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Kuch Rang Episode 105--106 Update on Wednesday 13th June 2018


Dev sits in satyanarayan pooja. During pooja, Elena says Sona she needsd to go to bathroom. Sona shows direction. Elena searches bathroom and says Sona always confuses her. Vicky comes and starts misbehaving with her. Sona comes to Elena’s rescue and warns if he was not Dev’s brother, she would have hit him with slipper. After pooja finishes, Neha and Ranveer touch Ishwari’s feet. Ishwari says she kept pooja for their peaceful future. Elena says Sona that she will leave now. Sona goes out to see off her. Dev goes out and start coversing with Sona. Sona says since she started loving him, she saw just only him, but today she saw another person also. Dev jealously asks who is it. She says mom/Ishwari, mom was very happy seeing her son sitting for
pooja. Dev says it is all because of her insistence and thanks her for making him see mom’s happiness. Ishwari comes searching Dev and stands in a shock sadly hearing their conversation.
Nikki pulls Ranveer’s legs that he should leave Neha free here. Ranvee says by all means. Mama scolds Radha to taste prasad and not hog it like food. He says he is very happy seeing his sister happy, she wil come and tell Dev sat in pooja for the first time, she is very happy. Ishwari passes without speaking. Radha calls her to have prasad. Ishwari leaves ignoring her. Mama thinks what happened to her. Ishwari goes to her room and goes into flashback where Dev refuses to sit in his father’s shraad pooja and says he will never pray god again, god took back his papa even after mom prays repeatedly to save papa. Mama tells Ishwari time will heal everything. Ishwari comes out of flashback and thinks neither time nor she changed Dev’s bleief, Sona who came just some days ago changed it.
Mamaji continues scolding Radha for hogging prasad. Ishwari comes and sits. Radha offers prasad. Ishwari says no. Mama says he will bring another bowl. She says she tasted already. Mama says she must be happy seeing Dev’s belief returning back. Ishwari says she is and they can discuss different topic, says she is tired and will rest and leaves from there. Mama sits is a surprise.
Nikki and Ria continue pulling Ranveer’s leg and suggests him that Neha likes Paris a lot and he should take her to Paris for honeymoon. Ranveer looks at Neha’s face nervously.
Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and asks if she is happy that he sat for pooja. She angrily replies weirdly. He says she must be tired and hungry, so he will bring something to eat, goes to kitchen. He sees Sona there and drags her towards fridge suddenly. She gets scared and says he scared her. She asks what if someone sees them. He says no one will. He opens fridge and says he needs something for mom as she is tired and looks hungry. She says it is obious after a tiring day and she already made snacks and was taking to mom’s room. He says he is getting for client meeting then and leaves.
Sona takes snacks and lemon juice to Ishwari’s room and asks if she is so tired. Ishwari says it is none of her business. Sona says Dev, Mr. Dixit is worried about her. Ishwari says she does not have to and asks her to go out, she will call her if needed. Sona leaves sadly.
Radha hears Dev’s car sound and acts as sleeping. Dev comes with food and asks her to have food. She says why should she. He pampers her. She says when he was a child, he never used to go away from her, not even let her go to bathroom, not let her talk to someone, and even fought with mama that his mom can tie rakhi only to him. Now he has grown up and she has to realize that everyone has rights on him and not only her. He says he has started an award to help poor children whose parents cannot afford their study expenses, he does not want anyone face situation which they faced. He says it is in her name and he wants her to distribute it. She says she will wear his gifted sari. He leaves. She thinks he loves her so much, then why did not he tell her about Sona yet.
gives medicine to Neha and asks her to rest. His nephew and neice enter and start searching books. Bhabhi comes and asks Neha to switch on light to search their books. Neha switches on light, gives them books and says Ranbeer will teach children, they can go and prepare food. Bhabhi says she should rest. Neha says it is okay and goes out. Ranbeer feels guilty.
Sona at her home looks at Ishwari’s pic on her mobile and reminisces Ishwari getting very happy when Dev agrees to sit for pooja and saying she does not care who convinced her son, but she is very happy, then changing her tone towards Sona after knowing Sona convinced him. Elena comes and strikes conversation with her. Sona then clicks selfie and sends it to Dev. Dev replies she looks pretty in lemon yellow dress. She replies from when he got color conscious. Their conversation continues. Nikki comes and start conversing with Dev. Neha also comes and their conversation continues. Neha asks who is the girl in his life. Ishwari comes and says no one yet, else Dev would have ifnormed her first. Dev asks Neha if she came alone. Neha says Ranbeer dropped her here.
Later, Ranbeer takes Neha to see a flat and asks how is it, if she does not like, they can check 2-3 more flats. She says it is pretty, but they don’t need to change house. He says his family insisted to shift and he wants them to spend time together alone and know each other well. Neha gets happy. Broker comes and asks if they want to see more flats. Neha says this is final. Ranbeer asks when they can shift. Broker says in 1-2 days.
Sona comes for work. Dev standing near door says Dev bhaiya left already. She says she was restless to meet him. He says even he is restless to meet her as he could not drop her home, those are his day’s best moments. She asks if he has important work in office that he is going early. Ishwari comes down and asks Dev if he is ready, how is she looking in his gifted sari. He says every sari looks good on him. Sona says she is looking pretty, if she is going somewhere. Ishwari says none of her business, she will come back by afternoon and leaves with Dev. Sona feels sad.
Precap: Dev promises Sona that he will drop her home tonight. Ishwari hides behind door and hears their conversation.

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