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Three Sides of Ana Episode 34 Update on Thursday 14th June 2018


Free Spirit quits and Maribel is the new top dancer

Santiago feels guilty

BadAna misses a photo and freaks, she remembers Marcelo crying at home telling her he killed in cold blood, someone who betrayed him. She draws the obvious conclusion, given her betrayal,  that he is gonna kill her and the missing photo is a message.
Later Abue notices the missing photo too.

Abue’s friend tries to convince old flame to give Abue a second chance but no go, he’ll never forgive her

Jenny’s brother and Ev stop by BadAna’s beach house to tell them all  there’s  a witness who saw 2 women in the bldg. just before Jenny fell and before the architect got on the plane to take his important and last minute business trip he called the police and reported seeing 2 women fighting in the upper floors of the bldg. before Jenny fell. Bad Ana wants no more investigating, and tioM agrees. She tells Jenny’s bro he can have Ev keep investigating if he wants but will that really make him feel better?

Ramiro has heard about Jenny’s death and he remembers her being nice to him and kicking his ass into gear re going after Llora after he broke up w/Gina.

Inaki and Javi’s dad tries to get FreeSpirit to realize life goes on even when a love affair ends by telling her all about his short love story w/Inaki and Javi’s mom.

Maribel’s routine must not have been all that great b/c Anibal isn’t sure now about giving her the top spot even though she promises to practice lots and lots and be better than Analu. Inaki’s dad brings FreeSpirit in to make a group apology and ask for another chance and Anibal agrees.
FreeSpirit and Maribel do a routine and its great!

Sole and Remedios make dinner and convo. Sole says if Remedios won’t keep her secret she’ll take FreeSpirit and run. Remedios says they can’t cause Santiago’s coming back. Sole tells her about SantiMarc being married, not to Jenny, but to Analu’s identical sister. Remedios is pretty upset that Sole knew SantiMarc all this time and lied about it and isn’t too sympathetic when Sole says SantMarc was going to send her to jail like a common criminal. She, Remedios, is gonna tell the truth and she, Sole, should do the same.
Sole tries to convince Remedios to keep quiet by pointing out how sad FreeSpirit will be when she realizes she’s in love w/her cunado.
Sole wins Remedios will keep quiet.
(During this long convo a few things occur to me. BadSeed may have been happier and saner living w/Sole as an only child w/o any sibs to compete w/for love and attention. Also that Sole may be right about God sending Analu to her to care for and raise, she seems to have done a pretty good job, FreeSpirit is the most mentally balanced of the three girls and the savviest too.)

Some dude w/a gun follows SantiMarc to his hotel and tries to ambush him in his room. 
SantiMarc takes his gun and knocks him out and then heads out.

BadAna is scared and wants to get out of Costa P. but Now. She convinces TioM and everyone else that its best for him to get away from all the memories, and that Jenny wouldn’t want him moping around over her.

Inaki and Ramiro meet in the elevator. Again. This time they talk bout Jenny’s death. Ram suggests Inakie have a mass w/the other employees for Jenny. Inaki isn’t enthused about the ideas but he bums another ride. 

Bad Seed and Ev meet at Marcelo’s grave to discuss how Marcelo isn’t in there and it’s a problem. BadAna tells how he was in her house when she was at Jenny’s funeral. And Ev goes ‘yeah about Jenny, it wasn’t the architect who was the witness, it was Marcelo, he was first on the scene and found Jenny’
BadAna wants to know if Marcelo saw what happened, and Ev replies only Marcelo knows if Jenny fell or was Murdered by YOU! Also admits he made the story about the witness seeing two women fighting in the bldg. up to see her reaction and it was a good one, she’s all pale and trembling even now.
BadAna claims she was in Mexico w/her fam when Jenny died and Ev is glad she’s got her alibi all ready he tells her how his guys found Marcelo w/Jenny and there was a shootout and a guy died, but don’t worry they cleaned up real good. BadAna gives him a check and promises another if he will find her husband and keep him from hurting her. Ev’s her man.

Valentin cries over Gina’s photo and remembers how money hungry she was and how he couldn’t please her w/an ordinary job w/an ordinary salary.
Val heads out and Ramiro breaks in.

SantiMarc shows up at the graveyard and points his gun at Ev who says ‘I was waiting for you, Santiago’
SanMarc responds ‘why don’t you call me by my real name, and I don’t mean Juan Carlos Beltran.’

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