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Kuch Rang Episode 111--112 Update on Monday 18th June 2018


Sona wakes up early in the morning worried for Dev. Dev repeatedly in sleep says Sona don’t leave me alone. Ishwari sadly says his mother is here. Radha comes and asks her to go and rest. Ishwari says no. Radha leaves murmuring nobody listens to her. Elena wakes up and sees Sona awake and asks if Dev called her. Sona says no. Elena asks her to call Nikki and check. Sona says at 7 a.m., what will she say Nikki, she should directly tell that she is her bhabhi and is worried for Dev. Elena says she will be going for work after sometime, so she should stop worrying. Sona says she will go right now.
Mamaji comes to Dev’s room and scolds Ishwari to go rest as he cannot handle 2 ill people, he will call her when Dev wakes up. Ishwari leaves. Sona comes
for work and asks Bhola how is Mr. Dixit. Bhola says mamaji told Dev’s fever is down now and he is taking tea for mamaji. Sona takes tea to Dev’s room. Mamaji asks why did she bring tea. She asks how is Dev. He says he is fine. She says he must be tired and should go and rest. He says he just came some time ago, but Ishwari was awake whole night taking care of Dev. Dev opens eyes and smiles seeing Sona. Mamaji asks how is he. Dev says fine. Mamaji goes to inform Ishwari. Radha comes and asks Sona what is she doing here. Sona stands nervously.
Ishwari comes to Dev’s room hurriedly and asks Sona what is she doing 3 hours earlier. Sona asks if she needs breakfast. Ishwari says yes but on usual time and asks her to go out. Radha tells Ishwari she saw bengalan coming in, so she stopped here to stop her from talking to Dev. Ishwari goes to Dev and reminisces him repeatedly calling Sona. Dev sees her and holds her hand and asks not to go away and sleeps on his lap. He says Sona took care of him with cold cloth compresses for a long time. Ishwari says she should have called her as she knows what her son needs.
Ranveer comes home and Neha shows him catalogue and says where they will keep TV, fridge and furniture. Ranveer just looks at her face.
Ishwari feeds breakfast to Dev. Dev says where is his phone, why did not it ring yet. Ishwari says because she switched it off, gives phone and asks him to check mails and switch it off again. He checks Sona’s message that she is worried about him and eager to talk to him. He looks out smiling. Ishwari notices that.
Once Ishwari leaves, Dev goes out. Sona stops him and Dev says someone will see them. She says she wanted to take care of him and if he had informed his family about them, they would not have to hide their love. He says he will speak to mom first. He goes to Ishwari’s room and says he needs to tell her something.
Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and tells her that he wants to tell her something since a long time. She asks what took him so long. He says she is most important to her and he can bear business loss or anything, but cannot see disappointment for him in her eyes. She says he is her elder son and her hope. He asks if he can tell. She says yes. Garib ki Beti Radha listens to their converssation standing near door and stuffing her mouth with dry fruits.
Sona reaches home. Bejoy holds her hand and says when daughters grow up, they become friends. Sourav says this line is for sons. Bejoy says even for sons, but he is football. Sourav feels bad. Bejoy says after Sourav and Elena, if she feels like sharing her feelings, she can with him as a friend. Sona nods yes and
thinks why she is hesitant to inform her family about Dev.
Radha drops her dry fruit box and Ishwari hears it. Radha runs from there. Ishwari asks Dev what he wants to say. He says tomorrow he has audit at office and he has to go to office, so he does not want her to stop him. She asks repeatedly that is all. He says yes and leaves nervously thinking why can’t he speak to mom about Sona.
Sona eagerly waits for Dev’s call at night. Dev calls her and she asks how is his fever, if he checked it. Dev says he is fine and if she wants he will click thermometer pic and send her. She says it is okay. He says he could not gell maa about her. She asks if he is still doubtful about her. He says no. She says they are making mistakes by hiding about their love from their families. Dev says he will inform maa about them tomorow.
Ishwari in her room reminisces Dev’s possessiveness for her in childhood and discussing everything with her and cries holding Dev’s pic that he has grown up so much that he is hiding things from her. Mama comes and reminds her how they used to run in childhood. She says she was of 5 then and now 50. He says doc says people of their age should be active and do something, so they both are going to Lodhi garden for a walk. Ishwari says he is right, she has to keep herself busy. She goes to kitchen, gives money to Bhola and asks him to go home for sometime. He asks if he did any mistake. She says no, he is good, but she is getting bored sitting idle, so wants to cook for family. She used to do all house chores earlier, now she has to just cook. Bhola accepts mone, touches her feet and leaves.
Dev comes home in the evening and calls Bhola. Ishwari cooking on traditional stove says Bhola went home. Dev comes to kitchen and is shocked to see her cooking on old stove and asks what is she doing. She says she has decided to work and until she works, she will be healthy. He says how can Bhola leave without informing, he will call agency and hire another worker. Ishwari says no need and her words are final. Dev stands dumbstuck.
Precap: Sona asks Dev if he spoke to mom. He says he will. She says when, she does not think he is sure about her and does not want to discuss about her. 

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