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Three Sides of Ana Episode 35 Update on Monday 18th June 2018

The “new Marcelo” accuses Evaristo at gunpoint of having concocted one heck of a despicable lie.  Ol’ Ev as usual can explain.  SanMarco tells him that his mind may not remember much but his muscles and instincts are totally on top of things; the man in front of Ev now is very capable of pulling a trigger, so don’t test him!  (Yeah, you’re just as likely to have pigs fly with this old windbag!)  Ev starts spinning another one. 

• Evaristo puts the blame on SanMarco for not following his directions and going with the man at the airport like he told him to.  Oh, and that explains why he lied about that picture he gave him, and lying bout her being his wife. Then she’s lying dead in a construction site while two are trying to kill him?  Ev tells him if he’d wanted him dead he’d have been dead a long while back already. ---(NOT!  It’s no wonder Marcelo’s alive with the group of half-baked wannabe crooks this guy’s got on his payroll!  Ev thinks a bit too highly of himself in this biz.)  No, Marcelo Salvaterra had numerous enemies.  Could have been any one of them…..

• At the same time, Ramiro breaks a window to enter Valentin’s hole-in-the-wall apartment.  He sees what a dump it is and notes all the liquor bottles –Yup, he’s an alchy.  He then sees the pictures of Ana Laura plastered over the wall and realizes this dude’s not only a fortune-hunter but a stalker who’s had this developing relationship planned all along.  (Duh-duh-duhhhh!!!)

• And, TinTin’s stalking Mariano right now.  He has a flashback to Gina racing over to tell him that she’s been outed as a fortune hunter and TinTin’s lover, and now Mariano Alvarez Castillo is after her, ready to kill her. Ok, back to the present and Tintin’s thinking well, now the shoe’s on the other foot and old Mo now knows what it’s like to lose the love of your life. The beauty of this though, is that TinTin didn’t have to move a finger this time cuz it was simply divine justice.  Of course, he tells himself, ol’ Mo’s hell has not even yet started!

• Ram gets the phone call he’s been waiting for from Orlando.  He’s got the proof he’s been telling the truth about knowing Ana Lucia and where she is.

• Iñaki suggests planning a (brown-nose-worthy) memorial for the boss’s dead fiancée.

• Ev tells SanMarco he was only trying to protect Ana Lucky and her mama from the menace that is Marcelo Salvaterra.  Not to mention he did not want her to find out that he’s actually married to one of her sisters.  "--Oh yeah?  So then who was the woman in the picture you told me was my wife?"  Ev lies that she thought highly of Marco and begged Ev to save him.  It was all her idea…..And his real wife doesn’t suspect he’s really alive—or why would she continue to bring fresh flowers to his grave?  Why she was just there crying and praying on her knees only minutes before Marco showed up.

Ev insists he’s not doing anything that would put his “granddaughter” in danger.  Even though she’s not blood—anymore than Remedios is blood to Santi—there’s still a tie that binds him to Soledad, who has raised her well and given Ana Lucky a terrific happy, healthy and carefree life.  She loves her like her own.  He’s got a point there, and neither Viewerville nor SanMarco can deny it.  (We’d like to since she did pretty much kidnap the girl—but we know A Lucky'd be one messed up mental case if she’d been returned to live with scheming Ana MiMi on her back all the time.  She really did luck-out.)

Ev explains that the new Marcelo has had a chance to see the two of them regularly and observe that A Lucky isn’t a poor defenseless orphan and Soledad isn’t the monster that old Marcelo thought she was.  Now he sees the situation the same way that Evaristo saw it all along.  “—Who are we, son, to separate those two and destroy what exists between the two of them?”  --And, if Santi ever tries he’ll know what a real enemy is!  “—Oh, and the next time you point a pistol at me you won’t be so lucky.  I owed Marcelo a debt.  He saved my life once, but that debt is now paid.”  Ev walks off and Santi sees his two grandsons come walking out from the trees with pistols in their hands. 

•  Sole is looking in the want-ads.

• Ram picks up an envelope with the proof Orly promised inside it.

• Ernestina and A MiMi discuss Mo’s mental state with Leonor.  She talks Erni into letting her stay with him at his house “to keep him company” for a while.  Leo isn’t havin’ it.

