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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 329--330 Update on Friday 22nd June 2018


 Gangadhar Rao summons the physician to treat Damodar.
On catching the snake, the snake charmer informs Nelson that the only way to remove the venom from the baby was to capture the snake alive.
At the palace, a pack of snake charmers try hard to catch the snake even as prayer and rituals are held for the recovery of the prince. The Rajvaidya informs Laxmibai regarding the deteriorating condition of Damodar. Laxmibai gets hysterical and yells at her servants to catch the snake as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, Nelson finds the snake and kills it.
The Raj Vaidya informs Laxmibai that the only way to save Damodar's life was to give him an antidote. At the doctor's clinic, Nelson breaks the last bottle of antidote and orders the British doctor not to examine any patient from Jhansi.
Alex learns about Nelson's visit to the doctor's clinic. Alex is surprised on hearing that Nelson has not left Jhansi.
A frantic Laxmibai along with Tatya Tope reach the doctor's clinic and demands the antidote. Laxmibai and Tatya Tope threaten the doctor to handover the solution. Alex stops them from threatening and requests the doctor to handover the solution. The doctor pleads inability.
At the palace, Gangadhar Rao prays fervently for the recovery of his son.

Damodar continues to battle for his life. The royal family keeps a constant vigil around the infant prince.
Meanwhile, Laxmibai tastes success in her search for the antidote at the English physician's clinic. She rushes to the palace with the antidote to treat Damodar. Tatya Tope and Alex follow suit.
Despite Laxmibai trying her level best, Damodar breathes his last. Gangadhar Rao and Laxmibai are hit by a bolt from the blue.
Moropant tries to comfort an inconsolable Gangadhar Rao, saying no one could challenge the will of God. Gangadhar Rao declares he had lost all faith in God.
Nelson rejoices at the success of his plan. As Jhansi plunges in gloom, the Company official's happiness knows no bounds.
Vahini Sahib tries to console Gangadhar Rao and Laxmibai. Gangadhar Rao reveals to her that the loss that he had suffered can never be compensated. Laxmibai has trouble coming to terms with reality. She tries to stop Gangadhar Rao from taking the mortal remains of Damodar for the funeral. Moropant has a hard time stopping Laxmibai.

Nelson mocks Alex on his failure to save the infant prince of Jhansi.
With a heavy heart, Gangadhar Rao buries his son. Laxmibai is shattered on watching the sight. Jhansi subjects pay their respects.
At Fort William, Nelson is honored with medals at his success.
Knowing well Nelson's greed for power, Lord Dalhousie promises to appoint him as the assistant general at Fort William if he succeeds in assassinating Gangadhar Rao.
The success of his plans to create havoc in Jhansi prince boosts Nelson's confidence to dethrone the rest of the kings in India. He reveals his plan to Alex and informs him that his dream of becoming a governor general of India was not that far. Nelson's disclosure leaves Alex stunned.
Gangadhar Rao is shattered and reveals to Laxmibai that after Damodar's death he didn't have any motive to live for. Laxmibai makes Gangadhar Rao understand that he had to perform his responsibilities towards Jhansi. She tries to convince him to accept Anand as his successor. 

Gangadhar Rao refuses to accept Anand as his legal heir.
Major Ellis accuses the British doctor of failing to save Damodar. Their conversation is overheard by a resident of Jhansi. He reveals it to others and soon the news spreads like wildfire. Nelson remains a mute spectator even as danger to the British physician's life increases.
The doctor flees from the mob baying for his blood and hides inside a church. Ellis tries to stop the mob but fails. On seeing Nelson, Ellis suspects it is part of Nelson's plan and rushes to the palace to get assistance.
On reaching the palace, Ellis informs Gangadhar Rao and Laxmibai. Gangadhar Rao is still disturbed and refuses to provide any help. However, at Laxmibai's insistence, he decides to accompany Ellis. 
Nelson too leads his army to protect the British physician. Gangadhar Rao too marches at the head of his army to ensure the safety of the doctor.
While thus involved, Nelson commands an officer to stab Gangadhar Rao. Laxmibai senses a mishap.

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