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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 322--324 Update Tuesday 19th June 2018


Janki Bai offers to carry the bucket of milk meant for the shudhikaranceremony of the prince.
Nelson informs Manson that Janki Bai along with Lachcho would replace the pure milk for the shudhikaran ceremony with poisoned milk.
Lachcho Bai, disguised as a dancer, enters the palace. As Dai Ma and Sunder are busy preparing for the prince's shudhikaran,Lachcho's presence is unnoticed.
Gangadhar Rao and Laxmibai arrive in the court. Gangadhar Rao reveals his happiness at the birth of his son. Laxmibai names her son Damodar.
Lachcho manages to swap the milk vessel.
During the celebration, Sunder approaches Laxmibai and whispers something in her ears. Laxmibai gets shocked which leaves Nelson and Janki Bai on tenterhooks.

Gangadhar Rao praises Moti Bai for her performance during theshudikaran ceremony. Moti Bai gifts a tavis (band) to the prince for his protection.
The pandit asks Gangadhar to commence the shudikaran ceremony. Laxmibai along with prince Damodar and Gangadhar Rao proceed towards the bathing area.
Sunder bumps into Janki Bai who is also hurrying towards the place and accidentally drops a glass of sherbat on her. Janki Bai abuses her for her carelessness.
The shudhikaran ceremony begins. Gangadhar Rao unknowingly pours the poisoned solution in the milk tub. Gangadhar Rao and Laxmibai then immerse the baby in the tub as Janki Bai, Lachcho Bai and Nelson wait happily for the consequences. However, they are shocked on seeing the prince emerge out of the tub, alive.
Laxmibai informs Janki Bai that her plan to kill the prince was foiled as the poisoned milk pot was exchanged by Moti Bai when Sunder had dashed into her. Gangadhar Rao fumes with anger hearing the revelation.
A disguised Lachcho Bai flees from the palace. Gangadhar Rao forces Janki Bai to drink the poisoned milk as punishment. Before dying, although she doesn't specify names, Janki Bai confesses that she had accomplices in her crime.

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