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Jukulumessu Update on Monday 18th June 2018


Jikulumessu:William is next on the chopping board

Sheila mentions Williams name as her boss for the brothel,Lemba ask her for evidence and she has tellers of payment into his bank account to corroborate her evidence against him.

William s was already suspicious ,he  went to find out what was happening with Magharita doing the asking,the policeman who had been stationed to the house told her what had happened.

Walter is surprise Lemba still investigating her sister's death but Pedro made him realise the culprits can still be found despite the time lapse.

Greg is torn between his date with Sara and satisfying his wife ,Bianca.Boss lady will not take no for an answer so he had to cancel his date with Sara who didn't find it funny.The next day after their official meeting she taunts Greg with her lingerie in a box in his office,he was so frightened and doesn't want Bianca to find out,she warns him not to keep her waiting again else their sexcapades will be made public.

Sara makes sure she gets Bianca involved in every step of the product launch. 

Lemba arrive at Magharita's house and William went into hiding as he suspected her mission,he later came out and threatened her with a knife so he could escape but he was apprehended and taken to prison.

Magharita  informed Soraia of William's predicament and acted like she knew nothing about it and pleaded for it to be a secret but Soraia wasted no time to tell Bianca.

Joel and Lao Kim continue with their plan to mess up Bianca's product launch.

Nayr was happy to see Weza,the friends head to Nayr's house to gist. 

Jose and his weird movement again! His first stop was at Dieji and he promised to help Ivo take his tournament far.His grandchildren want to know what their grandfather up to but they couldn't as he caught them and took them back home.

Flor launched her book and Jose was late for the event,it was Paulo  and Vanessa who stood by her .Elena,Magharita and Soraia were also present.Jose later came but the book launch had ended.

Lui is sure Sara has a boyfriend and it's not just work that is keeping her late. 

Phillipe was able to be present for the Dieji tournament,even Jordao sneaked to play with an opposing team and even won the best player of the match,his father was surprised and left further talks till they got home.

Roberto is excited about his new house.

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