• Up in her room, AMiMi decides to stay an entire month with Mo.  She knocks over Marcelo’s photo and then remembers the night she found Marco crying about killing someone in cold blood because he’d betrayed him.  That turned her on that night and the two made love on the couch.  She never stopped loving him but now realizes she’s better off without him.  She proceeds to break the frame to bits.

• After Evaristo is gone, SanMarco has a flashback about killing some guy who stole money from him/the business?  Marcelo tells him not to talk trash about his friend and then shoots him dead as a doornail.  Splat! Kerplunk!  He checks the dead man’s pocket and finds a note “Soledad Hernandez”, then goes into the bedroom where he finds Ev tied and gagged.  He unties Ev and the guy is crying that the man killed his granddaughter and was going to kill Ev also.  Just then a woman with a little boy and a baby in her arms walks in.  The boy asks what he did to his daddy.  Santi tells himself then that he doesn’t know who that Marcelo Salvaterro was nor all the evil he might have been capable of, but he’s going to make every effort to see that he never returns ever!  With that, he throws the pistol (stoooooopid thing to do) into the river/ocean/laguna?

• That night, Leonor tricks Ana Llora and takes her to show her something at the little chapel.  Ram shows up.  He gives Ana Llora her sister’s little gold I.D. bracelet [esclava].  She’s thrilled to see it.  He then tells her he’s seen a photo taken of her about a year ago.  It was the same dude who gave him this.

• Mo is alone at home thinking back to a meeting with TinTin, him and Marcelo.  Marc’s reporting to TinTin. that it wasn’t Mariano who was to blame; rather, it was Marcelo who trusted somebody who cheated him.  However, the man who killed Gina has now payed for what he did.  

Marco leaves and Mo talks to TinTin alone.  He tells him they found out who Gina Ramirez really was, thanks to him: she was in prison for fraud. She had stolen the insurance money we’d given you for the accident you suffered on the job. Believe me we never thought things would end this way.  Mo hands TinTin a check and TinTin notes it is for much more than what she took from him.  He tears it to pieces.  “—This is the value you put on my life, on my legs?  This is the amount you put to clear your conscience for Gina’ death, for destroying my life?  I don’t want it.”  Bottom line –the day he sees the face of the woman he loves lying in a coffin, then he will begin to know how he’s destroyed TinTin’s life so completely and how he “feels.” Mo begins crying as A MiMi enters the house and tells him she’s there to keep him company for a while—a few weeks. (I truly needed a shower after this scene)

• Ram explains to A Llora that he’s had to pay the guy to get the picture since she’s from a wealthy family and everyone knows this.  But, all he wants is her to believe he’s able to get ahead in life on his own and without a peso from them.  She lets him kiss her before he leaves.

• Ramiro tells Leonor on the way home what he did and that he found out that Valentin’s a drunk, a pig with empty or half filled bottles lying everywhere, and he’s got a wall full of pictures of A Llora that is like some crazy homage or some such.  He doesn’t trust the guy and wants A Llora to be careful.

• The next morning Yaki begs a ride from Ram and also invites him to the memorial.

• Mo is at work.  The sexretary didn’t expect him.  Yaki comes in and they tell him about the memorial service they’ve planned.  Mo thanks them.  She heads to the ladies’ room and sobs about her luhhhhv for Mo.   A MiMi walks in dressed like a hooker or a slutty homage to prison uniforms of a century ago—well, definitely dressed more for a night out clubbing than for showing real estate to clients.  She immediately throws herself all over the dude—in lap dance frontal style (another scene that left me needing lye soap.)

•  Across town, Leonor and A Llora take a trip to the barrio to check out Ramiro’s story.  They run into TinTin on his way over to the foundation.  Isn’t he going to let them in at least?  He makes all sorts of excuses not to invite them in,  A Llora lies that she wanted to invite him to eat with the two of them.  Leo asks for a glass of water at least.  He suggests they all just go to the nice restaurant that’s close by and she can get some flavorful juice instead of a plain old glass of water. “—Yes, but since we’re already here.  Or is there some reason you don’t want us to enter your home?”  TinTin gulps hard.

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