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Three Sides of Ana Episode 40 Update on Monday 25th June 2018


With that out of the way....we are getting close to the opening night of the Danzaire show and at Danzaire HQ everybody is preparing for it! 

During her break Ana Lu sits down with Javier and they talk about both of them being nervous. It’s Ana Lu’s first time with the group, but Javier has been doing it his whole life, and experience doesn’t really cure nerves. Ana Lu tells Javier she met Inaki and really liked him and then gushes about Tadeo, who helped her out multiple times and said such wonderful things to her. She inadvertently interprets Tadeo’s words on losing his wife to mean that Javier’s and Inaki’s mother is dead. Javier is surprised his father would say that, and Ana Lu corrects herself realizing she made a mistake. She feels bad and asks about the mother. The mother has left them when both kids were small.  

Ana Lu is then two for two when she comes over to wish luck to Nerina (a singer for the show!) and tell her what an honor it is to work alongside such a wonderful singer. Ana Lu is sent rather unceremoniously out. 

Julietta is still looking at the same drawing. Incidentally it is a drawing of two kids. In the last episode she was also trying to convince herself that she doesn’t regret anything, and this time we find out what she meant. She is remembering herself as a young woman cooking dinner and a handsome husband coming home with a rose. 

We cut to Tadeo, who is prepping for a show and is remembering the same moment. Julietta, it turns out, is Tadeo’s estranged wife and Inaki's and Javier’s mother. In the flashback she tells Tadeo she made dinner, and already fed the kids and put them to bed. He wants to know why there’s only one plate. She says she is pregnant and the baby is not his. She is also in love with someone else, who will give her far more than Tadeo can, and she is leaving him. He tries to stop her, but she points out that she doesn’t even have suitcases with her, because she can get everything she needs where she is going. Tadeo is devastated and, as the door closes, little Inaki comes out of the room wanting to know where mommy went. Tadeo pulls a chocolate out of Inaki's ear and tells him she’ll be right back, and gives him a hug. 

In the present, Tadeo looks like a very sad clown with tear tracks down his face and make up. 

Meanwhile everyone else who is not a dancer is preparing as well, literally or mentally, for the upcoming trip to the show. Mariano is trying the latter approach and looks like he could really use a glass of something stronger than coffee, when he is lunching with Ana Le and Ernestina. Ernestina points out some acquaintance she chatted up – a pretty lady that Mariano stares down. Ana Le is upset and tells him he can’t look at another woman, as Jenny has just died. (She must have needed to work hard at not adding “other than me” to that sentence.)

Santi is still conversing with Inaki, following the latter’s spectacularly selfless advice to grab Ana Lu and run. Ramiro joins them and Santi has a wonderful idea – why doesn’t Ramiro come to Danzaire performance and see Ana Lu from afar, as he wanted? Ramiro actually remembers seeing an acrobatic dance in San Nicholas. They chuckle at an "amazing coincidence" (as have we, all these episodes…) that Santi was there too, as was Ana Lu, though she had make up on that made her unrecognizable. Ramiro is amazed but certainly happy to go to the show. 

Suddenly Inaki remembers the piece of info that Ana Lu’s real family will be there too. Well, confident Santiago doesn’t see a problem – she has make up on, and even he, Santiago, did not recognize her, so how could anyone else? Ramiro has a very surprising arrival of a good idea as well – wouldn’t Ana Lu be shocked to see two women who look exactly like her in the front row? There is a brief “oh, crap” moment, followed by the good idea fairy jumping off of Ramiro’s shoulder to Santi’s: well, there’s only one way to handle this and our three musketeers will have to stop the sisters from attending the show. 

And so begins a saga of a taxi driver, an accountant and a real estate agent, of whom only one actually walks into a bar. 

The taxi driver

Santi shows up while Ana Lu is contemplating stage preparations and she is overjoyed, and has a million questions she needs answered all at once. Did he see his wife? What did he feel? What did she say? How did it go? Santi is overwhelmed with questions and tells her she needs to prepare, they will talk later and calmly. No, she wants to know now or she won’t be able to get it out of her mind. She was going crazy imagining him with his wife. But Santi says he’s never forgotten her, he still loves her. How about your wife? Do you still love her? Saved by the knock on the door, Santi doesn’t have to answer. This is the make-up artist coming in to prep Ana Lu. You need to prepare, we will talk later. You will find me? Of course! He turns to leave, romantically dramatic music plays in the background and she grabs him and pulls into a kiss. 

The accountant 

Llora is all dolled up and ready to go and she is nervous, as if it was an important night for her. Leonor calms her down and, as usual, looks in-the-know as she ushers Llora into a car, and dodges her questions with prepared answers on why tio and Abue did not pick her up. The driver of the car, predictably, is Ramiro, who is there, as he informs Lllora, to kidnap her and demand ransom in the form of kisses. We can’t fully appreciate Llora’s reaction to this, as we swiftly cut away from them and next time we see them she is entering his apartment. 

