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Madhubala Episode 174--175 Update on Monday 18th June 2018


Part 1

Madhu is sitting lost in thoughts.. n RK comes She says..when she is troubled..she sits on Stairs. n RK asks..if she gets solutions thru stairs?

RK says..he never praises anyone elses performance but today Madhu made him proud..! He feels guilty about him forcibly taking 4 pheras.. with Madhu ..n says.. he had left no stone unturned to insult her.. ! Madhu asks him not to think of it! She reminds him she had fought against all his misdeeds! She he applied RK-balm on all his misdeeds n it din feel that bad..! RK holds Madhu n says Biwi n Madhu says.. AHAN!

Dips reads the headlines praising.. Paddo-Madhu .on the court drama! Sikky comes n says..he had brains but lost them.. after marrying Dips! He sees paper n says..whole family pic has come except theirs..!

Paddo is sitting all hassled.. when Madhu comes.. n asks her to have tea! Trish asks her to calm down as well.. ! Paddo asks them to leave her alone.. ! Right then.. RK-Radha-Roma come..!

Radha and Roma ask Paddo to agree to complete the incomplete rituals.! RK calls out SASURJI n Shammo appears.! RK asks.. him to do his DEED .. before Paddo starts crying..[like Madhu] Shammo tells Paddo that.. what has happened is good.. n what will happen is also good ..n puts sindoor on her forehead!

RK says.. time for legal formalities n calls his lawyer.. for registration! Roma puts a ganpati bappa locket necklace around Paddo..! RK declares that they are going for Family picnic!

Madhu is packing all of RKs stuff. .n then is about to pack her stuff when RK comes n takes it all out .. lifts her up n puts her in the suitcase! He says.. thats all he needs…! Madhu says..thats all? His shirts n pants? RK says..they have to increase their TRP so ..better not joke..!

RK says.. all are coming.. Maleeks.. Bhatiyas n all..! Madhu calls RK close n RK puts the suitcase flap on her !

Radha asks Dips if all packing done? She says yes..! Sikky is putting on cricket uniform! Bittu says really? Sikky says ..he will come n beat Bittu at cricket! He hits.. the ball thrown by Bittu for a run..!

Dips rues.. Mota parviar.. Dukhi parivar..! She adds drinks in the pepsi bottle n it is hit by the ball Sikky has hit! Bittu comes n smells.. drinks..! Dips tries to hide..! Bittu asks Sikky to call Kuku n looks at Dips n leaves!

Part 2

Madhu tells her mom that they are coming thru alternate route as RK felt this would be jam! The call gets cut! RK says.. line is not available .. but he is..!

Madhu says.. PP network operator [Pyare Pati] .. why taking shortcut? RK says..else did be stuck..! Duo bicker about the route..! He says.. she is lucky to be with superstar RK ..who has done favour on her by saving her from jam n the route..! RK says..she too is his fan n Madhu says. .no..not ur fan!

Part 3

RK keeps driving looking at Madhu n leaves the steering wheel… n says.. Madhu to say she is his Fan .. out loud! Madhu is scared n says.. she is his fan . n I LOVE U! Rishbala eyelock!

Precap — Rishbala arrive at village…! All are excited..! They meet a guy in college who. .says.. RK is not hero..! Madhu tells RK that there are many out there who are not RKs fans!

Part 1

RK tells Madhu to scream out loud she is his fan n Madhu does.. so n says.. I LOVE U! Madhu ends up losing control of car and the car skids off road n stops..! RK goes to check..!

RK opens the bonnet n his face is all greased .. coz of the fumes.. from the cars radiator! Madhu smiles n is about to click his pic n RK fumes! He puts some grease on Madhus face n she looks like his fan after all a fan is colored in the color of their star! [Aab lag rahi ho.. Fan no.1]

RK is checking the car when bullock cart passes by n kids see n scream.. RK .. Superstar RK . .n RK shows off to Madhu The kids discuss where to take autograph n a girl offers her hand..! RK asks for pen. .but f inally uses the grease on his face to sign the girls name!

One of the kids say..his dad is mechanic.. n is at the village..! RK asks time needed to reach n kids says.. 1 hour..! RK sees his moby n no network .. n Madhu says.. number dialed is not available.. but the buddha.. bullock cart driver is useful..!

RKs feet falls on cow dung n he says. SHIT and Madhu says..correct!

RK manages to get on the cart after lot of effort! Madhu n kids smile! Kids scream.. out how Superstar RK has come! RK says.. the kids are devils n Madhu says.. dare call OUR kids devils… n says.. the boy is like her n girls are like him…! Madhu says.. the one after whom world is crazy is crazy about her!

Sikky – Servants play cricket..! Radha tries RK-Madhus number but it does not go thru! Radha suggests to go for picnic! Dips makes excuse of headache! She asks Sikky to stop n goes off..!

RK-Madhu arrive at the village.. ! All kids identify him! The bullock cart driver introes RK ..n even the women identify! They ask for Pandey Mechanic but he is at other village..! The village leader comes ..n refuses to acknowledge RK! Madhu tells RK that there are many like her who are not RKs fans!

The kid introes the leader to RK but RK gwaffs n Madhu takes his blessing n RK too! Villagers suggest to stay at the leaders house but the leader asks why? Finally he relents after being threatened by his grandson … cutely..n asks RK-Madhu to come!

Part 2

The leaders wife.. checks out RK … n Madhu! Asks.. RKs name n he says Rishabh Kundra..! The grandson introes the duo to his grandma n she pulls Madhu inside! RK follows..!

The wife tells Madhu to teach RK some hand-job there is no guarantee of film line! She tells Madhu ..that she is superstar material.. n has superstar name..! RK fumes n Madhu smiles!

Part 3

The lady asks RK-Madhu to relax..! RK is about to switch on the AC ..when leader needs to be cleaned as last operated ages back n RK taunts her! Madhu offers to clean the AC…! They leave! RK is fuming!

Precap — The kids ask RK to dance..only when they will give him a con! RK is wearing dhoti and dancing on Dabang song…! Madhu smiles..!

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