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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 306--308 Update on Wednesday 13th June 2018


Baji Rao proclaims Nanasaheb as his legal heir. Manson challenges Baji Rao's proclamation.
Alex comes in and tries to cool matters. He informs Manson that the East India. Company has accepted Nanasaheb as the legal heir of Bithoor. Manson warns Alex not to interfere in administrative matters.
Baji Rao threatens to lodge a complaint against Manson to the authorities at Fort Williams. Manson declares that the East India army had already surrounded the palace. Manson warns Laxmibai, Tatya Tope and Nanasaheb that if they planned to attack him, it would prove fatal to the people present at the palace.
A shocked Baji Rao suffers a cardiac attack and breathes his last. Before leaving for the next world, the Peshwa makes Laxmibai promise that she will protect Bithoor from the British. Manson orders his general to attack the palace. The general refuses citing rules of East India Company did not approve of such an act.  
A pall of gloom spreads all across Bithoor. The mortal remains of Baji Rao is cremated will all state honors.
Captain Caudwell warns Manson that any drastic step against Bithoor would prove fatal to entire East India Company throughout India.
After cremation, Baji Rao's ash is taken Nanasaheb for the post-funeral rites. A British official stops Nanasaheb from proceeding further with the pot.
Manson stops Nanasaheb from immersing Baji Rao's ashes in the river. He claims that the river belonged to the British and insults Nanasaheb by asking him to pay the tax if he wanted to continue with the immersion ceremony.
Laxmibai takes the pot from Nanasaheb and announces that the matter will be settled through war. If Bithoor wins, the British will pay respects to Baji Rao's ashes, Laxmibai asserts. Manson accepts the challenge and the war is scheduled for the next day.
Vainisaheb advises Laxmibai to guide Nanasaheb instead of getting involved in the war.
Laxmibai hands over a sword to Nanasaheb and vows to defeat the British. The armies of Bithoor and the Company face each other.
Nanasaheb duels with a Company commander. But flouting all rules, Company soldiers join the duel and take on Nanasaheb. Unable to control her anger, Laxmibai decides to join the duel.

Tatya Tope stops Laxmibai from joining the battle and asks her to guide the battle instead. Tatya Tope joins the fight. He fights bravely and fights back with equal fury.
Manson gets offended on seeing his army suffering defeat.
While trying to honor Baji Rao's mortal remains, Manson tries to kick the pot. However, Tatya Tope prevents Manson from fulfilling his aim.
Laxmibai manages to snatch the pot. Manson breaks the rules of the fight and asks his soldiers to attack the Bithoor army.
Bithoor's soldiers fights bravely and the war is won by them. Laxmibai also manages to defeat Manson. Laxmibai is magnanimous in her victory and asks Manson to save his life by running away. Laxmibai flings her sword and manages to slash Manson's leg.
Vainisaheb and Moropant witness the victory of Bithoor. Laxmi Bai proclaims Nanasaheb as the Peshwa. Nanasaheb gives Laxmibai the right to immerse Baji Rao's ashes.

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