She wants to know why Leonor was helping him. It is because, he says, Leonor knows how much he loves Llora. Well, that doesn’t matter, she has a novio, and she won’t betray him. Don’t deceive yourself, says Ram, you don’t love him, you love me. They bounce back and forth three or four variations of “you hurt me so much” and “you just don’t understand the situation”, and then Llora declares they are over. He is to move away from her, she will never kiss him again! Suddenly Llora feels something, same romantically dramatic music starts playing, and she walks over to Ramiro to kiss him. So much for that resolution.

The real estate agent 

This is the one, as you might have gathered, who did get to the bar. He called Ana Le, who showed up and almost ran him over while honking. Inaki didn’t even have to work on her to get her to ditch the show and go to the club with him. They really are alike, concluded Inaki, quoting Mariano. Ana Le was not impressed, but went out with him all the same. 

At the club she ordered a whole bottle of the most expensive champagne and pointed out how expensive that place was. After a couple of jokes on Inaki’s solvency, she told him not to worry, she will cover it this time. You like bringing me down, don’t you, asks Inaki. No, she just likes putting people in their places, answers our justice warrior. Also, if he thinks he’ll kiss her again, he is very much mistaken. She is out of his reach. Well, he wants them to get to know each other better. Oh yeah? Well, asks Ana Le, tell me about your parents, what do they do? Inaki spins a story of a businessman father and a homemaker mother. He then blabbers about something else and begins to bore Ana Le. She puts the glass down and with the same music playing in the background pulls him into a kiss as well. 

Triple kiss complete and on to every(body/thing) else now. 

Santi leaves to let Ana Lu finish preparing. 

Llora pushes Ramiro away. How could she have done that? It is not like her! Our little hypocritical Llora continues to babble how she will fall in love with Valentin, he is good for her, she will learn to love him and she is his girlfriend. While we don’t feel bad for Tin for even a second, a small free tip from us is that a good way to show your partner you are serious about them is not to kiss other men, Llora. Llora concludes her monologue by saying Ramiro is dangerous. Ramiro ominously declares that the real danger for her is sitting in a wheelchair. Llora looks on suspiciously. 

Meanwhile the said danger is sitting in the foyer of the theater hissing “Where are you, Llora?”. Well, Llora isn’t there, but Abue and Mariano are. Abue doesn’t know why Llora didn’t let Tin know she’d be absent. Oh, he’ll ask her tomorrow, brushes off Tin. Llora isn’t there, but he still feels like he is among family. Abue is touched but Mariano almost visibly flinches. 

At the bar, the real estate agent wants to know if Ana Le loved Marcelo. She tries to dodge the question by saying she felt very loved. How about loving him? Would you want him alive? She tried, she says, she loved him in her own way, but not in a way that he deserved. She tried to love him, but it wasn’t ever sufficient. And then like in an old cliché – you don’t know what you have until it’s gone… Inaki understands from this that Ana Le would have liked another opportunity with Marcelo. That is impossible, says Ana Le! Inaki looks like he was clearly hoping for a different answer. 

Llora is outraged Ramiro is trying to discredit Valentin, much like he tried with her sister. Oh, it’s other way around – they are trying to discredit him. Llora thinks marriage is difficult and people need to be very much alike. She names a whole list of things that she believes Ramiro needs in a spouse, with walking on the beach for some reason included. Ramiro doesn’t need someone to walk on the beach with him, he wants her. No, he doesn’t understand, in a day-to-day life you need to really understand the other person. Valentin is her twin soul, she feels secure with him. She doesn’t love him, repeats Ramiro. No, but she will try to fall in love. 

While they were talking, the audience is filling up at the theater. Is it me or is it both a pretty small hall and a turn out there? Rem and Sole have arrived and are dressed all pretty. Sole commences one of several scenes in which her mission was to thoroughly annoy both us and Remedios with her panicking on where Ana Lu is and can’t Rem find her, so they may go, because someone will recognize her – hasn’t Rem seen all those rich cars parked outside??? Finally Rem hushes her and tells her Ana Lu will be performing and that was supposed to be a surprise. 

Santi is trying to find his seat as well (seems like it wouldn’t be that hard in such a small auditorium) and runs into Orlando. They bicker a bit and Orlando lets him know that he lives in the hostel with Rem and Ana Lu. He also isn’t married and doesn’t want Ana Lu for his mistress, so why doesn’t Santi just go and leave her alone. We will tune in tomorrow for continuation, but my two cents are on Santi not heeding this advice. Not that we can blame him.

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