amma ji mutters about Ganga. On the other hand, Ganga too is saying the same dialogues to herself. She remembers them all too well. Amma ji talks about widow life. A widow’s one day equals to a year. Ganga corrects her. I am not a widow. Amma ji recalls what happened 10 years ago. Ganga goes away on the pretext of doing some work. Amma ji is confused at her words. Sagar put vermilion in her maang in childhood. Is she still thinking about it? No, she has been denying her truth (of being a widow) since beginning. It was a game of childhood. Ganga isn’t foolish to accept it as truth. I am wrong to think so!

Ganga talks to JP. It wasn’t a game. I was right in saying I am no widow. She isn’t mistaken. She doesn’t know I still put vermilion of Sagar’s name in my maang. Sagar will tell her himself when he will come back. She shows the keys to JP. I got all responsibility. Now I will put it my saree and walk with pride, just like Bahu ji.

Pulkit is repairing something. He is calling someone side by side. Ganga teases him. You get so restless when Saloni Didi does not pick your phone. Call her later. Pulkit replies that he has called 25 times already. No reply. Ganga talks to him about his work. Pulkit replies he is only trying. I hope I succeed this time or papa will taunt me again. She shows off her keys to him. I only need a key ring for it. I will walk proudly then. She walks before him in a similar manner. He laughs seeing her thus. Ganga requests Pulkit to make her talk to Sagar. I have to tell him I got all the responsibilities of the house. It is Pulkit’s turn to tease her now. Is this the only reason to talk to Sagar? She looks for excuses. I have to ask about his exams. Pulkit shows him watch. She knows about the time difference already. He promises to make her talk to Sagar soon. I have got something for you. She drops the keys in shock.

Precap: A girl talks about Sagar. He is carefree and loves to give surprised. Sagar beats a few guys.

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