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Jukulumessu Update on Friday 15th June 2018


Jikulumessu:The Prostitution Ring Bursted!
The Character Sheila
Lemba was able to plan with her colleagues to be able to catch Sheila in the act of her brothel  with the help of Clydee,the catch got more interesting when she found hard drugs on thepremises.Sheila however was able to send an SOS Sms to William who was about to celebrate with Maghrita who wanted them to stop the business badly.

Lao Kim shed some tears as she remembered how Joel saved her from human trafficking way back,Joel also not giving up on his revenge plans on Bianca and even though he has failed in the recent past to deal with his archenemy,he looks forward to dealing wity her in future especially with the upcoming lunch of her new product .

Djemila will not appeal the court's decision,she resonates this at table with Joel and his  family.

Walter visit his daughter and they discuss his manager career and her latest product launch which she failed to reveal to his father.

Ruth repays Joel the money Joel gave her on loan but he refused to accept.she will be leaving the mansion but Nina is hopeful she will be back.

Nuno is really making money from his business,Djemila is sure her cousin is involved in a shady one that's why he cannot disclose the nature of the business  to her.

 Soraia and  Elena continue with their paln to nail Magharita,this excites Joel.

Pedro pay Greg a visit,he met Sara on his way as they discuss the reason why he is still in Luanda could either be for love or business,he later goes in to talk to his brother about the sale of the house in order to get his share or the money equivalent,Greg will pay him after the sales of the product Bsports and Exclusiva. about to launch.

Roberto is really happy his relationship with his wife is gradually getting back to how it used to be.

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