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Jukulumessu Update on Friday 29th June 2018


Jikulumessu:Joel is between life & death

There was so much anxiety in the air as no doctor came to speak with Djemila and the Kapalas,one of the doctors later came out and told them Joel will be going for operation and it  can go either way,Djemila feels so bad and doesn't know what she will do other than' follow him'.she wonders why Kim puts her life at risk for Joel,she told her Joel saved her life and will do anything to repay him. Bruno couldn't stop asking Jamb questions about the accident at the hospital.

Phillipe has been selected to play basketball with the team,Nina couldn't celebrate with him going by the circumstance,he understands and even volunteer to stay with her,he places a call to his mum to let her know he will be out.

Priscilla discovers lots of money in Nuno's house and she informs Djemila about it but she is not concerned and tell her to do anything she likes with it.

The influx of customers at Nayr's salon has increased  she was surprised ,Bruno couldn't  when he arrived   as the ladies sent him back.

Bianca is broken after the destruction of warehouse,she is very sure Joel did it.The next day she visits Musica and met Kim who told him Joel had an accident,she tells her she wishes him the worse and  will send flowers to his funeral if he eventually dies.

Flor was able to stop Paulo illusions that her marriage is troubled after he gave her a gift and offered to take her out.

Daniel Nambe is going to be a star as he was offered a job to anchor a show,Vanessa is really delighted about the idea.Hannah and her grandpa at the library and planning towards the take off.

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