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Kuch Rang Episode 113--114 Update on Tuesday 19th June 2018


Sona comes for work in the morning and asks Dev if he spoke to mom about them. He says not yet, but will soon. She says she does not think he is serious about her and does not want to discuss about her with family. He asks why is she fighting with her.. She walks a bit and act as sticking her dress to plant pot. Dev comes and frees her dress and asks why she is not understanding. She says their family should know about them. He says he will speak to mom soon.
Ria comes to kitchen and sees Ishwari cooking on traditional stove. She scolds her why she is working on old stove and exerting herself. Ishwari asks if she speaks to her friends. She says yes via social network. Ishwari says even she was missing her old friend stove and is working with it. She asks her
to go for work now. She walks out of kitchen and sees Sona outside. Sona gets in and asks why is exerting herself. Ishwari says her work is to look after her diet and not what she does and she should not bother even her children, she used to work at home and then 5 other houses, she will not get tired. Radha while munching cucumber tells Ishwari that now a days girls will always be loyal to parents and don’t respect in-laws. Sona asks Ishwari to call her if she needs any help. Radha yells why will she call her instead of family members and asks her to mind her business. Ishwari tells Radha, she was right, girls always are loyal to parents and not in-laws. Radha leaves smirking.
At Sona’s house, Sourav tells Elena that Sona should tell about Dev to her family. Elena says boy always should inform his family first and then girl will inform her family. Sourav says she Sona should not hide this from family. Asha hears that and asks what is Sona hiding from her. They both say she is hiding nothing. Asha asks them not to lie.
Sona standly stands aside reminiscing Ishwari insulting her often. Radha comes and taunts that during her times, they did not have a job where they get paid in lakhs just for doing nothing. Sona says she will go home now. Radha asks without completing her. Ishwari says let her go as her work is done.
Mamaji goes to kitchen and says Ishwari he was searching her in her room and asks why is she exerting herself instead of resting, if she has any problem. Ishwari says nothing. He asks why is she lying. She turns and says no…He says Sonakshi. Ishwari turns. He says her doubt about Sonakshi is correct and says they teach children to walk holding their hand and when they start running, they leave children’s hand. She should understand Dev has grown up and can take decisions of his life without her.
Dev comes home and sees Ishwari coughing and cooking on traditional stove. He asks what is she doing. She says none of his business, why is he troubling her, this house is even hers. He asks what happened, why is she talking to him like this. She asks him to go out and let her alone. He walks out tensed.
Sona in her room continues thinking how Ishwari insults her often. Dev calls her and she does not pick. He calls her repeatedly. She picks and he says why she is ignoring her. She says phone was in silent mode. He says she is lying and asks what did he do, if mom told her something, mom is angry on her. She says she did not tell anything and says he did not tell mom about her yet and she feels he is not sure about her. He says both women of his life don’t understand him. Their conversation continues.
Sona emotionally tells Elena that Ishwari is angry on her and Dev and Dev still did not tell about them to Ishwari. Elena tries to console her. Sona says she does not think Dev loves her much and does not want to marry her, so he did not tell mom about them. The time he took hiding their relationship, he would have told about them 4 times. She continues pouring out her heart. Asha hears their conversation and says she heard their conversation and is okay with Sona’s choice, so she will inform Daadi and Bejoy about Dev. Sona says no..
Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and tries to speak, but she ignores him and walks out. Dev hires a new cook, but Ishwari asks him to go. Dev comes and Ishwari asks cook to tell Dev that she does not need anyone in her kitchen.
Dev says Bhola will be come in some time. Ishwari says she does not need interference and needs peace.
Ranveer takes Neha to their new home and says mom told they need to follow rituals. He picks her and takes her in. She asks him to get her down and laughs. Their romantic nok jhok continues…
Sona goes to work. Dev waits for her and says he wants to talk to her, mom is not talking to him at all. She says it is his mistake that he did not tell mom about them since so many days. He says she knows the situation at home, he will tell mom soon. Sona goes in.
Sona goes to kitchen. Ishwari asks what she should prepare for herself. Sona says she can have paranthas but without oil. Ishwari asks what is the use of preparing parantha then. Sona says she can have methi. Ishwari ssays it is finished. Sona says she can have bottle gourd. Ishwari says there are so many vegetables, but not even one of her choice. Sona asks her to have palak and says she will prepare better chart for her. Ishwari yells she will and asks her to go and do her work properly. Sona leaves sadly. Ishwari thinks why she is scolding Sona for Dev’s mistake, then thinks what if she would have told Dev not to tell about their love. Radha comes starts chatting that she cannot see her working in kitchen all the time, but she prepares tasty food and she is enjoying it. She asks what will she prepare in sweets. Mamaji comes and scolds Radha that instead of helping Ishwari, she is putting burden on her. Ishwari says she will prepare Radha’s favorite sweet. Radha thanks her and leaves yelling at mamaji. Mamaji asks Ishwari what she is troubling herself so much, he cannot see her like this.
Asha cooks in kitchen sadly. Bejoy brings sandesh sweet and feeds it to daadi and her. She says she wants to tell something. Bejoy asks about Sona. She says yes, Sona found a life partner. Daadi asks if he is handsome. Bejoy asks if he is Bengali. Asha says Dev babu. Dadi says he is very handsome. Bejoy says he is okay with this alliance. Asha says she is worried if Sona will be accepted in Dev’s house. Bejoy says they should trust their daughter.
Dev comes home and Ishwari asks him to have food. She says she is not hungry. He says even he is not hungry. Mamaji asks Ishwari not to stretch the issue. Dev comes back after changing and asks mamaji why he told mom not to stretch the issue, what did he do. Mamaji says he should not have hidden something so long. Dev asks what did he hide..then asks Sonakshi. Mamaji nods yes.
Precap: Dev tells Ishwari that he did mistake by hiding that he and Sona love each other and spend life together.

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